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Preparing For Your Trip

General information articles to get you ready for your adventure!

NB: The articles below are a collection of general information posts from the Nature Travels blog. While they are intended to be informative and hopefully entertaining, they are not presented as expert advice and are based on personal opinions and experiences. Nature Travels accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or currency of the information provided. Since the posts were published, it is possible that some official regulations, guidance or other information may have changed.

Packing For Your Trip

How to Make Travel by Plane More Comfortable
Sofia from the Nature Travels team gives her top tips for making the flight an enjoyable part of your next trip.
Eyewear for Winter Activities
"Do I need goggles for my tour? I wear glasses - what's the best solution?" Bob from the Nature Travels team discusses considerations for eyewear to best to enjoy your winter adventure.
The Art of Dressing for Scandinavian Winters
Our friends from Nordic Outdoor give some expert guidance on how to dress for your next winter adventure.
Tips for Travelling with a Plastic-Free Wash Bag
From toothpaste to deodorant, we give some tips for replacing all that unnecessary plastic in your wash bag.
Backpack vs Suitcase - Which is Better for your next Travel Adventure?
Sofia from the Nature Travels team gives some thoughts.
Travel Light for a Hand Luggage Only Winter Adventure
Bob from Nature Travels gives some thoughts on lightening the load for your next winter trip.

Travelling Safely

What are the Risks of Getting Frostbite when Dog Sledding or Ski Touring?
As Nature Travels offers a wide range of outdoor activities in wintertime, from dog sledding and ski touring to ice skating and snowshoeing, one question we are occasionally asked is: "Is there a risk of getting frostbite during the tour?"
Ice Safety - How to Stay Safe on Lake and Sea Ice
When you grow up in Sweden, part of your general education is ice knowledge, knowing how to keep safe on and around the ice. All our experiences on natural ice are guided by experienced guides, but it never hurts to freshen up on some ice knowledge.
Mobile Phones - Curse or Blessing in the Outdoors?
Mobile phones have permeated every corner of our lives, and the time we spend in the outdoors has not escaped the invasion. But what have we gained, and what might we have lost, along the way?
Camp Fires - How to Enjoy Your Fire Safely
The opportunity to have a camp fire is a great attraction for many guests paddling in the Nordic countries and all our canoe and kayak tours offers this possibility. But with this opportunity comes the responsibility to make and maintain your fire safely.

Enjoying Nature

Mosquitoes - Fact and Fiction
The Nordic countries have something of a reputation when it comes to mosquitoes – but which stories are really true?
Tips for the Female Outdoor Adventurer
When you're a female traveller, questions often arise that don’t apply to our fellow male travellers. We’ve got a few more things to think about, especially when doing outdoor adventures. The ladies at Nature Travels answer some of the most common questions from our female guests.
How to Go to the Toilet Outdoors
Many of our experiences are based on wild camping, where toilet facilities will not be available. Here's our guide to "doing your business" properly when it's time to answer the call.
Wild Swimming on a Nordic Summer Holiday
Swimming in the outdoors is totally normal in the Nordic countries, and "wild swimming" is a somewhat strange concept, as that's just how you go for a swim! If it's warm enough, why would you swim indoors?
Canoeing Questions and Tips for Beginners
Taking some time to hone your paddling technique will improve your enjoyment of your canoeing holiday and help you move through the water as efficiently as possible.
The Northern Lights - What Causes Them and Where Can I See Them?
Jayne from the Nature Travels team look into what causes the phenomenon and what conditions are best to see them.
How to Stay Cool Camping in Hot Weather for a Good Night's Sleep
Tips and tricks to stay cool on a summer camping adventure.

City Stays Before/After Your Tour


Getting Around Stockholm and Gothenburg – Contactless Payment for Public Transport
Stockholm and Gothenburg are convenient and affordable to explore by public transport, with contactless payment given unlimited travel for a specified period.
Five Things I Loved About My First Visit To Stockholm
Kat joined Niki from Nature Travels on a trip to Stockholm and she tells us what she loved about the place!
What To Do In Stockholm
Sofia from the Nature Travels team grew up in Vaxholm, an archipelago town near Stockholm, and gives her top tips for places to visit.


What To Do With A Day In Helsinki and Six Things To Do In Helsinki
Bob and Jayne from the Nature Travels team give some ideas to make the most of your time in Finland's beautiful capital.

Shopping and Travel Practicalities

Where to Find Free Drinking Water at Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and Copenhagen Airports
Don't waste money and plastic buying drinking water at the airport - it's available for free. But where to find it?
Sweden - the Cashless Country?
Do you need to bring cash for your trip?
How to Travel from Stockholm Arlanda Airport into Stockholm City
Getting from Stockholm's main airport to and from Sweden's capital is convenient and affordable.
Travelling by Night Train in Sweden
All you need to know to prepare yourself for an overnight adventure by rail!
How to Book Trains and Buses in Sweden
A general overview of travelling by train and bus in Sweden.
Systembolaget - Buying Alcohol in Sweden
In this series of FAQs, we look at some of the questions most frequently asked by our clients regarding Systembolaget – the Swedish national chain of off-licences.

Language and Culture


How to Pretend to be Swedish
Bob from the Nature Travels team draws on his 20 years of experience with Swedish culture to give some tips on how to blend in if you’re travelling to Sweden or have some Swedish friends!
Things You Need To Know Before Going To Sweden
Sofia from the Nature Travels team is from Vaxholm, a small town in the Stockholm Archipelago. Here she gives the lowdown on those things you’ll be glad you knew before visiting Sweden!
Sweden and the Great Double Duvet Mystery
In a globalised world, wherever you travel, and within Europe particularly, most elements of daily life seem at first glance very familiar. But scratch beneath the surface and the subtle differences begin to reveal themselves, adding a new dimension to the adventure of travelling and reminding us that cultural differences are still alive and well after all.
How To Have Your Own Swedish Midsummer Party
For Sweden, Midsummer marks the beginning, the start of the brief but glorious summer season, and is a central part of Swedish culture.
What is a Smögåsbord?
The Smögåsbord is a 300-year-old tradition in Sweden. It's a meal served buffet-style with multiple dishes of different foods on the table. It’s normally a celebratory meal where guests help themselves from a range of dishes.
Sweden and the Great Double Duvet Mystery
Rent a cabin in Sweden, look closely at that beautiful bed in your lovely hotel room, or knock on the door of a friendly Swede’s house and ask politely if you can look in their bedroom, and you’ll soon discover something odd: Where are all the double duvets? Where are all the double beds?


Basic Finnish Phrases
When traveling in Finland you will find that English is spoken to a good standard in most places, so learning Finnish isn’t a “must” before you travel. But if you would like to learn a little and try it out on your trip here are a few phrases you might find useful!
Nordic Sauna and How to Have a "Löly" Time
For many travelling to the Nordic countries, a sauna is an essential part of the Nordic experience and is a great way to soothe aching muscles after a hard day’s activity or simply as a way of relaxing with friends in the evening.

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