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Ski Touring and Cross Country Skiing (Sweden, Finland & Norway)

Backcountry, alpine and cross country skiing tours with mountain cabins, guest houses or winter camping from novice to advanced

Ski Touring and Cross Country Skiing Tours in Sweden, Finland and Norway:

Discover and freedom and adventure of ski touring and cross country skiing - one of the best ways to enjoy the northern winter.

Sweden, Finland and Norway offer world-class opportunities for these activities, whether you choose to ski in rural forest or remote mountain landscapes.

We offer a range of ski touring options with varying challenge and comfort levels, whether you are relatively new to skiing or an experienced ski tourer.

Choose tours with accommodation in comfortable and welcoming local guesthouses along the route, ski between simple wilderness cabins, make adventurous peak ascents from comfortable accommodation base, or choose a challenging wilderness expedition with the option of winter camping!

The silence of the wilderness and the almost spiritual experience of gliding through a winter world leaving nothing but tracks in the snow is an irresistable combination - as well as the enjoyment of the activity itself, cross country skiing and ski touring are also simply wonderful ways to travel through the outdoor world in winter.

Cross-country skiing and ski touring offer a sense of connection with the quiet winter wilds not possible on the pistes, a chance to rediscover the true essence of skiing in the stillness and beauty of magical winter landscapes.

Bob from the Nature Travels team

"What I love about ski touring is that it feels a world away from the stress and bustle of the pistes - you have incredible winter landscapes and amazing silence to yourself and there's a real sense of expeditionary adventure." Bob from the Nature Travels team

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Why choose Nature Travels for your ski touring or cross country skiing holiday?

As we focus on non-motorised activities, we firmly believe that ski touring and cross country skiing offer a more sustainable, lower-impact alternative to downhill skiing.

We personally feel that the closer connection to the natural environment, the opportunity to access remote wilderness areas and the sense of achievement which comes from moving solely under your own power make a ski tour one of the very best winter experiences there is.

More than any of our other activities, we know how important it is to choose the right ski tour for you to match your ability, level of fitness and expectations. Since we first offered ski touring in 2006, the popularity of this activity has grown significantly, and our own knowledge and experience has grown with it. As with all our experiences, we have a personal knowledge of everything we offer, and are always happy to discuss the differences between the various options to help you choose!

Backcountry skiing in Finland

If you've only been downhill skiing before, or done cross country day tours, skiing with a pack or pulk, or winter camping, may take a little practice! Photos: Nature Travels.

Do I need previous skiing experience?

Yes and no! For some of our tours, previous experience of cross country skiing or ski touring is essential. For our introductory-level tours, if you are generally comfortable at a basic level on skis from previous experience with downhill skiing or cross country skiing on tracks, this will be fine.

The level of challenge of the tours we offer varies greatly, and can also be significantly affected by weather and temperature conditions during your tour. In some cases, for example Backcountry Skiing and Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland, the skiing itself will not be particularly technical, but you will need a high level of physical fitness and previous general experience of the outdoors.

See "Good to Know" under each tour page for detailed information on the requirements for each of the tours.

When can I go ski touring or cross country skiing?

For ski touring in the mountains and most remote regions, March and April, the "spring winter", is the most popular and most suitable period, though we also offer options (such as Backcountry Skiing and Northern LIghts in Fininish Lapland) which take place throughout the winter season. For our cross country skiing tours, January-March is the most suitable time.

What equipment do I need?

This will vary depending on the tour, but in all cases, ski equipment is either included as standard or available to hire as an optional extra. If you have your own ski equipment, you are also welcome to use this on the tour, provided you have first confirmed with us that your equipment will be appropriate.

Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland

Ski touring in the far north offers very good chances for Northern Lights. Photo: Tristan Hale.

Can I see the Northern Lights on a ski tour?

Absolutely! If your chosen tour is located sufficiently far north to be in the "Northern Lights zone", you have very good chances to see the Northern Lights (unless of course it's cloudy, there's no activity, or you're asleep!). The Aurora is visible until around early-mid April, after which the nights become too light. As compensation, mid-late April can be one of the most wonderful periods for mountain ski touring, with a real feeling of spring in the air.

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