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Canoeing (Sweden & Finland)

Self-guided canoe tours with wild camping in rural, remote and wilderness areas

Canoeing Holidays in Sweden and Finland:

Sweden and Finland have world-class possibilities for canoeing holidays, with around 100,000 lakes in Sweden and 180,000 in Finland as well as thousands of miles of rivers.

Nature Travels offers a wide range of canoe tours from easy to challenging, from family-friendly holidays to a two-week wilderness paddle expedition.

What's more, you can camp wild along the route and often fish for your supper. In Sweden and Finland it's water, water everywhere - and you can drink most of it too!

Many of our canoe tours are ideal for novices, while others are more suitable for a "next step" paddle adventure or for those with greater experience who are more confident in the outdoors. We offer tours located throughout Sweden and Finland, from the attractive rural landscapes of the south to the northern wilderness.

Canoeing in Sweden or Finland is a wonderful and very affordable way to discover the outdoors, whether you are travelling as just two persons, as a family, a group of friends or even a larger group such as a school group or canoe club - all our canoe tours are self-guided, giving you the freedom to discover these beautiful regions in your own way.

Bob from the Nature Travels team

"Canoeing is simply a great way to enjoy the outdoors and allows easy access to amazing landscapes - the freedom to camp wild is exhilarating!" Bob from the Nature Travels team

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Why choose Nature Travels for your canoeing holiday?

Canoeing has been one of our main summer activities since Nature Travels started in 2006. In that time, more than 4,000 guests have been canoeing in Sweden and Finland with us, from families with young children to miltiary adventurous training expeditions. We've personally paddled in all the areas in which our tours take place - we love canoeing, and we'll be very happy to advise you on the most suitable canoe trip for you.

Canoe Tours on Rottnan

Canoeing - our favourite way to enjoy the Nordic summer! Photo: Robyn Babb.

Where will I stay on my canoe tour?

All our canoe tours feature camping on all nights. For some tours, this may be fully wild camping, in accordance with the guidelines of the Right of Public Access in Sweden or Finland. For other tours, there is a network of designated camping spots, which offer the advantage of facilities such as fireplaces/firewood, wind shelters and possibly even dry outside toilets.

Looking for tour with a roof over your head after a day's paddling? We offer those too!:

Canoe Tours in Bergslagen

The Right of Public Access in the Nordic countries affords a wonderful freedom to campers. Photo: Euan Turner.

Do I need previous experience?

With one exception (Rogen Wilderness Canoe Expedition), none of our canoe tours requires previous experience of canoeing.

However, the tours vary greatly in terms of level of physical challenge and remoteness, and for the more challenging tours it is certainly necessary to have previous experience of travelling independently in remote areas and a good level of physical fitness. See "Good To Know" under each tour page for more information on requirements for each of the canoe tours.

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