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Dog Sledding (Sweden, Norway & Finland)

Husky adventures 1-10 days driving your own dogsled from family-friendly tours to challenging wilderness expeditions

Dogsled Tours in Sweden

Dogsled Tours in Finland

Dogsled Tours in Norway

Our range of dog sledding holidays in Sweden, Norway and Finland has something for all ages and levels of difficulty - from family-friendly shorter tours to challenging wilderness expeditions to private husky adventures for couples! Tours in the far north also offer very good possibilities for Northern Lights during your trip.

Dog sledding is a real experience - there is quite simply nothing like the sensation of being in control of your own sled and husky team, putting your trust in your dogs and earning their friendship in return. Huskies are good-natured, full of energy and born to run!

Our dogsled tours put you firmly in the driving seat - after expert instruction, you will be mushing your own husky team! For those too young or who do not wish to drive their own sled, shared sled options are also available.

Depending on the location, the season for dog sledding runs from mid-November to early May - so a husky adventure can be enjoyed six months of the year! Sled through a beautiful snow-clad world of frozen lakes and forest or head into the mountains to discover spectacular mountain landscapes.

Accommodation during your tour will normally be in simple wilderness cabins, where you will fetch water from the lake and gather round the fire in the evening, or you can add to the level of challenge and choose a winter camping expedition! For all tours, working closely with the huskies and taking part in their care is very much part of the experience.

Jayne from the Nature Travels team

"In my opinion, nothing beats spending a day sledding through snowy landscapes of forests, frozen lakes or mountains accompanied only by the sound of paws on snow. Then at the end of the day having a nice cuddle with your sled dogs!" Jayne from the Nature Travels team

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