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Visit to the Lakeside Cabins in Värmland, Sweden

Visit to the Lakeside Cabin Retreat in Värmland, Sweden.

Niki, Jayne and Elky visited Värmland in May 2016 and their second stop after a canoe tour on Klarälven was to the cabins in Värmland. After a short Canoe Tour on Klarälven we headed to the location of our Log Cabin Escape and Lakeside Cabin Retreat in Värmland, where we were to stay for the

Visit to Back to Basics in Cosy Cabins in Värmland, Sweden

Visiting the Back to Basics in Cosy Cabins in Sweden.

Niki, Jayne and Elky visited Värmland in May 2016 and the last stop on their trip was at our Back to Basics in Cosy Cabins. After a day visiting the beautiful Glaskogen Nature Reserve, we travelled 20km south and just off a main road, a track takes you away from civilisation and leads to you

Canoeing on the Klarälven River in Värmland, Sweden

Canoeing on the Klarälven River in Värmland, Sweden.

Jayne, Niki and Elky travelled to Värmland in May 2016 the first part of the trip was doing the 50km version of our Canoe Tours on Klarälven (doing the normal 4-day route over 3 days). The Kläralven is a wide steady flowing river (usually at around 2kmh) which meanders through the Värmland region in Sweden.

Packing Light for a Hand Luggage Only Winter Adventure

Travelling hand luggage only for a winter adventure.

Bob from Nature Travels gives some thoughts on lightening the load for your next winter trip: Over the last few years, I’ve tried to reduce the amount I bring with me when travelling, especially in winter. If you’re thinking of going on a winter adventure with us, such as one of our dogsled tours, and

What’s the Difference Between a Brown Bear and a Grizzly Bear?

What's the difference between a brown bear and a grizzly bear? Photo: Håkan Vargas /

If you go down to the woods today, will you see a Grizzly Bear or a European Brown Bear? What is the difference between a Brown Bear and a Grizzly Bear? The answer is not a lot really, the main difference is which continent they live on. The Eurasian (or European) brown bears and Grizzly

Backpack or Suitcase – Which is Better for Your Next Travel Adventure?

Backpack or suitcase - which is better for your next trip?

Sofia from the Nature Travels spends a great deal of time travelling and gives her thoughts… I travel regularly and I sometimes pack my suitcase and sometimes my backpack. Both have their own advantages and there are pros and cons with both options. I generally choose to travel with a backpack in the following situations:

Winter Holiday Ideas for Solo Travellers

Winter holiday ideas for solo travellers.

Travelling as a Solo Traveller can be lonely at times. However, joining an active outdoor holiday can be the solution, sharing experiences together with others will automatically give you something in common. We don’t offer groups exclusively for solo travellers, but joining one of our guided outdoor tours gives you a great chance of meeting