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Kayaking (Sweden, Finland, Norway & Lithuania)

Self-guided and guided sea kayak tours among archipelago islands and dramatic fjords with wild camping

Sea Kayaking Holidays in Sweden, Finland, Norway & Lithuania:

Sweden and Finland's archipelagos are a paradise for kayaking. The tens of thousands of islands, rocks and skerries, many of which are uninhabited, offer endless possibilities for sea kayaking adventures for both novices and more experienced paddlers.

On the east coast of Sweden, choose between self-guided sea kayak tours exploring some of the 24,000 islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, venture a little further south into the St. Anna Archipelago and Gryt Archipelago or take a tranquil river kayak tour on the High Coast. On Sweden's west coast, easily accessible from Gothenburg, we offer opportunities for both guided and self-guided sea kayaking among the gneiss rock landscape of Bohuslän, including itineraries with an instructional element to help you develop your kayaking skills.

In Finland, the Helsinki Archipelago and Archipelago Sea regions offer thousands of islands waiting to be explored on flexible kayak adventures and the option to add instruction before your tour.

Norway offers experienced paddlers its own very special landscapes for a kayak adventure, with fjord kayaking and wild camping and wonderful possibilities to include some hiking in your tour.

Lithuania is a wonderful destination for kayaking on lakes and calm rivers. Our tours here are an ideal option if you would like to kayak between guest houses as an alternative to camping.

Sofia from the Nature Travels team

"Kayaking is my favourite summer activity - growing up in the Stockholm archipelago meant I had one of the world's top kayak destinations right on my doorstep!" Sofia from the Nature Travels team

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Guided Sea Kayaking

Why choose Nature Travels for your sea kayaking holiday?

Sofia from the Nature Travels team grew up in the Stockholm Archipelago, one of Sweden's best areas for sea kayaking, and so kayaking has always been close to our heart.

Since Nature Travels began in 2006, more than 1,500 guests have travelled with us to discover the adventure of kayaking holidays in Sweden, Finland and Norway. We offer a wide range of tours, including options with an instructional element, making sea kayaking accessible to a wider range of travellers than ever before.

Why are are the Nordic countries such good destinations for sea kayaking?

Kayaking in the Nordic countries is a real close-to-nature experience. The glorious archipelago landscapes combined with the freedoms afforded by the Rights of Public Access offer fantastic possibilities for outdoor adventures and make Sweden and Finland among the top destinations in the world for a kayaking holiday.

Where will I stay on my kayak tour?

The majority of our tours feature wild camping, very possibly on your own private island, which in some cases can be combined with options for guesthouse accommodation before/after or during the tour. And after a day's paddling, what better way to end than with a refreshing swim before dinner?

Two of our kayak tours also offer guest house or cabin accommodation:

Kayaking in West Sweden

The flexibility of a self-guided kayak tour with wild camping is hard to beat! Photo: U. Larsson.

Do I need previous kayaking experience?

For all our kayak tours, you should be able to swim and be generally comfortable on the water. For self-guided tours, you should be confident travelling independently in a marine environment. The archipelago regions do not have significant tides or currents, but in windy conditions, the water can be choppy.

We offer many options for sea kayaking which do not require previous experience, though for self-guided tours we would always recommend choosing an introductory instruction course before your tour if you have limited experience. This is a great way to improve or refresh your skills and maximise your enjoyment of the tour to come.

If you're travelling late or early in the season, when the water is likely to be colder, or if choosing one of our kayak tours in a more exposed or remote area, additional experience may be required. See under "Good to Know" on each tour page for more information.

Can I go kayaking as a solo traveller or family?

Kayak tours are suitable for adults or in some cases families with older children and are the perfect way to discover the coastal landscapes of Sweden and Finland. All self-guided tours require minimum two adults for safety reasons. Guided tours or courses are of course also ideal for solo travellers.

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