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Travel insurance for your holiday with Nature Travels

Travel insurance for your holiday in Sweden, Norway, Finland or Denmark

We require you to be insured for the duration of your experience with us. You are welcome to make arrangements with any suitable insurer.

Please ensure that your chosen policy covers you for the activities you will be taking part in during your experience. If you are staying in the country before and/or after your experiences with us, you may also wish to make sure that your insurance covers the whole period of your holiday.

Most insurers will now offer cover related to COVID-19 - please check the details of your chosen policy carefully. For example, the following are two insurers offering COVID-related cover. A number of other options are also available:

(note that these are providers of insurance for UK travellers - if you are from outside the UK, please check equivalent options for insurance providers in your country)

We are not able to advise on the suitability of a particular company/policy and insurance regulations prohibit us from offering recommendations or advice on insurance premiums or policy details. It is your responsibility to ensure that you choose appropriate cover for your trip. If you have any questions regarding cover, please discuss with the insurer directly.

Both single-trip and multi-trip/annual policies are available. If you do not travel often, single-trip cover may be appropriate for you, but a multi-trip/annual policy will often offer the best value, and of course means you don't have to arrange new cover each time you travel. It may be worth comparing prices for both options when choosing your policy.

Choosing Your Insurance

You may like to read this general guidance from the UK Government to help you choose the most suitable policy.

At Nature Travels we believe that your safety and holiday enjoyment are very important. Things can go wrong on holiday. You could fall ill or have an accident; you could have money or luggage stolen; your visit might be cancelled or cut short through injury or illness; your family may need to fly out to be with you if there is a serious incident. All these risks and more can be covered by taking out travel insurance.

Your policy should pay out if you need to cancel or cut short a trip because, for example, you fall ill. It should cover pre-paid expenses, such as excursions, and any extra costs incurred in getting home. Check your policy documents to see what would be covered: accident, illness, pregnancy unknown when you buy the policy, jury service or witness summons, etc. Cover may also be provided if you are needed at home because of fire, storm or flood, or if you are required by the police to come home following a burglary.

Some policies also cover cancellation arising from you being made redundant or if a strike or bad weather affects the departure of a flight or ship. You need a policy with sufficient cover to refund the full cost of your holiday. Check your policy for details. We at Nature Travels recommend you to take out cancellation insurance. As our deposits are non-refundable, you should be insured for cancellation at time of booking.

EHIC/GHIC Cards (for UK travellers)

An EHIC/GHIC card is certainly helpful when travelling and we recommend that you carry an up-to-date card with you during your trip. However, it is not a substitute for adequate travel insurance and may not cover costs associated with, for example, evacuation in the case of a medical emergency or many other scenarios for which travel insurance is intended.

For more information on EHIC/GHIC, please see the NHS website.

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