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Hiking (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark & Wales)

Guided and self-guided hiking tours in mountain, forest and archipelago landscapes

Hiking Holidays in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Wales:

The Nordic countries are wonderful destinations for walking and trekking, with excellent hiking to be had the length and breadth of these vast regions. They have magnificent scenery, fresh air and clean water - and something very precious in the modern world: tranquility. You may find the silence broken only by the cry of an eagle, the hooting of an owl or the bark of a moose.

Nature Travels offers a wide range of self-guided and guided hiking tours with varying levels of challenge. Self-guided hiking tours are perfect for those travelling as two or more persons, while guided tours are ideal for solo travellers as well as those travelling with others.

In Sweden, explore some of the thousands of islands that make up the Stockholm Archipelago on a choice of two self-guided, island hopping tours between guest houses with luggage transfers.

Norway will enchant and enthrall you with its dramatic, wild and varied beauty - it justly deserves its reputation as a world-class hiking destination and our hiking tour on Senja with wild camping will show you some of the finest landscapes the country has to offer.

The wild and remote far north of Finland is the setting for our three countries hike, which takes you on a wild camping adventure in beautiful terrain where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden meet.

Denmark will surprise you, with its beautiful heathlands, forests and lakes offering landscapes ideal for walking tours. For hikers looking for an extended self-guided trip, our tour on the Haervejen trail gives you the chance to hike "Denmark's Camino".

Bob from the Nature Travels team

"The purest of outdoor pursuits! Fresh air, beautiful scenery, powered only by your own two feet (oh, and of course your favourite hiking boots, a couple of trekking poles and that lovely new backpack you bought for the trip!). Hiking gets you close to nature and reminds you what it means to be alive. The Nordic countries offer some of the best hiking in the world, from dramatic mountains to quiet forests, very often with a lake not far off to cool your toes along the way!" Bob from the Nature Travels team

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Why choose Nature Travels for your hiking holiday?

The Nature Travels team has hiked extensively in the Nordic countries, from the wide wilderness of the King's Trail in northern Sweden to the breathtaking mountains of Norway. As with all our experiences, the tours we offer are those we love to do ourselves. In our range of tours we bring you some of the gems of the thousands of hikes to be enjoyed in the Nordic countries.

Should I choose a guided or self-guided hiking tour?

If you're a solo traveller, the answer is simple: a guided tour (as all our self-guided options require min. 2 persons for safety reasons. If you're travelling with one or more companions, then you can choose the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided option.

However, guided tours are by no means just for solo travellers. A knowledgeable guide will add an extra dimension to any experience - from your guide, you can learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the area you're hiking in and pick up a wealth of tips on navigation, outdoor safety and general hillcraft. If you're a group of friends, a private guided tour on custom dates can be a great option.

Where will I be staying on my hike?

Accommodation will of course vary depending on the location of your tour and option chosen, but for the majority of our hiking tours, you will be staying in cabins along the route, normally sharing sleeping accommodation with one or more other persons. The standard of the cabins varies from simple wilderness accommodation with no electricity or running water, to comfortable fully-featured mountain stations.

How long is the hiking season?

In the far north or in the high mountains, where autumn and winter arrive early and the snow persists well into the spring, the hiking season is relatively short, from around mid-June to September. Further south and in the lowlands, anytime from May to late September or even October can be wonderful for hiking tours.

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