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Our Story

The Nature Travels journey so far!

The Story So Far...

Nature Travels is owned and managed by Bob and Sofia Carter. Bob is British, Sofia Swedish (from the Stockholm Archipelago). Niki completes the Nature Travels team.

Bob and Sofia both lived and worked in Sweden for many years and, after spending 5 years in Switzerland, relocated to the UK and founded Nature Travels in late 2005.

We opened our doors on 1st March 2006. Since then, over 17,000 guests from more than 20 countries have travelled with us!

Sofia from Nature Travels reindeer sledding in Swedish Lapland

Sofia on an 8-day expedition across Swedish Lapland by reindeer sled. Photo: Katja Bechtloff.

In the beginning, we focused exclusively on Sweden. We felt strongly that Sweden was very much under-represented as a destination for outdoor activities, not only in winter but also in summer. Travellers were familiar with possibilities such as a city break to Stockholm or stay at the Ice Hotel, but the wonderful opportunities for world-class summer and winter outdoor adventures such as canoeing, kayaking, hiking, ski touring and dog sledding were comparatively little-known.

Over the years, we have expanded our range of destinations and now offer more than 60 experiences located in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the UK, while continuing to ensure that we have a detailed knowledge and personal experience of all the activities we offer.

It is our mission to enable more travellers to discover the beauty, variety and adventure of the destinations we offer while maintaining a strong focus on sustainable practices.

Bob from Nature Travels dog sledding on the King's Trail

Bob taking a break in the spring winter sunshine on a dogsled tour on the King's Trail in Sweden. Photo: Nature Travels.

2006: Nature Travels opens, focusing exclusively on outdoor experiences in Sweden.

2011: We add Norway to our portfolio to take advantage of the unique landscape and additional activity possibilities of this stunning country. You can see a video from around this time on the Dorset Business Mentors website where we talk about the Nature Travels journey so far!

Niki from Nature Travels hiking in Norway

Niki takes in the spectacular scenery sduring a hiking tour in Norway. Photo: Nature Travels.

2015: We expand to include Finland! As with Sweden, Finland is a wonderful destination for canoeing, kayaking and hiking in summer, as well as dog sledding, ski touring and snowshoeing in wintertime.

2019: Building on our 14 years of experience in offering high-quality outdoor adventures with Nature Travels, we add experiences for the growing running community under our new Trail Running category and also add Denmark as a new destination!

Sofia from Nature Travels sea kayaking in the Helsinki Archipelago

Sofia checking out the flora during a sea kayak tour in the Helsinki Archipelago. Photo: Nature Travels.

2020/21: Hmmm...what can we say about the strange and difficult days of the pandemic? It decimated the world of travel for far longer than anyone could have foreseen. But it was also a time when we were overwhelmed by the understanding and support of our guests, something for which we will always be very grateful. The flood of good wishes and positive comments we received made such a difference and we cannot thank you all enough.

This difficult period also proved the value of the close and personal cooperations we have built up over the years with all our local partners and the importance of working with people you know and trust. This has always been and will always remain one of our core values, enabling us find to the best solutions and offer the greatest flexibility and best service to our guests.

Bob from Nature Travels canoeing in Bergslagen

Bob goes for an evening paddle during Canoe Tours in Bergslagen in the west of Sweden. Photo: Euan Turner.

2023: Travel is well and truly back! Most especially, we have been delighted with the high number of guests returning for new adventures having travelled with us in the past, as well as the many new guests who have come to us through recommendations.

We continue to expand our offerings for back country and cross country skiing, which is growing in popularity, as well as a number of additional summer experiences for hiking, kayaking and packrafting.

Demand for both winter and summer has been extremely strong and this looks set to continue. A word of advice, though - book far in advance, especially for winter tours, which have very limited capacity. Many of our winter experiences are now typically fully booked 6-9 months or more before departure.

Here's to many more adventures in 2024 and beyond!

For more information on Nature Travels, see What Makes Us Special?

Meet the Team!

  • Niki from the Nature Travels team


    For great advice on: cross country skiing, dog sledding, hiking, canoeing, kayaking and generally messing about on the water!

  • Bob from the Nature Travels team


    For great advice on: dog sledding, ski touring, snowshoeing, canoeing, kayaking and watching the Northern Lights!

  • Sofia from the Nature Travels team


    For great advice on: ice skating, dog sledding, kayaking, the Stockholm Archipelago, timber rafting and wild camping (especially lighting fires!)

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