Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Sweden

Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Sweden.

Sofia from the Nature Travels team is from Vaxholm, a small town in the Stockholm Archipelago. Here she gives the lowdown on those things you’ll be glad you knew before visiting Sweden! Over the years of travelling back and forward to Sweden ourselves and assisting others with their trips to Sweden, there are a few

The Art of Dressing for Scandinavian Winters

The Art of Dressing for Scandinavian Winters. Photo: Nordic Outdoor.

Some expert guidance on how to dress for your next winter adventure such as one of our dogsled tours or ski touring expeditions. There’s nothing quite like winter. In fact, there’s nothing quite like winter in Scandinavia. Sub-zero temperatures, snow as far as the eye can see, and clear blue skies. It really is something

The Saimaa Ringed Seal

Saimaa Ringed Seal.

Saimaa Ringed Seals are found only in Lake Saimaa in Finland and are one of the world’s rarest seals. There are thought to be just 360 individuals remaining today. They are one of a number of subspecies of Ringed Seal, except that, unlike many other species of seal, they live in fresh water. These seals

Where to go Canoeing and Kayaking in Spring

Where to go canoeing and kayaking in spring.

While the main summer season is the most popular time for canoe and kayak tours in the Nordic countries, May and June can be a wonderful and very quiet time for a paddle tour. Nature is waking up after a long sleep and bursts of colour are starting to appear! As we all get excited

Ice Skating in Sweden – Ice Ice Baby!

Ice Skating in Sweden.

In February 2017, Sofia from the Nature Travels team joined our Ice Skating on Natural Ice experience in Sweden. In the middle of February I joined one of our Ice Skating on Natural Ice tours in Sweden. It was a great long weekend from arriving on the Thursday and departing on the Sunday, managing to

The Tradition of Sauna and How to Have a “Löyly” Time

The tradition of sauna in the Nordic countries.

For many travelling to the Nordic countries, a sauna is an essential part of the Nordic experience and is a great way to soothe aching muscles after a hard day’s activity such as ski touring or simply as a way of relaxing with friends in the evening. The word sauna (pronounced sow (to rhyme with

Review of Thule Capstone 32l Backpack

Review of Thule Capstone 32l backpack.

Bob and Sofia from the Nature Travels Team try out the Capstone 32L backpack from Swedish manufacturer Thule on a weekend leisure trip to Poland and a short dogsled tour in Norway. If, like me, you traditionally associate the “Thule” brand with roofracks and cycle carriers, then you might be surprised to learn that they

What’s the Difference Between Canoeing, Kayaking and Packrafting?

What's the difference between canoeing, kayaking, packrafting and timber rafting?

NB: As Nature Travels experiences use Canadian canoes and sea kayaks, the article below focuses mainly on the difference between these. We do not currently offer tours involving whitewater or kayaking on rivers, so whitewater kayaks are not discussed. Nature Travels offers many paddling adventures in the Nordic countries and there are a few ways

The Midnight Sun – When the Sun Never Sets

The Midnight Sun - when the sun never sets.

While the magic of the Northern Lights attracts visitors in wintertime, seeing the Midnight Sun in summer provides a wonderful counterpoint and the chance to experience the landscapes of the far north in a very different way – the green, rolling mountain plains, the endless forests buzzing with life and the clear lake waters seem

Review of Thule Capstone 50l Backpack

Review of Thule Capstone 50l backpack.

Bob and Sofia from the Nature Travels team take the Thule Capstone 50L backpack (men’s fit) on holiday to the Stockholm Archipelago. Following our review of the Capstone 32L pack back in May, with summer now in full swing, it was time to put the larger 50L version to the test. Where better to try