Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Ryan Pape.

With the interest in private tours for small groups higher than ever, here are some suggestions on which of our winter tours are most suitable for private groups if you’re looking for a dogsled, ski or ice skating tour this winter:

Why choose a private tour?

Arranging a private tour as an alternative to joining a public tour can offer a number of advantages:

  • For a private tour, the level of challenge and itinerary can usually be adapted to suit the needs and wishes of your group. This may also make it be possible, for example, to accommodate younger participants than would be permitted on a public tour or perhaps make it possible to do a tour with one or more members of the group who wouldn’t meet the requirements to join a public tour. For example, if you are travelling with a 16-year-old and wish to do a dogsled tour that has a minimum age limit of 18 for public tours, it may well be possible to do this as a private tour instead.
  • The duration can often extended or shortened to suit the type of trip you are looking for or the length of time you have available.
  • As a result of the pandemic, some guests are more comfortable travelling in a “closed” group with others they know.
  • In many cases, private tours can be offered on more flexible dates than public tours. BUT…make sure you book well ahead! Availability for private tours is particularly limited, so start planning as far in advance as you can to ensure your preferred dates are available. If you’re not sure of final numbers, you can always make a booking for the minimum number you know will travel and add person(s) later (subject to availability of course).
Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Ellen Le Compte.
Photo: Ellen Le Compte

Is a private tour more expensive?

No, not necessarily. Depending on your group size and the tour you choose, a private tour may well be the same per person price or, in some cases, even a lower per person price than if joining a public tour.

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Alan Calzari.
Photo: Alan Calzari

How many people do I need to organise a private tour?

This depends on the tour you choose and whether you would like a tour at the same price as a public tour or are happy to pay a supplement. Private tours can usually be organised for as few as 2 persons, but will normally be most cost-effective if you are at least 4 persons.

Private dogsled tours:

Any of our dogsled tours can be arranged as a private experience for groups, but the most suitable if you’re a small group of friends are our two tours in the remote north-west of Sweden:

The public versions of these tours have max. group size 4 persons + guide, so are always very small and personal. For private tours, up to 5 persons in a group are possible.

So if you’re 4 persons, you can have a private tour at the same price as for public tours! Private tours can also be offered for 2 or 3 persons at additional charge.

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: John Wilton.
Photo: John Wilton

For groups of 5-6 persons or more, our dogsled tours in the far north of Sweden are an ideal option for a private tour:

  • Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland (4 days/3 nights with arrival + 2 days’ sledding + short sled in morning of Day 4): Possible throughout the winter season from mid-November to late April. Private tours can extend the duration with additional sledding day(s).
  • Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland (8 days/7 nights with arrival + 6 days’ sledding + departure): An extended version of the Discover tour, possible from late November to late April.
  • Husky Mountain Expedition in Lapland (normally 8 days/7 nights but can be extended up to 14 days): Running in the beautiful mountain landscape of the King’s Trail between Abisko and Kebnekaise, these tours are possible from late February to mid-April.
  • Dog Sledding and Winter Camping on the King’s Trail (8 days/7 nights with arrival + 6 days’ sledding + departure): Similar to the Husky Mountain tour, but with the added challenge of winter camping!

For these tours, max. group size for public tours is 6 persons + guide, but for private tours, larger groups up to around 14-20 persons may be possible (for groups of more than 7-8 persons, the group will be split into two or more groups to sled separately with own guide(s) during the day, but depending on the tour chosen can usually meet up to share overnight accommodation on some or possibly all nights of the tour).

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Kayleigh Macmillan.
Photo: Kayleigh Macmillan

Private backcountry ski touring and alpine ski touring:

Two of our ski tours are particularly suitable for private groups:

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Donatella da Vita.
Photo: Donatella da Vita
  • Private Alpine Ski Touring in Lyngen: Located amid stunning mountain scenery in the far north of Norway, as the name suggests, this is always offered as a private tour. Price depends on group size – standard prices are based on min. 3 persons, but tours for 2 or even just 1 person are also possible. This is a summit ski touring experience, where you will climb peaks in the surrounding area and ski down, and as a private tour can be tailored to suit any level of challenge and ability, from novices who have never done a summit tour before to experienced skiers looking to improve their skills. Tours are normally 8 days/7 nights (other durations possible) with season from February to May.
Private Alpine Ski Touring in Lyngen. Photo: LOC.
Private Alpine Ski Touring in Lyngen. Photo: LOC.
  • Backcountry Skiing and Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland: This tour offers two itineraries, Halti or Lemmenjoki, both giving you a real taste of an Arctic expedition as you ski between wilderness cabins carrying all your gear with you in pulks and rucksacks. Tours are normally 8 days/7 nights (arrival + 6 days’ skiing + departure) but can be tailored to your requirements. Private tours can be offered throughout the winter season from December to April, but April is a particularly suitable time for private groups, when the hours of daylight are long and the temperatures typically milder. Public tours are based on staying in simple cabins en-route (with tents always carried as a safety precaution), but private tours can also be arranged with a greater focus on winter camping if you’re looking to increase the level of challenge even further! A good level of fitness and love of the outdoors, but only limited ski experience, is required for these tours.
Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Richard Newhouse.
Photo: Richard Newhouse

Private ice skating tours on natural ice:

Our Ice Skating on Natural Ice tour in Sweden is a great option for private groups.

The season for natural ice skating runs from January to late February/early March, and an ice skating tour is a wonderful option for private groups.

Skaters in particular vary greatly in their level of previous experience and technique, and a private tour allows your trip to be tailored to meet your requirements and wishes and to offer the very best experience possible.

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Pauline Swain.
Photo: Pauline Swain

For skating, standard per person prices apply for groups of min. 8 persons, but private tours can be offered for any group size from 2 persons upwards at additional charge.

A private tour for ice skating also offers greater flexibility in the accommodation/board option you choose. Public tours are based on hostel standard accommodation with all meals included, where the group prepares evening meals together at the accommodation.

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Beat Kilcher.
Photo: Beat Kilcher

Private tours can have the same standard, or be upgraded to hotel standard accommodation, either with all meals included or with dinner purchased independently at local restaurants, etc, in the evenings.

Public tours are 4 days/3 nights Thursday-Sunday, but private tours can be any duration with start days flexible by arrangement.

A final thought:

Private tours offers a number of advantages…but joining a public tour is great too! Not only does it make your trip more accessible and affordable if you’re a solo traveller or just 2 or 3 persons, but you’ll also get the chance to meet others in your group, possibly from all over the world – meeting and learning about the lives and cultures of others is. after all, one of the main joys of travelling, and you may make a friend for life!

Want to talk about private tours?

If you’d like to discuss possibilities for a private tour for any of our experiences, please contact us and we’ll be happy to take you through the options and help you choose the most suitable for you!

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