Ski Touring and Cross Country Skiing

Trip reports from our range of ski touring and cross country skiing tours and general articles on these activities.

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating

Private Tours for Dog Sledding, Ski Touring and Ice Skating. Photo: Ryan Pape.

With the interest in private tours for small groups higher than ever, here are some suggestions on which of our winter tours are most suitable for private groups if you’re looking for a dogsled, ski or ice skating tour this winter: Why choose a private tour? Arranging a private tour as an alternative to joining

Why Ski Touring is the New Hiking

Why Ski Touring Is The New Hiking. Photo: Catherine Kelham.

Bob from the Nature Travels team discusses why hiking enthusiasts should be taking to their skis in winter. Are you a keen hiker? Do you love exploring wild and beautiful areas under your own power, feeling the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the freedom and joy of outdoor life in

To Ski Or Not To Ski – that is the question

To Ski Or Not To Ski. Photo: Maurice Strubel.

Why ski touring and cross country skiing offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative to downhilll skiing for your next winter holiday. Climate change is reducing the snowfall in many previously snow-safe resorts, and rising temperatures are leading to dramatic changes in snowfall patterns. “Alpine areas below 1,600m are now receiving 20 per cent less snow,” says

Winter Holiday Ideas for Solo Travellers

Winter holiday ideas for solo travellers.

Travelling as a Solo Traveller is becoming increasingly popular and we know why – you get to meet interesting, new people and it’s a great confidence boost to achieve something independently. But if you’re not used to travelling by yourself you may be worried that it might be lonely at times. Joining an active outdoor

What’s the Difference Between Cross Country Skiing and Ski Touring Equipment?

What's the difference between cross country skiing and ski touring equipment?

We love the snow at Nature Travels and, in addition to our wide range of dogsled tours, we offer many options for cross country skiing and ski touring. As an ecotourism company, we don’t offer any skiing that relies on lift networks, but do have many options for hut-to-hut touring, cross country skiing and backcountry

Learning to Cross Country Ski in Finland

Cross country skiing in Finland.

Cross Country Skiing in Eastern Finland is a guided ski tour in north Karelia and for the first time this season they’ve introduced a beginner’s version. Niki from the Nature Travels team joined the first tour in February 2018 and tells us a bit about her trip. We were warmly greeted by on arrival to

A Wilderness Adventure – Ski Touring to Halti Fell in Finnish Lapland

Ski touring to Halti in Finnish Lapland.

Bob from the Nature Travels team joined the Halti tour for Backcountry Skiing and Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland in February 2019. The Halti tour is one of the two itinerary options for this tour and takes place in exposed terrain above the treeline. A Lemmenjoki itinerary is also available, which runs in a landscape

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