Five Things I Loved About My First Visit To Stockholm

Stockholm old town

Kat joined Niki from Nature Travels on a recent trip to Stockholm and she tells us what she loved about the place!

Before I travelled to Stockholm a few weeks ago, I knew very little about it. What I discovered once I arrived was that it was a beautiful, welcoming city with lots to experience. There was a lot that I loved about Stockholm, but the following are the top five things I took away after seeing the city for the first time.

1. How calm it is

This might sound odd, but Stockholm is the most chilled out capital city I’ve ever been to. As we arrived on a public holiday, I initially thought the laidback pace of life was due to the holiday, but no, Stockholm is a city where no one seems to be rushing, where traffic isn’t gridlocked and where someone slowly wandering the streets taking in the sights isn’t a massive inconvenience to everyone else sharing the pavements.

Stockholm view
In Stockholm, you’re never far from the water. Photo: Nature Travels.

2. How much water there is

Before I visited Stockholm, I hadn’t fully appreciated how much the water plays a role in its layout and its atmosphere. There’s something incredibly soothing about almost always having water in sight and it means that it’s a truly beautiful city to explore on foot. It also means you can mix up your sightseeing with a boat trip, giving you a new perspective on Stockholm and its architecture.

3. How easy it is to walk everywhere

I generally prefer to be active on my holidays, and Stockholm is a great place for that because it’s so easy to walk around the city. The cobbled streets and narrow alleys of Gamla Stan are a delight to discover on foot; there are wonderful routes that follow the the waterways, leading you to museums, landmarks and peaceful gardens; and you’re never far from green space if you want a bit of a break from the city. subway-art

View across from Grona Lund.
View across from Gröna Lund. Photo: Nature Travels.

4. Subway art

Although you can quite easily walk around Stockholm, you should definitely hop on the underground at least once, if only to admire the art you can find at the majority of the city’s underground stations. There are colourful murals, weird and wonderful statues and even fountains to be discovered – it definitely makes train journeys around the city more fun – you’re never sure what you’ll be confronted by when you step off the train. fika

Stockholm underground art
Stockholm Underground art. Photo: Nature Travels.

5. Fika

Before I went to Stockholm, I wasn’t familiar with Fika. By the time I left, it was one of my favourite parts of the day. For the uninitiated, Fika is coffee and cake, a Swedish staple. Stockholm is home to lots of amazing cafes and restaurants selling delicious cake and excellent coffee. A Fika break is a must when you’ve had a busy morning sightseeing, and as it’s a Swedish tradition, it’d be rude not to.

Fika time!
Fika time! Photo: Nature Travels.

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