Canoeing in Skåne, Southern Sweden

Canoeing in Skåne, southern Sweden.

Skåne County is the southernmost county in Sweden and one of north Europe’s most productive farming districts.

The Skåne landscape is characterised by farmland, deciduos forests and lakes. It was a strong seat of pwer during the Viking area with many relics from this time.

In Skåne you find many open fields and broad horisons. In the south, dramatic coastal cliffs and long sandy white beaches typify the landscape, with rolling hills and green forest in the west.

The main season for paddling in Skåne is mid-May to end of September.

Paddling in Skåne offers both calm river waters and lakes with an archipelago feeling.

Canoeing in Skane, Sweden
Canoeing in Skåne. Photo: Suzanne Stevens.

Holjeåleden, where our canoe tour runs, is a waterway that stretches from Östafors in the north to Lake Ivö in the south and offers paddling through unspoilt countryside. It lies at the base of the valley and gives you the feeling that time stands still. n a deep furrow, the river meanders on its way towards Lake Ivö.

Along the stretch from Västanå Mill to Lake Ivö, there are no rapids, just calm water all the way. Along this section the countryside consists of fertile fields. You can glide along at a leisurely pace, enjoy the chirping of birds and the beautiful, varied landscape surrounding the river.

Camping on Lake Ivo
One of the network of camping spots on Lake Ivo. Photo: Jana Bormans.

Then you’ll reach Skåne’s largest lake, Lake Ivö. It has an archipelago feel to it, with a large number of islands, around 40 in total. The islands can be reached by canoe and most of the islands are completely uninhabited – perfect places to stay overnight and camp wild. Take some time here to discover the tranquility of the islands.

For more information on our canoe tour in Skåne, please see Canoe Getaway in Skåne.

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