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Under Archipelago Skies – Kayaking and Wild Camping in the Stockholm Archipelago

Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago. Photo: Nature Travels.

Bob and Sofia from Nature Travels spend 3 days/2 nights combining adventure and comfort as they go Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago in June. Simply put, it’s hard to imagine a better place for kayaking than the Stockholm Archipelago. With 30,000 islands (or 50,000, depending on who’s counting and how) of varying shapes Under Archipelago Skies – Kayaking and Wild Camping in the Stockholm Archipelago

A Swedish Summer

A Swedish Summer. Photo: Nature Travels.

Sofia and I are halfway through a three-week stay in the Stockholm Archipelago, where we’re lucky enough to have a summer house on a small island in the middle archipelago. At a time when so much has changed and so quickly, it feels both very strange and very wonderful to be here again. It’s a A Swedish Summer

Why Strava?

Why Strava? Photo: Nature Travels.

Sofia from the Nature Travels team takes you through the features of this hugely popular training app. What is Strava? Strava is a mobile app and website. Strava tracks your runs, rides and your other fitness activities. It’s also a social networking platform – it describes itself as a “social network for athletes”. How much Why Strava?

What is Parkrun?

What is Parkrun? Photo: Niki, Nature Travels.

Joining your local Parkun is a great way to maintain your general fitness for one of our trail running holidays or indeed any of our outdoor adventures! Parkrun celebrated it’s 15th birthday on 2nd October 2019 and if you’re a runner you’re probably at your local event most Saturday mornings. But if you’re just starting What is Parkrun?

What Is Marshalling All About?

What does a marshal do? A marshal can have many different duties during an event, but general a marshal helps to make an event safe and enjoyable for the runners. Here are some of the duties you can have as a marshal: Help with parking when the participants arrive to make sure everyone easily finds What Is Marshalling All About?

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