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A Canoe Adventure in Kainuu

Blue skies and sunshine! Photo: Niki Nature Travels

Jayne and Niki from the Nature Travels office spent 5 days Canoeing on the Tar Route in Kainuu in eastern Finland this June. We landed at Kajaani airport at around 22.35 and stepped off the plane into bright sunshine – with midsummer just around the corner the sun would barely be setting during our trip.

Canoeing in Skåne, Southern Sweden

Canoeing in Skåne, southern Sweden.

Skåne County is the southernmost county in Sweden and one of north Europe’s most productive farming districts. The Skåne landscape is characterised by farmland, deciduos forests and lakes. It was a strong seat of pwer during the Viking area with many relics from this time. In Skåne you find many open fields and broad horisons.

Canoeing on the Klarälven River in Värmland, Sweden

Canoeing on the Klarälven River in Värmland, Sweden.

Jayne, Niki and Elky travelled to Värmland in May 2016 the first part of the trip was doing the 50km version of our Canoe Tours on Klarälven (doing the normal 4-day route over 3 days). The Kläralven is a wide steady flowing river (usually at around 2kmh) which meanders through the Värmland region in Sweden.

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