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Mobile Phones – Curse or Blessing in the Outdoors?

Mobile Phones - Curse or Blessing in the Outdoors?

When I first discovered the lure of the outdoors on bothy trips and hillwalking weekends in the Highlands of Scotland in my twenties, mobile phones were mysterious, bulky devices wielded only by fast-talking stockbrokers – I distinctly remember laughing out loud at the sight of one besuited yuppie braying “Sell! Sell!” into a monstrous thing

Packing Light for a Hand Luggage Only Winter Adventure

Travelling hand luggage only for a winter adventure.

Bob from Nature Travels gives some thoughts on lightening the load for your next winter trip: Over the last few years, I’ve tried to reduce the amount I bring with me when travelling, especially in winter. If you’re thinking of going on a winter adventure with us, such as one of our dogsled tours, and

Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Sweden

Things You Need To Know Before You Go To Sweden.

Sofia from the Nature Travels team is from Vaxholm, a small town in the Stockholm Archipelago. Here she gives the lowdown on those things you’ll be glad you knew before visiting Sweden! Over the years of travelling back and forward to Sweden ourselves and assisting others with their trips to Sweden, there are a few

The Art of Dressing for Scandinavian Winters

The Art of Dressing for Scandinavian Winters. Photo: Nordic Outdoor.

Some expert guidance on how to dress for your next winter adventure such as one of our dogsled tours or ski touring expeditions. There’s nothing quite like winter. In fact, there’s nothing quite like winter in Scandinavia. Sub-zero temperatures, snow as far as the eye can see, and clear blue skies. It really is something

What’s the Difference Between Canoeing, Kayaking and Packrafting?

What's the difference between canoeing, kayaking, packrafting and timber rafting?

NB: As Nature Travels experiences use Canadian canoes and sea kayaks, the article below focuses mainly on the difference between these. We do not currently offer tours involving whitewater or kayaking on rivers, so whitewater kayaks are not discussed. Nature Travels offers many paddling adventures in the Nordic countries and there are a few ways

Tips for the Female Outdoor Adventurer

Tips for the Female Outdoor Adventurer.

When you’re a female traveller, questions often arise that don’t apply to our fellow male travellers. We’ve got a few more things to think about, especially when doing outdoor adventures. The ladies at Nature Travels answer some of the most common questions from our female guests. Is the accommodation mixed on tour? Depending on which

Basic Swedish Phrases

Swedish flag

Our whistle-stop tour of essential Swedish for your next outdoor adventure! Most Swedes speak English so you should have no problem communicating and finding your way around, but if you’re travelling to Sweden you might want to learn a few things to practise whilst your out there on your adventures! A little note to start

Travelling by Night Train in Sweden

Travelling by night train in Sweden.

The information below applies primarily to travel on Swedish night trains (, but much of the article is also applicable to train travel in Finland (with or Norway ( Have you booked one of our dog sledding, ski touring, canoeing or hiking experiences in the far north of Sweden? If so, you’re probably considering

How to Stay Cool Camping in Hot Weather for a Good Night’s Sleep

Taking a dip is a great way to keep cool when camping.

The Nordic countries, like much of Europe, has been experiencing a very warm spring and summer with long periods of hot, dry weather this year. If you thought Sweden, Finland and Norway were always cold and snowy, think again! So we’ve collected our Top 10 Tips and Tricks to help you stay cool and comfortable

Make Using Less Plastic Your New Year’s Resolution

Reducing your plastic consumption.

Many of you probably watched Blue Planet 2 and saw the damage our use of plastic is doing to our seas. If you didn’t, here’s a summary: When plastic was invented and introduced in 1907, it was celebrated for being durable and that it couldn’t be destroyed. But that’s the problem with plastic – once

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