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E-Biking (Finland)

Self-guided e-bike tours exploring the beautiful landscapes around Helsinki and the Turku and Åland Archipelagos

Cycling Holidays in Finland with Electric Bikes:

E-bikes have revolutionised the cycling industry, making transport by two wheels more enjoyable and more accessible than ever before.

If you already own an e-bike yourself or have had the opportunity to try one, you'll know how much difference an e-bike can make to the experience of cycling. You are still required to pedal, so you're still getting exercise and being active, but you are able to go further and explore more, and still have energy left over for other activities along the way!

Our e-bike tours in Finland offer a choice of itineraries, from overnight tours to extended biking adventures. Discover the beautiful landscapes around Helsinki, or head east to the archipelgo regions and the stunning islands of the Baltic.

The tours offer the flexibility and freedom of a self-guided holiday, but with full information provided with pre-loaded GPS route and details of places of interest and things to see along the way, and with accommodation in local bed and breakfasts en route.

Bob from the Nature Travels team

"Sofia and I bought an e-bike some time ago and we love it. It has greatly increased the amount of time we spend out biking and it's often used for our daily commutes to the Nature Travels office. Hills are now a joy rather than a trial!" Bob from the Nature Travels team

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