Trip Reports

Trip reports from the Nature Travels team taking part in our range of activities or visiting the locations we offer.

Hiking North on the King’s Trail from Saltoluokta to Kebnekaise

Discover Mountain Hiking on the King's Trail.

The tour described below is Discover Mountain Hiking on the King’s Trail, which was a variation on Hiking on the King’s Trail from Abisko to Kebnekaise and which began from Saltoluokta. This variation is no longer offered, but the trip report below will still give a good general impression of the area and what to

Learning to Cross Country Ski in Finland

Cross country skiing in Finland.

Cross Country Skiing in Eastern Finland is a guided ski tour in north Karelia and for the first time this season they’ve introduced a beginner’s version. Niki from the Nature Travels team joined the first tour in February 2018 and tells us a bit about her trip. We were warmly greeted by on arrival to

Visit to Husky Sledding at the Foot of the Jotunheimen in Norway

Dog sledding in the Norwegian mountains.

Bob from the Nature Travels team visited the kennels for a short sled adventure in the Jotunheimen mountain region in March 2018. The Nordic countries in general have been blessed with a spectacular winter season this year – and nowhere was this more in evidence so than on my recent trip to the Jotunheimen area

Dog Sledding in the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve in Swedish Lapland

It's the dogs themselves that make dog sledding such a wonderful experience.

Jayne from the Nature Travels team joined our Dog Sledding and Northern Lights in Vindelfjällen tour in February 2018. In the very comfortable and warm guest house we were given the snow scooter overalls, winter boots & liners and other equipment that we would be using for the duration of our dog sled trip. Trying

Cabin to Cabin Hiking in Norway from Gjendesheim to Fondsbu

Hiking in Norway from Gjendesheim to Fondsbu.

Bob from the Nature Travels team tried out the guided Hiking Besseggen and the Jotunheimen National Park tour in August 2018, beginning at Gjendesheim and ending at Fondsbu. Day 1 It’s not often that such spectacular natural areas can be accessed so conveniently, but travelling for this tour was a breeze. Arriving at Oslo Gardermoen

Camping on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Camping on the Greenland ice sheet.

We do not currently offer experiences in Greenland (though we offer plenty of other options for outdoor activities!), but Bob from Nature Travels visited in September 2017 to research possible future additions to our portfolio. There are some things you just assume you’ll go through your life without ever doing. So finding myself waking up

A Wilderness Adventure – Ski Touring to Halti Fell in Finnish Lapland

Ski touring to Halti in Finnish Lapland.

Bob from the Nature Travels team joined the Halti tour for Backcountry Skiing and Northern Lights in Finnish Lapland in February 2019. The Halti tour is one of the two itinerary options for this tour and takes place in exposed terrain above the treeline. A Lemmenjoki itinerary is also available, which runs in a landscape

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