Gear Reviews and Packing Advice

Reviews of clothing, equipment, and other items which may be useful when travelling on one of our experiences and advice on what to bring for particular times or year or types of activities.

Review of Thule Capstone 32l Backpack

Review of Thule Capstone 32l backpack.

Bob and Sofia from the Nature Travels Team try out the Capstone 32L backpack from Swedish manufacturer Thule on a weekend leisure trip to Poland and a short dogsled tour in Norway. If, like me, you traditionally associate the “Thule” brand with roofracks and cycle carriers, then you might be surprised to learn that they

Review of Thule Capstone 50l Backpack

Review of Thule Capstone 50l backpack.

Bob and Sofia from the Nature Travels team take the Thule Capstone 50L backpack (men’s fit) on holiday to the Stockholm Archipelago. Following our review of the Capstone 32L pack back in May, with summer now in full swing, it was time to put the larger 50L version to the test. Where better to try

Review of Light My Fire Mealkit

A Light My Fire mealkit can contain a number of elements, including collapsible cup.

Sofia from the Nature Travels team takes a look at the Light My Fire mealkit, an ideal addition to your rucksack for your next camping adventure! In the middle of September I was attending the Outdoor Academy of Sweden. This is a cooperation between the Swedish Tourist Board and the Scandinavian Outdoor Group, which itself

Tips for the Female Outdoor Adventurer

Tips for the Female Outdoor Adventurer.

When you’re a female traveller, questions often arise that don’t apply to our fellow male travellers. We’ve got a few more things to think about, especially when doing outdoor adventures. The ladies at Nature Travels answer some of the most common questions from our female guests. Is the accommodation mixed on tour? Depending on which

Guide to Eyewear for Winter Activities

Eyewear for Winter Activities.

“Do I need to bring goggles?”, “I wear glasses – what’s the best solution?” Bob from the Nature Travels team discusses considerations for eyewear to best to enjoy your winter adventure. The article below gives advice particularly for guests who normally wear glasses/contact lenses, but similar considerations regarding eye protection are relevant for all participants

Tips for Travelling with a Plastic-Free Washbag

The plastic-free washbag collection.

July is the Marine Conservation Society’s “Plastic Challenge” month – when your mission, if you chose to accept it, was to try to go a whole month free of the evils of SUPs. In a 21st century consumerist world, that is a challenge indeed. “What’s wrong with Stand-Up Paddleboards?” you may ask. Well, nothing at

Review of the Thule Versant 70l Backpack

Bob from the Nature Travels Team puts the Thule Versant 70 litre men’s fit pack through its paces on a multi-day trip to the Jotunheimen mountains of Norway. Last year we reviewed the Thule Capstone 32L and Thule Capstone 50L packs, and liked them very much, so when the nice people at Thule asked us

Review of Bagail Retro Camping Backpack

Review of Bagail Retro Camping back.

We were recently invited to test a product from the range of leisure packs made by Bagail. We chose the Retro Camping backpack and Sofia from the Nature Travels team has been putting it through its paces on a recent trip to the far north of Sweden. The Retro Camping backpack isn’t an outdoor backpack

Why Use a Dry Bag?

Duck-it Pro Dry Bags.

The following is a guest post from our friends at Duc-Kit Pro. Nature Travels guests receive a discount on Duc-Kit Pro products, which are ideal for water-based activities such as our canoeing, kayaking or timber rafting tours – please see your booking documentation for details. The million-dollar question – when should I use a Dry

How to Stay Cool Camping in Hot Weather for a Good Night’s Sleep

Taking a dip is a great way to keep cool when camping.

The Nordic countries, like much of Europe, has been experiencing a very warm spring and summer with long periods of hot, dry weather this year. If you thought Sweden, Finland and Norway were always cold and snowy, think again! So we’ve collected our Top 10 Tips and Tricks to help you stay cool and comfortable

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