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Private Mountain Hiking in Lyngen (Norway)

Explore the magnificent mountain landscape of Lyngen with private hiking tours from comfortable base on the island of Uløya

  • Guided
  • Medium-Hard
  • From £/person
  • Aug-Oct, 8 days/7 nights
  • Adult Groups (min. 3 persons)


  • Hiking on Uløya, Kagen and in Reisa NP
  • Five days of guided hiking
  • One day with boat tour/sea fishing
  • Private tour for small groups on flexible dates
  • Tour level can be adapted for different abilities
  • Accommodation in comfortable apartments

Description »

Spectacular hiking for private groups at 70 degrees north

The island of Uløya lies in the far north of Norway in the Lyngen region, a remote and beautiful area 600km inside the Arctic Circle and home to some of Norway's most dramatic terrain.

From your base in comfortable, modern apartment, and led by experienced mountain guides, you'll spend a week exploring some of the most beautiful peaks and landscapes the area has to offer - truly world-class hiking at the top of Europe.

Private Mountain Hiking in Lyngen - Arotinden

The view from Arontinden is just one of the incredible vistas this adventurous hiking tour offers. Photo: LOC.

Summits, coast and waterfalls

The hiking season is during the late summer and autumn, from mid-August to mid-October. During the week you'll tackle the peaks of Arontinden and Saeteraksla on Uløya itself, and explore the islands "Cote d'Azur", a dramatic and other-worldly region at the north of the island. You'll also travel to Reisa National Park, where you have a choice of a hike on Unna or a boat trip to Mollisforsen, one of Europe's largest waterfalls at 269m high with 140m free cascade of water.

Your tour, your way

As a private tour for groups of 3 or more persons (tours for 1-2 persons are also possible), this hiking adventure is very flexible.

Feeling full of energy and keen to test yourself with a challenge? That's fine - most will find the standard hikes offer plenty of challenge already, but many of the routes offer the possibility to increase the distance covered and duration of the day's tour.

Feeling like you'd like to take it easier for a day? That's fine too! The distance and pace can be adjusted accordingly.

Private Mountain Hiking in Lyngen - Saeteraskla

The glacial lakes of Isvannet are one of the highlights of the ascent of Saeteraksla. Photo: LOC.

Take to the water for a fresh view and fresh catch

To give you a chance to rest those tired muscles and appreciate the beauty of the Lyngen landscape from a different perspective, the week also includes a sea fishing trip, where you'll not only be admiring the majestic peaks rising from sea level into the sky, but also hopefully catching dinner! The waters are rich in cod and halibut and you have very good chances to make a catch.

Walk hard on the mountains, rest easy beneath the Northern Lights

The Norwegians love nothing more than a physically challenging day in the wilderness. But when the hard work is done, they also appreciate good food, comfortable accommodation, and quite possibly a sauna and a beer!

Private Mountain Hiking in Lyngen - Cote d'Azur

It's not only the mountains that make up the spectacular scenery in this area - the coastline is wild, dramatic, and beautiful. Photo: LOC.

Your accommodation base is one of three comfortable, modern apartments (depending on group size), all with access to sauna, and with a communal building down by the water to enjoy an evening panorama over the fjord.

Private Mountain Hiking in Lyngen - Northern Lights

From late August onwards, the autumn night comes alive with the Northern Lights. Photo: LOC.

This experience also gives very good possibilities for the Northern Lights - many associate the Aurora with wintertime, but actually autumn is a wonderful time for displays (and it's warm enough to stay out for longer to enjoy them)!

By late August, the nights are getting dark enough to enjoy the Northern Lights flickering in the sky above, and displays are visible right through the hiking season and on through winter until early April. Not a bad way to end a memorable day's hiking in the mountains!

Itinerary »

NB: Depending on flight times and whether you choose to travel between Tromsø and the hiking centre by transfer or public transport, it may be necessary to overnight in Tromsø before and/or after your tour, which is in any case a popular option. The city offers a range of attractions and additional winter activities.

As a private tour, the itinerary for this experience is very flexible. The order of hikes below may change and the level of daily challenge can also be adapted. For groups with additional fitness who would like a higher level of challenge, the daily distances and hiking time can be extended. The tours take place in a wild and remote mountain landscape and weather conditions may also affect the choice of tour routes. Information below is a general guide to some of the possible options for tours during the week.

Day 1: Arrival to Uløya

Private transfer or public transport (depending on option chosen) from Tromsø (approx. 4 hours) or Sørkjosen (approx. 1 hour) to the ski touring centre on the island of Uløya. If taking private transfer, transfer can be offered in connection with any scheduled flight arrival time to Tromsø or Sørkjosen.

Here you will check in to your comfortable apartment for your first night in the beautiful Lyngen region.

Days 2: Hike to Arontinden (563m)

This tour takes place on the north-eastern tip of the island of Uløya, just 5 minutes' drive from the hiking centre, and offers wonderful views over the small islands that populate Lyngen Fjord as it runs into the open sea. As with all the walks during the week, during the day you may see moose, reindeer, a variety of seabirds and birds of prey circling above.

Arontinden rises up this part of the island with its north wall descending dramatically to the sea. The trail is relatively undemanding, rising continuosly but gently and taking 2-3 hours to reach the top and 1-2 hours to descend. The path takes through initially through the forest then up into an open rocky landscape with beautiful views.

The summit offers an unforgettable view over the ocean, archipelago and the Lyngen Peninsula. You can choose to return via the same track or to take a longer route along Reinrabben, which passes a number of lakes.

Hiking time: 4-6 hours

Day 3: Hike to Saeteraksla (1000m)

A longer day's hike today, offering a wild mountain route with beautiful views from the top over the Rotsund Straight and the stunning glacial cirque of Isvannet mountain lake.

Saeteraksla is located in the south-east of Uløya island, with a gently sloping north face and an almost vertical south face. From the summit you feel as if you're standing directly above the fjord.

You begin directly from your accommodation, hiking through the woods before emerging above the treeline to the dramatic Mettengelva waterfall. 2-3 hours' walk brings you to the large lake of Isvannet at 600m and views of Uløytinden (1113m).

From here another 2-3 hours brings you to the summit for a view of the Lyngen Alps and Kafjord Alps. You return via the same route, taking approx. 2-3 hours for the descent.

Hiking time: 6-9 hours

Day 4: Sea fishing day by boat

Today you take a rest for hiking to discover one of the other activities for which the region is famed - fishing!

Using modern, aluminium 150HP boat, you'll head out to sea for a 2-3 hour trip, giving you the chance to appreciate this dramatic landscape from a new perspective.

Seabirds and birds of prey abound in the area and you have good chances to see a number of species during the trip, and perhaps even dolphins.

But it's not all sightseeing - there's fishing work to be done! You should be able to catch cod and perhaps one of the local mighty halibut (the current halibut record is 77.6kg!).

All necessary fishing and safety equipment for the boat tour is provided.

Day 5: Reisa National Park

Today to visit Reisa National Park to hike around Unna or, if you wish (additional charge of 1000 NOK/applies, payable locally) take a boat trip on the Reisa river to the dramatic waterfalls at Mollisfossen.

You begin the day with a transfer of 1-1.5 hours to the small town of Bilto in the Reisa valley, passing through some wonderful landscapes along the way. Once at the park, you can choose either the walk around Unna or the boat trip to Mollisfossen waterfall. NB: Additional charge applies if choosing the Mollisforsen waterfall tour - see under "Prices > Optional extras"

The tour of Unna is very beautiful, showcasing the wilderess of Arctic Norway at its best. It's a relatively gentle walk, climbing to 400m and taking 2-3 hours.

If you opt for the boat tour, this takes 3-4 hours and visits one of Europe's largest waterfalls, Mollisfossen, 269m high with 140m free cascade of water. A path takes you behind the falls to admire the power of the water. You take a break there for tea made over the fire.

Reisa National Park is rich in wildlife, and you have good chances to see a number of species of rare birds as well as reindeer and perhaps moose, whether you choose the hike or the boat tour.

Hiking time (if choosing hiking option): 3-4 hours.

Day 6: Hike the Cote d'Azur

Known as Uløya's "Cote d'Azur", this wonderful and unusual trails explores a riviera-type area at the northern end of the island, climbing up and down between stoney beaches, meadows, rocky towers, pinnacles and arches and taking you through an other-wordly landscape.

Hiking time: 3-4 hours (extendable to 6-8 hours).

Day 7: Hike to Valhalla (450m)

For your last day of hiking, you travel to the nearby island of Kagen, about an hour's drive from Ulø. for a tour in a monumental valley landscape with beautiful lake and a 550m vertical granite wall.

You begin on a gentle path that leads into the valley after about an hour. Another 1-2 hours brings you to the lake and base of the imposing Valhalla Wall.

Hiking time: 3-4 hours.

Day 8: Departure

Your week of hiking in the Lyngen region draws to a close. Breakfast followed by public transport or private transfer to Tromsø for onward travel. If taking private transfer, transfer can be offered in connection with any scheduled flight departure time from Tromsø.


Dates 2021 and 2022

NB: As a private tour, availability is very limited. We strongly recommend making arrangements as far in advance as possible.

Tour are possible during late summer and autumn, from mid-August to mid-October.

Standard duration is Sunday-Sunday 8 days/7 nights (arrival + 6 days' activities + departure).

Shorter itineraries can also be arranged, for which other arrival or departure days may be possible. Please contact us for details and prices and to discuss your requirements.


Prices 2021 and 2022

Standard Prices  
Per person (in group of 3 or 4 persons)GBP
Per person (in group of 5 persons)GBP
Per person (in group of 6 persons)GBP

Tours for groups larger than 6 persons are also possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Optional Extras (see description below)  
Mollisforsen waterfall tour (per person)GBP
Return transfer from Tromsø (per group)GBP
Return transfer from Sørkjosen (per group)GBP
  • Mollisforsen waterfall tour: This takes place at Reisa National Park (see under "Itinerary > Day 5 for details). We strongly recommend booking this option in advance, as the tours are very often sold out. However, it may also be possible for the group to decide on arrival if they wish to choose this option and to make payment locally, subject to availability.
  • Return transfer from Tromsø: Tromso is approx. 4 hours from the ski touring centre with a number of flight connections. It is also a popular city to visit to extra night(s) before and/or after your trip, with a number of activities available. Price is for return transfer between Tromsø airport or town and the ski touring centre in connection with the start/end of your tour. Price is for groups up to max. 6 persons. Transfer for up to total max. 8 persons can be arranged for additional charge. Transfers can be offered in connection with any scheduled flights to/from Tromsø.
  • Return transfer from Sørkjosen: Sørkjosen is approx. 1 hour from the ski touring centre. It is a small, regional airport with more limited flight connections compared to Tromsø. Price is for return transfer between Sørkjosen airport and the ski touring centre in connection with the start/end of your tour. Price is for groups up to max. 6 persons. Transfer for up to total max. 8 persons can be arranged for additional charge. Transfers can be offered in connection with any scheduled flights to/from Sørkjosen.

What's Included »



Seven nighs in modern, comfortable apartment. There are three apartments that may be used as your accommodation base for the tour (see example images below). Which is used will depend on group size and availability.

  • Apartment 1: Suitable for up to 4 persons in 2 x 2-person bedrooms. Area 80 sq.m. Living room with kitchen, bathroom with shower and sauna.
  • Apartment 2: Suitable for 6-8 persons in 4 x 2-person bedrooms. Area 140 sq.m. Two levels with living room, kitchen, bathroom with shower and additional toilet. Sauna in separate building is available for use.
  • Apartment 3: Suitable for 6-8 persons in 4 x 2-person bedrooms. Area 100 sq.m. Two levels with living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom with sauna, and additional bathroom.

The apartments are situated just 50m from the water at the base of the mountain Blåtinden (1142m). All have traditional Norwegian wood-burning fireplace, TV, DVD and free wi-fi. There is a also a heated cellar for drying clothing and equipment.

There is a meeting/social room with kitchen located right by the water, where guests are welcome to congregate and relax by the fire. The room has a panoramic glass wall with view over the fjord, ideal for admiring the Midnight Sun in June/July or the Northern Lights from late August/early September.

Example apartment accommodation for the tour

Example apartment accommodation for the tour. Photos: LOC.

Example apartment accommodation for the tour

Additional example apartment accommodation for the tour. Photos: LOC.


All meals are included from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 8. Breakfast and 2-course dinner are taken in building adjacent to the apartments. Lunch is packed lunch eaten during the days' activities. Snacks and fruit are also included.

Dining area for the tour

Breakfast and dinner are served in an adjacent building. Photos: LOC.

Activities and Guiding:

  • Services of experienced and qualified guide(s). Guides are IVBV qualified (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) who know the region well. Your guides will choose the best tours for you depending on weather and conditions and your level of fitness and experience.
  • 5 days of guided hiking. Tours take place on the islands of Uløya and Kagen and in Reisa Nastional Park. Van with fuel (and any ferry costs) are included as necessary for local transfers for the tours.
  • Sea fishing half-day activity including boat with all necessary equipment.


  • Local transfers when necessary between the hiking centre and the start/end points of each day's tours.
  • For guests travelling to the experience by public transport (rather than taking the private transfer from Tromsø), a ferry connection is required from the mainland to reach the island of Uløya. If you arrive after the last ferry has departed, boat transfer across to the hiking centre is included. If ferries are available but the group would prefer to have private transfer, there is a charge of 500 NOK/group for the boat transfer.

Not Included

  • Travel: We do not arrange flights or domestic travel, but are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey. See under "Getting There" for general travel information.
  • Alcoholic drinks - available to purchase at the hiking centre.

Good To Know »


Health requirements/experience:

Recommended min. age 18. Younger participants may be possible by arrangement.

The itinerary for the week includes a number of challenging and spectacular hikes, with the possibility to further extend the distance covered and level of challenge if suitable for the group.

As a private tour, there is also a great deal of flexibility to adapt the tour to reduce the level of challenge if necessary - as a tour from fixed base, there is no requirement to cover a particular distance or route each day.

To get the most of out of the experience of hiking in this very remote and special region, you should have previous experience of mountain hiking, a good level of fitness, and be comfortable hiking in steep and uneven terrain for several hours with a light pack.

What makes this "Medium-Hard"?

As a private experience, this tour is very flexible. There are a number of route and tour options that can be chosen and the itinerary for the week will be adapted to suit the group's level of fitness and experience as well as weather conditions.

The level of challenge will therefore vary considerably depending on the group and the tours chosen and may be from moderate to very challenging. However, mountain hiking is physically demanding and the remoteness of the area and the range of weather conditions you may encounter make the experience in general a challenging one.

NB: Perception of difficulty is very subjective. What is hard to one person may be easy for another and vice versa, depending on factors including level of fitness, age and previous experience. Weather conditions/temperatures can also dramatically affect the actual level of challenge encountered.

Equipment/clothes needed:

For information on any equipment and/or clothing included as standard for this experience, please see under "What's Included".

A detailed recommended packing list for personal items to bring will be sent with your booking documentation.

NB: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your trip or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received confirmation of your booking from us in writing. Note of course that the most appropriate clothing to use as well as the level of challenge experienced during any outdoor activity may vary significantly depending on factors such as the time of year and the particular weather/temperature conditions during your trip.

Preparing for your trip:

For further reading, we also have a number of general information articles to get you ready for your trip, covering a wide variety of topics from what to do on a city break before/after your tour, advice on packing, eyewear for winter and considerations for female travellers.

Minimum number:

As a private tour, no minimum number of persons is reuqired. Prices are given for group sizes of 3-6 persons. This experience is also possible as private tour for solo travellers or guests travelling as two persons for additional cost. Plesae contact us to discuss your requirments.


This is a private experience for small groups. Prices are given for group sizes up to 6 persons, but larger groups are also possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Eco Info

This provider has a written environmental policy.

Getting There »

Getting There

See below for a summary of travel options. To learn more about how to travel to this experience, please get in touch!

Detailed information on travel will be provided in response to your enquiry. We are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey.

NB: Please ensure that you make a booking with us first and wait for confirmation that your spaces are reserved before making any travel arrangements.

Travel Summary:

By Air:

Fly to Tromsø for public bus or private transfer (approx. 4 hours) or to Sørkjosen for private transfer (approx. 1 hour) to the island of Uløya.

Gallery & Reviews »

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