The Best Scandinavian Outdoor Instagram Accounts To Follow

The Best Scandinavian Outdoor Instagram Accounts Follow. Photo: Euan Turner.

Instagram is a treasure-trove of inspiring, dramatic, “this-could-be-you” outdoor images. You can while away many happy hours lost in the sea of beautiful pictures and dreaming of your next trip. Here we’ve collected a few of our favourite accounts which focus on the Nordic outdoors – from lighting fires and camping beneath the stars to mushing your own dogsled team across the Arctic tundra.

There’s no doubt that Instagram has had a huge impact on people’s interest in and appreciation of photography. Just don’t forget, next time you’re on an outdoor adventure, that’s it’s not all about getting the “grammable” pic. Remember to take time to look up from your phone or camera, connect with the world around you and make your own memories to take home with you and cherish!

#1 Carl-Johan Utsi


Sámi reindeer herder and photographer Carl-Johan Utsi captures stunning images from across Sápmi, the homeland of the Sámi people in the far north of Sweden.

Perfect for insights into the daily life of a reindeer herder in the 21st century and for beautiful, evocative images of this wild and beautiful region and the animals and people that inhabit it.

#2 Henrik Trygg


Focusing on outdoor activities especially in Sweden’s archipelago areas, Henrik captures beautiful images of kayaking among the rocks and skerrries, skating on natural ice and of the magic of Sweden’s natural environment.

#3 Outdoor Finland


From the ethereal magic of the Northern Lights to the stark beauty of deep winter in Finnish Lapland to the rich colours of autumn and peaceful escapes of summer, Outdoor Finland will whet your appetite for your next Finnish adventure!

#4 Lundhags


One of Sweden’s most established and best-known manufacturers of outdoor clothing and equipment, Lundhags publishes great shots of its gear in action, from skijoring with huskies to trekking through the majestic mountains of Swedish Lapland.

#5 Fjällräven


Another iconic Swedish outdoor clothing and equipment brand, which has also found its place in everyday urban life (especially with the ever-popular ” Kånken” backpack), Fjällräven’s feed showcases its gear in use in a range of environments from the wilderness to the street.

#6 Frilufts


The feed of Gothenburg photographer Fredrik Telléus, Frilufts (“outdoors”, literally “fresh air”) is the place to go for great images of bushcraft in the Swedish forests, from lighting fires to chopping wood to making dinner!

#7 Norskfriluftsliv


Meaning “Norwegian outdoor life”, Norskfriluftsliv is a conglomeration of outdoor companies in Norway, bringing you inspiring and dramatic images of adventurers of all ages enjoying outdoor activities in Norway’s unrivalled landscapes.

#8 Nature Travels


We can’t complete this round-up without a quick mention of ourselves! We’re not talented photographers like those above, but we love everything about Scandinavian outdoor life and spend as much time in it ourselves as we possibly can. On our feed, you’ll find inspiration for your next outdoor adventure in Sweden, Finland or Norway as well as some candid shots of the Nature Travels team in action ourselves when we’re dog sledding, ski touring, canoeing and kayaking!

The Best Scandinavian Outdoor Instagram Accounts Follow. Photo: Euan Turner.
Canoeing in Rogen in north-west Sweden. Photo: Euan Turner.

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