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Inspiration - Northern Lights

Adventures in locations giving good chances to see the spectactular Aurora Borealis

See the Northern Lights on a Winter Adventure in Sweden, Finland or Norway

Now's the time to travel for Northern Lights! We are currently in a period of very high solar activity, which is predicted to give some of the most spectacular Northern Lights displays for more than 20 years.

There is no doubt that seeing the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is high on the list of many travellers' "must do" experiences - the swirling colours and shifting curtains of greens, reds and blues are undoubtedly one of nature's great spectacles.

All of our winter experiences in the far north offer good chances to see a display during your tour, taking place in locations far from light pollution. It is important to bear in mind that the Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon, so sightings can of course never be guaranteed - it may be cloudy or you may be tucked up in bed asleep after an activity-filled day in the winter wilderness!

Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland

Our outdoor adventures take you far from light pollution, offering great opportunities for thrilling Northern Lights displays. Photo: Jo Lester.

NB: We do not offer dedicated "Northern Lights hunting" tours - rather, we offer outdoor experiences in areas where you have very good chances to see the Northern Lights during your trip. We always recommend that the activity and the destination are your main motivations for travelling - that said, spectacular displays of the Aurora are frequently seen, so keep your fingers crossed! To increase your chances to see a display even further, might like to stay extra day(s) independently in the area before/after your tour with us and arrange a "Northern Lights hunting" tour by vehicle. Such tours are commonly offered in many of the locations in which our winter experiences take place.

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Did You Know...?

  • The Northern Lights can be seen anytime from September until early/mid-April.

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