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Customer Reviews of Discover Wilderness Canoeing in Rogen:

"The best parts were the remoteness, time spent away from busy modern life, cars, noise, and lights." Susan, August 2023

"The possibility to explore the Rogen nature on our own and to experience the untouched nature was great." Dominique, July 2023

"We've enjoyed the trip so much! To discover Rogen with canoe was awesome." Tine

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"We've completed our 5-night paddle around Rogen...and loved it! We were so lucky with the weather as it was sunny and very warm most days...downside was the mosquitoes and ants. We caught and ate fish a few times and so paddled pretty much from shelter to shelter so we could have a fire. Can't lie - we did find some of the portages 'challenging' and we adapted the carrying handles to make straps that went over our shoulders which made it much easier for the longer parts." Nicole, June 2022

"The trip was great! The area was very beautiful." Peter, September 2021

"We greatly enjoyed the trip. Thank you very much! [We chose Nature Travels because] you provided the clearest information (and at a cheaper price than what we could locally get)." Simon, September 2021

"The entire route was wonderful." Emma, August 2021

"The nature in Rogen is astonishing." Name not supplied, August 2020

"Nature Travels was super informative. Every member of our group will surely have their own 'best' part of the trip, but my personal favorite was the way to Lake Rogen from Käringsjövallen. Everything was amazing from wind shelters to wilderness areas. Overall, we had an absolutely phenomenal trip and would recommend Nature Travels to anyone interested." Morten, July 2020

"Loved the fishing!" Thomas, June 2019

"We had a terrific time and the trip has to be on our shortlist of best holidays ever. Remarkable country and a wholesome, exciting and beautiful experience. Thank you all so much. Nature Travels provided excellent service." Katherine, July 2018

"I liked the possibility to plan/explore yourself. Big freedom in awesome landscape." Nathanael, July 2018

"Thank you so much for helping us put together an amazing holiday. Ualan, my son and I, had an amazing time. The scenery was breathtaking, the weather great and we loved being off-grid, hence no postings during our trip. The Topsport guys were great too and there was nothing we would have wanted done differently. unfortunately our fishing skills let us down, but we had lots of fun trying. My eldest son finishes uni this coming year so he will be off into the big wide world so it was really special to have this time with him." Andrew, August 2017

"Almost impossible to pick just one. The ideas on the website were invaluable and meant we ended up with the perfect trip for us. The canoeing and camping experience was brilliant - amazing scenery, relaxing canoeing, the opportunity to learn how to portage, making camp somewhere different every night, crossing Lake Rogen on water like glass with the mountains and cloudscapes reflected so vividly in the water it felt as though we were floating on air. The peace and quiet, the wildlife and the solitude. Just perfect." Serena, July 2017

"[The best part was] the freedom of canoeing, the partly unexpected 'midnight sun' which freed us up of any time constraints for getting back to camp. The fishing. The size of the nature reserve. The wood pre-stocked at the wind shelters. Having unlimited clean drinkable lake water was amazing too (most of my experience is UK hiking where I have to carry 3-4 litres every day!)." Alex, June 2017

"It was a wonderful trip. Congratulations for your organisation, perfect! [The best part was] the wilderness, the experience on water, with canoeing and fishing." Guillaume, June 2017

"Paddling in utter tranquillity, miles from anywhere, immersed in natural beauty with just my family around me... blissful! Thank you for a challenging, but very enjoyable, summer holiday." Ian, July 2016

"We had a lovely time, thank you. I thought your customer service was excellent and have already recommended you to two friends. We loved the wild camping aspect. The canoeing was a little daunting for us but when the weather was calm we still had some good times on the water. I had been wanting to tick wilderness canoeing off the list for a while, but since I had no real experience with canoeing it was about finding an accessible and affordable way of enjoying this experience. Nature Travels offered the best information and pricing that I could find. Thank you for your excellent customer service and we look forward to using your services again in future." Laura, June 2016

"We wild camped whilst canoeing around the Lake Rogen area for 7 nights, 8 days. An absolutely stunning part of the world. Pristine wilderness and a really special, beautiful place to explore and experience. It was fantastic. A lighter weight canoe would've been the only thing to make portage a little easier but that's really picking at details, it was great! We loved it. Good value for money." Georgina and Steve, August 2015

"Everything was excellent." Jane, August 2015

"The service is perfect!" Simona, August 2015

"Extremely efficient and plentiful advice. [The best part was] camping by the wind shelters and sitting around the fire watching the sunset. [I chose Nature Travels because] previous good experience. Feeling of a personal service." Jonathan, August 2015

"[Service from Nature Travels] was faultless. Information was all relevant and useful, and we had all the info we needed. [The best part was] camping on the small island in Rogen with perfect weather, flat calm water and amazing views across to Femundsmarken. We also did the Via Ferrata on our rear day, which was fantastic." Ed, August 2015

"We had a wonderful time on the Rogen lake, and enjoyed the whole trip. We started with a windy and cold day, where we were cold and we had to put on all our clothes but in the tents it was OK. The following days were better and warmer, in between wh had sun, a blue sky and no wind. We really enjoyed these days. The portages were as expected hard, but with the two backpacks we had we could do it in two walks and it worked well. At the last two days we catched each day a fish and had a very delicious meal." Roman, July 2015

"The canoe trip was a really good experience and we enjoyed every moment in the natural reserve (we planned our tour in order to have some time to walk a bit in the moutains around). Thank you for all your clear and well-timed informative emails. [We chose Nature Travels because] because the information was clear and they was a wide choice of possible trips." Charlotte, June 2015

"My brother and I had a fabulous time in Rogen. It really was amazing. Weather was brill. We canoed around 40km and hillwalked many more, no tent, just bivvy bags. Porridge and couscous were our daily food along with big trout we caught along the way." Simon, September 2014

"It was all first rate. The peace, quiet, tranquility and beauty of the area. Well described and overall exceeded expectations, I can see it's not for everyone and agree that a reasonable level of outdoor experience over and above organised camping is needed." Roger, August 2014

"I was very pleased with the way my pre-departure was handled. It was just one the most beautiful peaces of nature I have ever witnessed. It made the entire trip so amazing. After searching for a long time to find a good organisation, Nature Travels looked the most professional. I truly had an amazing time in Sweden." Thibaud, August 2014

"The members of Nature Travels were very quick to respond to any communications and useful in their answers. [We enjoyed] the variety of the lakes and mostly the views of the nature reserve. The canoe centre was also extremely helpful in providing local advice. The service seemed to offer exactly what we needed, it was great to find such a professional service." Danny, August 2014

"[I really liked] the sense of wilderness. It offered the experience I was looking for in a convenient package." Jonathan, August 2014

"Excellent pick-up and drop-off service - very efficient. Beautiful place and reliable equipment. Email service provided by yourselves to remind us of what to take and print etc very helpful. Quick and helpful response when we emailed about the trip and reasonably priced. Thank you very much for a brilliant holiday!" Grace, August 2014

"Really finding ourselves in the middle of a beautiful nature reserve. Just as the web information described. [We chose Nature Travels because] UK based company, offered better transaction security and support over transport arrangements." Richard, August 2014

"The tranquility of the Rogen natural park [was the best part]." Name not supplied, August 2014

"{We liked the] sense of freedom and isolation. Successful fishing. Scenery. This is our second canoeing trip with Nature Travels. It surpassed our expectation and we loved it. Fantastic holiday thank you." John and Jenny, July 2014.

"[The best part was] eating the self-caught fish!" Sebastian, June 2014

"The time up there was great. With all the information on the internet and canoeing information we were well informed. The Swedish team was friendly and helpful so everything worked perfect. The area is just great and with the weather we had we have nothing to complain about. :-) The booking worked fine and the answers via email came fast. Thanks for your support." Ruth, August 2012

"[I really enjoyed] the quiet beauty of Sweden." Dai, August 2012

"Impossible to choose one [best] thing! Perhaps it was the amazing calm of the area, being able to go days without seeing another person, doing everything at our own pace. And then there was the adventure aspect: carrying the canoe was challenging at first, as was getting caught in an apocalyptic-like hail storm while crossing the lake. It was a great experience overall." Charlotte, July 2012

"It was the best trip we have ever had and we will be going back. Thank you Nature Travels." Brian, August 2011

"We're back from our canoeing (sorry not organised enough for a postcard) and just wanted to say thanks for helping us have a really fabulous holiday. It was even better than we'd hoped for - such glorious scenery, and so peaceful and relaxing being completely away from civilisation. We had fabulous sunny still weather, and every morning opening the tent door to a gorgeous forest and lake was a joy. I caught two fish and we walked to the top of the highest mountain in the region too. Much fun." Ben, July 2011

"The moments you stop paddling just to realise how peaceful and remote Rogen really is. And when the sun shines you appreciate the real beauty all around you." Steven, July 2011

"I just want to say how much I enjoyed the trip. It is a trip that will live long in the memory, and I know I'll be back in Sweden someday." Adam, June 2011

"Thank you for the excellent support! The first night on a small island was amazing. It was an adventure which I will never forget!" Franz, June 2010

"I couldn't fault the upfront service and pre-departure advice and help.Spending ten days outdoors in a beautiful place and the rewarding challenge and adventure of completing our journey. It felt like having the world to ourselves! It was a great experience. [The local staff] were exceptionally helpful, informative and friendly and the equipment was in good order." Hannah, June 2010

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