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Press coverage of Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland:

"I can't help but feel my experience is authentically Arctic. I'm getting much more than the usual mushing taster, learning to prepare the dogs, feed them, and fetch water in Arctic conditions." Jamie Lafferty, Norwegian in-flight magazine.

"We manage our own teams of huskies as we traverse the vast white of the far north, moving between cabins in the Swedish wilderness." Jamie Lafferty, The National.

"Spend six days sledding through Sweden's Arctic Circle with your own team of Siberian huskies. You'll stay in cabins along the way, sometimes with those famous Scandinavian saunas...and did I mention a whole team of huskies to hang out with?" Gone Rogue Travel.

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"Outdoor enthusiasts can experience the Northern Lights on a dog-sledding adventure through Swedish Lapland." The Daily Mail recommends our Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland in its "Unconventional Honeymoons" feature.

"Challenging but accessible, this expedition takes you through silent ancient woodland and across frozen lakes and rivers." Out & About recommends Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland.

"I came away from my time with the sled dogs more genuinely entranced by the experience than on any trip for years." The Sunday Times recommends Nature Travels for dog sledding in Lapland.

Customer Reviews of Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland:

"The sledding was great, loved the dogs and fellow travelers and the guide was awesome! It would have been even better if it were longer!" Stejara, February 2024

"Our guide was amazing and the group was nice too!! The dogs...I loved them!" Sara, February 2024

"The whole trip was great, couldn't fault it. It was probably the best holiday I have had. It was challenging and rewarding. Working with the huskies and the fantastic scenery along with a great guide and fellow travellers. I had a fantastic time and I will be letting people know that if they're looking for an adventure holiday this should be high on their list. I will be recommending Nature Travels and the service has been great. Thanks Niki." Coleman, January 2024

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"It was honestly the most amazing trip. We are so glad we choose it for our honeymoon. Our guide was brilliant and we saw the northern lights four times! We were so sad to leave the dogs. They have such a special place in our hearts." Lauren, January 2024

"The best part of the trip was the truly self-sufficient living style and getting really hands on throughout the week. Thanks very much for the easy transaction from start to finish!" Thomas, January 2024

"It is so hard to capture the many magical moments of this trip. The spectacular landscape, the joy of being on a sled pulled by your own team of dogs, the laughs along the way, the magical evenings in the cabins...and the Northern Lights as the icing on a very big cake! Thank you for all your help organising the most fantastic adventure. Everything was smooth from start to finish and the team at the kennels could not have been more helpful. What an experience! It was probably the most memorable week of my life and I will always treasure it." Suzanne, December 2023

"The dogs and people were the best parts. We had a great all-rounded bunch of people that were eager to get stuck in and work as a team. I loved working with the dogs and getting to know their personalities, they proved challenging at times but it was very rewarding. The guide was passionate about his work. I would like to do a longer tour or in the mountains next time." Chelsea, December 2023

"We had a lovely time and would love to do this again." Dorien, April 2023

"I had the trip of a lifetime!! The trip met all my expectations and more. It was fantastic and have been feeling homesick for the dogs ever since I came home. Everything was great from start to finish! Fantastic group and guide, nice and comfy cabins, good food, lovely dogs, beautiful countryside while sledding. We had so much fun. Everything was clear and you were quick to respond to emails." Sarah, February 2023

"Great guide, variations in day tours (lakes, rivers, forest, etc). Great people, great dogs, really liked the wilderness cabins. Length of the trips per day were good." Jeltje, February 2023

"We had a wonderful trip. It was absolutely brilliant with a great guide and some lovely fellow sledders." Colin, February 2023

"The trip itself was absolutely incredible – a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Our guide was superb – the most calm, patient and kind person. Really looks after the dogs and guided us clearly on what we need to do. He was so knowledgeable and experienced and the most hard-working person. The scenery was just epic, the dogs were gorgeous and the experience was incredible. Another little gem on the trip was the cook at the camp – great sense of humour, really welcoming and cooked fabulous food for us all. The people on my trip were all great and I made some really good friends. I was sad to leave my dogs behind and still think of them every day. I can't believe how cuddly they are!" Jemma, January 2023

"Loved it all, to be able to experience such a holiday was fantastic. The huskies are incredible. Everything was included and it felt best value for money." Rebecca, January 2023

"I enjoyed ALL of it from start to finish! Mostly the dogs, but also dipping in the frozen lake beneath the northern lights on my 50th birthday. We had the time of our lives. I'd looked forward to doing this trip for years and saved it for 50th birthday and still it surpassed anything I could've imagined or dreamed of. Everything was so perfect it was like being trapped inside a Christmas card for a week, right down to the northern lights appearing in all their glory complete with shooting stars, on my actual birthday! Just magical. The northern lights were only an added bonus though as for me, it was all about the dogs. The kennel staff, our guide and everyone involved with our sledding trip looked after us and the dogs very well. All dietary requirements were catered for without issue which is impressive indeed when you're up above the Arctic Circle. Nature Travels provided us with a very personal, individual service answering every question and query with a sound and thorough knowledge of our trip. I can't recommend this trip and this company highly enough. I'm so glad we found them, it couldn't have worked out better." Alison, Christmas 2022

"Learning how to dogsled was so cool and great to see the dogs enjoy it as well. [The best part was] getting to look after and hang out with the dogs!" Sara, April 2022

"Firstly, I want to thank you for your incredible help in planning and making this trip of a lifetime so successful. The dog sledding adventure exceeded all expectations for everyone in the family. Interestingly the impact of the trip is being felt more now that we're at home: reflecting, reliving pictures and stories. I can't speak highly enough for you and your company in your responsiveness to our questions and making sure that the trip went as planned. We have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world over the last 30 years and have had many guides but our guide was by far the best guide that we have ever encountered. On a personal level he was witty, intelligent, kind, and confident and knowledgeable. Professionally he was amazing with the dogs, a great educator and a fantastic leader.

The dogs are the most amazing animals. We have been around animals all our lives, but these dogs were so bright, friendly, and willing to please. It's interesting that when the literature said that you should 'bond with your dogs': I thought no there's no way you can bond in eight days, but we were all so bonded with our dogs and knew them so well and they knew us. I am truly aching with missing them.

This was a true adventure, and my three adult children were absolutely over the moon with the challenges of this trip including the lack of running water, electricity, toilets and heat and thrived on working as a team. What a great experience for our family to work and bond over these conditions. Words can't express on so many levels what an amazing experience this was. Lapland itself is an entertainment just existing with the beautiful landscape and Northern Lights and a peacefulness that is so serene yet powerful. I can't even rate this trip as it was off the scales!! Bravo." Julia, March 2022

"I loved all of it! The dogs were gorgeous - so gentle and lovely but so enthusiastic to run. I defy anyone not to be a dog lover after this trip! I loved the beauty of the landscape, the simple routine we easily slipped into, the simple lunches round the fire, the fact you get involved in all the tasks, not to mention the dog sledding itself, which was really fun!! And lastly, we had an amazing display of the Northern Lights on the last night so we were really happy about that! Our guide was exceptional - a really lovely girl with a very calm manner but a high level of competence who instructed us very well. We were in very good hands." Elizabeth, March 2022

"I loved the whole experience! Your help was excellent and all the information was good." Camilla, March 2022

"We had a wonderful time. Thank you for all your help with this amazing adventure." Julia, March 2022

"Great service and flexibility, great documentation. [The best parts were] the people I met along the way, the relationship with the dogs, the immersion after a few days." Kevin, New Year tour 2020/21

"Very hard to pinpoint a best part, but the cabins were incredible and how lucky we were to be the only two on the tour!" Alex, December 2020

"I absolutely loved all of this trip. I loved having a whole week out in this incredible landscape, with no screens, no electricity, just amazing scenery that changed with the light every day. I love adventure and being outside and I found the level of challenge just right. The minimal cabins were perfect for me, I don't need luxury and I enjoyed the task of creating a new home each cabin we arrived in. Our guide was just fantastic. He looked after us so well, so many little touches, really sensitive to the different needs of the group, and no big ego to contend with. If you get a chance to be led by him you are guaranteed a fantastic time. He set us new challenges, seeing that we were a competent group, and this made the adventure all the more exciting. His love and care for the dogs was wonderful to see. He soon allowed us to join in with the axeing, cooking, fire lighting, and as an experienced expedition leader this was exactly what I needed. This trip is for people who love adventure and being outdoors. If you need your creature comforts this trip is not for you. Be prepared for freezing weather, outside toilets, bore holes, fire lighting, cold feet, and lots of meat prep. If you are up for the hard work, you will be infinitely rewarded. This trip is amazing." Polly, February 2020

"[The best part was] obviously the dog sledding itself and working with the dogs before and after sledding." Vanessa, January 2020.

"Many thanks for the great adventure! Packing list was good and email/phone communication was always very helpful and prompt, which was fantastic. I enjoyed the views, working with the dogs, the 'back to nature', and working with a good team. Would happily come back and use the same service, and recommend to friends." Crispin, New Year tour 2019/20

"Overall it was a beautiful adventure. Thank you very much." Felix, Christmas 2019.

"I enjoyed the active nature of taking care of my team of dogs, and sledding in the nature reserve towards the end of the tour was very nice." Samuel, December 2019

"The highlights were the scenery, the people, the trip! All of it really. Easy ability to compare different trips, quick response and communication was great." Renee, December 2019

"I really enjoyed my trip. The dogs were super cute and I learned a lot about mushing." Judith, February 2019

"The only thing that could've improved my trip is if it lasted longer." Jon, February 2019

"Overall a great experience with awesome support from the people at Nature Travels! Thanks for the great and friendly service, until next time! Pre-departure information was excellent, very very thorough! [The best parts were] the great people that I got to know and having a fantastic guide." Mitchell, January 2019

"A truly unforgettable experience. Thanks to Nature Travels for helping organize our trip and to our guide, the best ever!" Stuart, January 2019

"We had a truly wonderful experience! The dogs and our guide were great. We loved all of the wilderness cottages and the surroundings. Even though temperatures went down to minus 35 degrees we enjoyed every minute." Marloes, January 2019

"Great guide and great group, we were lucky with the weather. Taking care of the dogs, the whole full experience was just great! Good service and price. The ideal occasion for a digital detox!!" Delphine, January 2019

"I just wanted to say a huge thanks for one of the most fantastic holidays/family experiences we have had in years! We laughed so much and very hard some days! Our truly amazing guide was so much fun, he was full of funny stories and really looked after us from the start to finish. Thank you Nature Travels, the whole booking process was so easy and all the information you sent was spot on! Cheers." Jane, December 2018

"Got along really well with our guide as well as the rest of the group. Together we grew to be very capable as a dog sledding team. All of my concerns were addressed in the information I was provided after booking. The tour itself was impeccable." Mitchell, December 2018

"[The best parts were the] sledding itself and the interaction with the dogs." Aleksandra, April 2018

"Everyone I spoke to or corresponded with was really helpful and I liked the fact that you picked up each other's emails when the person I sent a message to was out and also that many of you had experienced the trip and was able to advise on the details I needed to know. The scenery was stunning. I tested myself in cold weather and had a challenging holiday. The cameraderie amongst the group was great despite all others being German and speaking very little English so much German spoken but we conversed and had a great laugh. The dogs were fantastic and part of a wonderful experience." Fiona, February 2018

"All contact with you was excellent. Had a great time." Janet, January 2018.

"You were very responsive and helpful. Our guide was excellent - patient, helpful, and very accommodating. We loved the dogs and all our experiences while sledding. We also enjoyed the Reindeer Lodge, including the cabins, food, and activities. My wife has celiac disease, and everyone did an excellent job with gluten-free food on both the dogsledding trip and also Reindeer Lodge." Trevor, who combined dogsled tour with stay at Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge, January 2018

"I loved getting stuck in with the work around the dogs and the day to day running of the tour. It made the experience feel very 'real' and added to the sense of adventure and achievement. The info on your site made it easy to see this tour would provide what I was looking for from a dog sledding experience, e.g. a tour where we would be out with the dogs for several days, had an strong element of adventure and a possibility to see the Aurora." Jennifer, January 2018

"Sledding was great and taking care of the dogs very rewarding. The landscape was just breathtaking." Alan, January 2018

"I thought the experience from start to finish was excellent. Great communication from yourselves, all questions were answered with no issues. Everything ran smoothly and I have already recommended Nature Travels to others." Louise, New Year 2017/18

"Pre-departure service was very efficient. Very happy with the detail given (and also with the blog post for women travellers, which gave more useful information). It's hard to pick a best part, I enjoyed the dog sledding and interactions with the dogs, the people on my tour were good fun and we saw spectacular Northern Lights." Helen, December 2017

"I honestly didn't really know what to expect going into this trip. Booking everything online through a company in England for a trip to Sweden (roughly 9,000 miles away from home) SOUNDS daunting, but you guys always got right back to me, and everything went off without a hitch. The experience was great, the guide and staff at the camp were awesome, and I got to meet some amazing people on the trip. Can't begin to describe how totally and completely happy I am with the entire trip." Scott (one of our many guests from the US), December 2017

"Everything was professionally done. [The best part was] close interaction with the huskies and gaining a memorable experience about dog sledding in the wilderness. I chose Nature Travels because very good travel reviews were given by previous travellers." Eileen, December 2017

"I loved the whole dog sledding experience. It was tough at times but I didn't expect it to be easy." Justine, March 2017

"All was clear and questions quickly answered. Living very basically in quite harsh but beautiful surroundings, working with the dogs including providing basic care. Bonding as a small group. Please feedback how impressed we were with our guide. She knew the area well and was devoted to the dogs. You learnt that the dogs came first in many respects." Julian, February 2017

"[Pre-departure service] was spot on. Love that the service was tailored to suit our requirements. Dog sledding was amazing and provided a challenge but was thoroughly enjoyable as well. Beautiful views and quality activities. We had an amazing time and the organisation of the trip was flawless. Staff could not have been more helpful and the tour was excellent. The accommodation was good and exactly as described, the activities were well-delivered and the tour guides were brilliant. Highly recommend Nature Travels to others. My friend wants to book for next winter after seeing our pictures! Thank you for providing a memorable honeymoon." Emily, who combined Northern Lights Dog Sledding in Lapland with a stay at the Aurora Lodge Escape in Lapland, January 2017

"My daughter and I went in January. I can not say enough about how good this tour was or indeed what an impressive country Sweden is. Nature Travels folks were extremely professional and everything happens as per their brochures. We started off like most folks - not having a clue. The dogs are wonderful and you become quite attached to them. Our guide was brilliant and not a bad cook. Saw the northern lights on 3 occasions. You have to see it standing in knee deep snow on a frozen river with 30 huskies howling in the background. Also saw wild reindeer and elk. This is not a once in a lifetime experience. This is a get a few mates together and do it again experience." Adrian, January 2017

"Incredible holiday." Dave, February 2017

"Wow - thank you - that was truly an experience of a lifetime... we had such a wonderful time - everything went smoothly and they were all so very professional. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Oh man - it was all so wonderful - snow, ice, dogs - stunning. Was the best experience yet. Absolutely amazing trip - this is the most awesome experience that I have and will ever do.....beyond stunning." Flo, January 2017

"The whole thing was incredible, but the best part has be how hands on we were with the dogs. [I chose Nature Travels because] the brilliant all-round service and came highly recomended. Thank you so much for such a memorable experience! Not only have we heard Nature Travels being praised in the media, but also the fantastic staff at the kennels said how other customers praise you on how helpful the whole service is and how Bob had came last year to see the experience for himself. Our group were such great company, and brilliant people. Our guide was fantastic both making us safe and comfortable in the -37 degrees, and giving us great food, and an all-round incredible experience. We will never forget this incredible experience in a beautiful part of the world. (I have to say that they have most amazing light powdery snow). Huge thank you to you all." Joe and Rueben, January 2017

"We've just arrived back home in South Africa after our New Year's 8 Day Northern Lights Dog Sledding trip. It has been our most epic adventure yet! One cannot help falling in love with the dogs and appreciating the magic of the lakes and forests in the beautiful blue light of day. We were fortunate enough to have the most spectacular display of Northern Lights on New Year's Eve – greens and violets dancing and shimmering their way across the Polar Night sky! I am so, so pleased with our guide! His leg-pulling and tall stories were great fun and kept us wildly entertained through the dark afternoons and evenings. His excellent culinary skills had our mouths watering as he prepared meals! We cannot praise him more as he made us feel safe, was clear and concise, kept a watchful eye on us on the very cold days and was excellent company. The fact that this experience is as participative as it is only enhances the adventure, anything less would detract from total immersion in the arctic dog sledding life! Thank you for a wonderful adventure experience!" Kerry, New Year tour 2016/17

"[My favourite part was] seeing amazing auroras! We had an amazing time! Your response was fast and helpful." Name not supplied, December 2016

"[The best part was] standing on the dog sled every day of the trip and enjoying the dogs and scenery. Nature Travels the most info on the website so I could see exactly what is happening during a week of dog sledding." Stephanie, April 2016

"[I enjoyed] the peace and tranquility, the landscape, the relation with the dogs, ... everything.[I chose Nature Travels because] after several google searches, I liked this one the most (clear website, lots of info, simple booking process, fast replies, ...)." Filip, March 2016

"The information was comprehensive. I enjoyed handling the dogs every day and really geting to know them." Ulrica, March 2016

"Dog sledding was a real adventure, and very enjoyable." Barry, February 2016

"Many thanks for all your help in organising our trip. We had a fabulous time. I found [pre-departure service] super-efficient and very friendly, and the advice about the trip was accurate. We received excellent information, which was true to the experience we had in Sweden, and which prepared us well for what to expect (others who booked through other agencies did not receive such detailed information). The trip was fabulous. Our guide was fantastic, and the dogs he worked with were exceptionally well-looked after. [I chose Nature Travels because] it was one of the top hits on Google when I searched "husky sledding in the Arctic" and had good, clear information on the website in comparison to others. Thank you for all your help in planning our trip - you made it all very easy for us and I was particularly impressed with the swift, patient and polite service and the follow-up after the booking had been finalised." Sarah, February 2016. You can also read a wonderful blog article Sarah wrote about her trip.

"I was very happy with the service I received. You were helpful, knowledgeable and it was a pleasure to book with you. [The best part was] working with the dogs, being out in the wilderness doing something I'd never thought of before. Our guide was excellent. He was knowledgeable, really cared about the dogs and was an excellent guide." Clare, February 2016

"Just finished a wonderful dog sledding experience today. Awesome. Thank you soooooo much." Peter, February 2016

Jemma, one our many guests from Australia, travelled during a period when it was exceptionally cold!!: "Welcome to Kiruna, known for its biggest iron mine and certainly not a place that I was expecting to fall in complete love with. Let's paint you a picture. The plane landed and the Swedish pilot came on the loudspeaker. 'Ladies and Gentleman, just for some information about the weather, it's currently -30 outside, I suggest before you leave the aircraft, you put on a jacketIn fact put on whatever you can find really'. That was the moment I thought I was under-prepared. When I realized I was not even close to being prepared was when it reached -45 and then the thermostats all froze. Icicles formed in your nostrils. Your hair becomes frozen to your hat. Ice sticks to your lips and your eyelashes and you have to run behind your sled through waist deep snow in twelve layers of clothing. Sun is up 11am and falls quickly by 2. Then you arrive at your cabin in the wilderness. I cut wood with an axe to start my fire, haul 25 litre tubs of water up a hill after scooping it out of a frozen lake in order to have any, and tackle the outhouse in the middle of the night through the snow. I stand outside and watch the Northern Lights dance above me to the sounds of 30 huskies howling to a full moon. And I fall in love with my team of pups who take me 200km through some of the most toughest conditions I have ever experienced. I laughed. I cried. And then stopped crying as the tears stuck to my face. I was dragged behind my sled and pulled many stunts which caused many bruises. I was licked to death by the cutest faces I have seen. I remain to be alive and I have all my fingers and toes. We can call that a win. Most importantly, I can appreciate life and its simplicities more than I ever thought I could." Jemma, January 2016

"This was absolutely one of the most amazing adventures in my life. No, I wasn't cold! Yes, the dogs are very happy!" Ellen, January 2016

"I just wanted to say thank you for helping to organise this amazing trip! We just got back yesterday and we had the best time!" Karen, January 2016

"Excellent service. The whole trip was exactly what I had been after. [I chose Nature Travels] through googling - the trip I chose looked most like the non-commercial, non-disney style adventure that I was after and the pricing was excellent." Grace, January 2016

"Great service. The best part was the energy of the dogs and the early morning preparations before we left for the day. The atmosphere was electric." Name not supplied, January 2016

"Everything was handled excellently. The guide was excellent and we had a great group. Hard working holiday but worth every bit of sweat." Hendrik, New Year tour 2015/16

"Just wanted to say thank you for helping us with the booking for the husky tour over New Years in Kiruna - this was amazing and assistance from start to end was amazing! We look forward to booking our next trip with you in the near future! Everything was perfect! We felt we knew and had everything we needed for the trip and we were very excited! Sweden is so beautiful and the huskies were amazing! The guide knew so much about the area and the dogs, was funny and friendly, and we were very sad to leave! If I had to pick one thing, it would be the landscapes and nature we saw whilst we were out there! Nature Travels offered what we were looking for, as well as having a sustainable and environmentally friendly ethos, which was important to us." Mai-Yee, New Year tour 2015-16

"Great help and always friendly when asked questions. [The best part was] probably bonding with the doga and having to care for them throughout the tour. I was happy with everything." Michael, New Year tour 2015-16

"The guides were amazing, so helpful and fun. [I'd like to go] again, it was that good." Name not supplied, March 2015

"I would and do, without hesitation, recommend this trip to everyone. Take your kids, take your lover, take your best friends, but go." Victoria (tour December 2012 but feedback received March 2015 - read Victoria's full trip report).

"The dog sledding was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed every second! You'll probably get a mail from me next year for my next adventure booking ;" Janine, February/March 2015

"Just returned from a 6-day dog sledding tour in Kiruna and I had a fantastic experience - the tour guide was excellent, food was better than expected and the time with the dogs was unforgettable, we even managed to see the northern lights, which was amazing, so if you are thinking of booking then do not hesitate because you will NOT regret it." Jo, February 2015

"Really enjoyed the dog sledding. The tour guide was very good." Heather, January 2015.

"The dog sledding tour was wonderful over the New Year." Julien, New Year tour 2014/2015.

"The trip was a fantastic experience and I am hoping to return! Our guide was fantastic and really helped make the adventure memorable! Certainly the best part was Christmas Eve as the trip made it magical. The information on the web provided a good indication that the experience would be professionally run, including the fact that you provided the majority of the gear - eg. the appropriate boots and overalls meant that we did not have to factor purchasing and transporting, particularly as we had no knowledge of what would be required." Karen, Christmas tour 2014

"I like physically challenging activities, and dog sledding certainly challenged me. Nature Travels was the best company I found providing a late December dog sledding adventure." Rick, Christmas tour December 2014

"All went smoothly and questions answered promptly. You have set up the website really well. [I enjoyed] the dogs, the beautiful country, seeing the Northern Lights, the mix of action and peaceful tranquility. I had a ball and would thoroughly recommend the trip." Jenny, April 2014

"Just wanted to say that I had a wonderful time and that I hope I'll be doing it again next year." Hugo, March 2014

"I truly loved being out there. We were lucky enough to see the northern lights twice and the night sky was the clearest I ever remember seeing it. There were moments when the other sleds, both in front and behind, were out of sight and the feeling of being totally alone and utterly at peace was magical. The stillness, silence and beauty was astonishing, it's something I hope I never forget. I can't wait to go back. Our guide was wonderful. Funny, charming and endlessly patient with us all. He, and our lovely dogs of course, really made the trip a truly fantastic experience for us all." Helena, March 2014

"[The best parts were] helping to look after the dogs, the food and seeing the northern lights." Hannah, February 2014

"Everything was the best part. Our guide was excellent. No polar light visible in the 6 nights there, but this was made up for by the adorable huskies!" Magdalene, February 2014

"Just to let you know that I had a fantastic experience over New Year, we saw the Northern Lights too. The food was hearty and the guide was helpful and very knowledgeable, and the dogs were especially good fun to work with. It would be sad if that was the last time I ever did something like this!" Neil, New Year tour 2013/2014

"[I really enjoyed] just being out there, such a difference to my world in the UK!" James, New Year tour 2013/2014

"The part that exceeded expectations the most was the knowledge and ability of the expedition leader. I would not hesitate to recommend Nature Travels to friends looking to do this kind of thing." Bob, December 2013

"There was not a best part, ALL of it was the best! From the silence of the snow under my sledge behind the hard-working huskies, through the wonderful people in my group, to the easy-going, lovely, informative, teaching and helping guide - everything was just wonderful! I felt in my place, I loved it from the first second we put on our clothes and saw the dogs, to the last second when we said goodbye. Amazing, once in a life adventure! The information on the website was very well-organised, easy to understand, the process of booking was straightforward and easy." Nina, February 2013

"Once you get good at sledding (after the first couple of days) it's all fabulous. Loved the lifestyle with sharing the tasks. Loved the saunas. Loved seeing the Northern Lights. Great company especially our terrific guide. We loved it. May well end up going every year." Anna, February 2013

"Everything was excellent - couldn't have enjoyed it any more. The guide was excellent. Was the best looking tour for dog sledding and was well-priced - very good value for money as everything was excellent. Cannot thank you enough for the holiday, it was amazing." Tony and Claire, February 2013

"It was certainly not a relaxing holiday, but each day the things I looked forward to the most were the sauna at the end of the day before dinner, staying up to watch for Aurora Borealis and the anticipation in the morning when we harnessed the dogs and set off for the day. Such beautiful country, and the work required (building fires, carrying water, cleaning, feeding, etc) only makes you appreciate the nature even more. Good information on the website, speedy helpful replies to enquiries, and it just had the right trip for the right price at the time." Matt, February 2013

"The guide was fantastic. Really made the trip great. It went awesome." James, February 2013

"I have done a fair amount of travelling and this trip was one of the best I've ever done. In fact, at the (I think small) risk of hyperbole, I think it may be THE best trip. It was truly special - the combination of the landscape, the dogs, the active, basic lifestyle and the lovely people on our tour (not least our excellent guide) made for an extraordinary experience. To top it all off we saw the northern lights on multiple nights. In fact, my husband and I have decided to do it again next year (this time the mountain trip along the King's Trail), so you will be hearing from me again in the coming months. Thanks so much!" Charmaine, January 2013

"We were very happy with the service we received from you, thankyou. It was an incredible adventure with gorgeous, loyal huskies, pretty, soft skies, northern lights and breathtaking scenery of pristine snow covered lakes and forests and a massive expanse of unspoilt landscape. We loved the interaction with the dogs and our guide was excellent - very organised and experienced. The cabins were rustic and full of character and the saunas were amazing. We had an absolutely amazing and memorable holiday." John and Sarah, January 2013

"You guys were great and I really appreciated the reminder email about "Don't forget to bring." It was nice. The staff were incredibly helpful during the booking process. Seeing the lights was amazing. I was lucky to have a very good group of other travelers that made the entire experience that much more fun. Our guide had a wonderful temperament and great sense of humour which helped all of us to bond together as the trip progressed. The dogs were great, people were awesome, the lights and scenery - unbelievable.Offered me the right trip at the right price and I liked the emphasis on the customer service which was awesome. I had a great overall trip." Zach, January 2013

"We are back now and just thought we would let you know what a wonderful experience it was. There was only Mary and myself, so it was like a 'private tour'. Our guide was brilliant, hard working, skilful and knowledgeable. The dogs were fantastic. It was everything we expected. We knew it would be physical and it was but we wouldn't have had it any other way, we wanted to immerse ourselves in all aspects of the trip - besides working helps to keep you warm! We didn't see the Northern Lights but that was our fault for snuggling down in our sleeping bags too early, (apparently they had been there but around the midnight to early hours, and we had been asleep for about 3 hours or so by then.) We are already talking about doing it again next year." Bob and Mary, January 2013

"I had an amazing time on the tour and this was definitely one of the best holidays I have had. I would not hesitate to recommend Nature Travels to family and friends in the future." Diane, January 2013

"You were very helpful. [I enjoyed] the whole thing really, being outdoors, being with the dogs, our guide, other people in the group, getting back to the basics, the food - just an perfect way to spend your holidays." Laura, New Year tour 2012/2013

"Well what can I say!! I am now Addicted!!! Had the best time ever!! The ONLY negative thing - is that I am now back here!! Suffering from post holiday blues - big time!! I would like to go back to Sweden again - I wanna live there!!!" Lara, New Year tour 2012/2013

"Had an excellent time." Victoria, December 2012

"Have attached a few photos for you from our trip. Our family had a fantastic experience with the dogs and Olav (Bear Grylls is a fake.Olav is the real deal :)) modern day Daniel Boon). Planning everything from Australia was a bit nerve-wracking but everything went like clockwork.right from our initial contact to you following up on our trip, everything was seamless and smooth. Our adventure was exactly as advertised and what we expected/wantedan authentic wilderness dog sledding trip where we were expected to pitch in a bit. We simply do not have this experience available to us in Australia and it was brilliant. Having the week gave us an experience we could not have got on a two-hour sled ride. We learnt about the dogs and got to know their personalitiesI loved Jack, a rather jumpy excitable boy.Olav told me tongue in cheek that Jack was 'a bit stupid'! Trust me to fall in love with the crazy dog! The relationship between the dogs and Olav was amazing, they simply adored each other and its great to see that bond over so many days. Carlie did well and adored the dogs, they are simply amazing. The boys had a ball as well. The cold was surprisingly not an issue we were as warm as toast the whole time, only getting a little chilly flying around the exposed lake. The cabins were brilliant and so cozy. The food was sensational, our favourite fresh salmon for tea on day 6. Kings and queens would feast no better. By the end of the week we looked like the dogs, smelt like them and ate like them after a hard day's mushing! Thanks again for organising such a memorable trip.will definitely be back to see the area in a summer season, plus we need another winter tripsmall matter of northern lights we need to sort outthey hid for 5 weeks! Would thoroughly recommend this trip to fellow adventure seekers." Carlie and family, December 2012

"We loved every minute. We had an absolutely amazing holiday in Sweden - it exceeded our expectations! We were celebrating my 30th birthday and loved it - what an experience! Our guide was brilliant, and the dogs were amazing. We miss them already! We can't recommend our tour highly enough - and are looking forward to our next adventure! We thought your website was really professional and informative." Michaela, December 2012

"[The best part was] spending time with the dogs and the snow covered scenery. Our tour guide Remi was fantastic. He was only too happy to accommodate any requests we had about visiting a particular local sight. He also introduced us to many of the traditional dishes of Swedish Lapland with his excellent cooking skills." Kevin, February 2012

"The day out in the nature reserve and the final day back were great as we were slightly higher up and so warmer, and the sledding was fast and technical and really good fun. Getting to grips with the dogs and also the camaraderie in the warm huts at the end of the day were also good. Thanks to you and your team for helping arrange a real adventure." Jonathan, February 2012

"Small like minded group. Excellent Guide. Stunning scenery. Friendly dogs. All good. Thank you for a wonderful trip." Dave, February 2012

"Great trip with extreme cold temps down to -40deg C. Quite hard but to be expected. Guide was excellent throughout and very professional." Brian, February 2012

"Dog sledding in Swedish Lapland is an experience not to be missed. To fully experience it all you need to spend more than 1 day sledding. The 8 days was an ideal length of time for us. Loved the dogs, the guide (who knew everything required!) the accommodation (basic but all that was needed). Make sure you go prepared to participate and you will have an awesome time and a once in a lifetime experience." Louise, January 2012

"Such a fantastic trip! We are still boring our friends about it. and probably will for a long time. Unforgettable." Clare, January 2012

"It was an amazing holiday." Tim, January 2012

"The emails I exchanged gave me confidence in the whole organisation. Thank you again for this lovely experience it was overall a fantastic trip!" Jorge, January 2012

"The whole experience was wonderful; the peace and quiet of the wilderness to the barking of the huskies who were excited to set off for the day's adventure. I enjoyed travelling by sled across the frozen rivers and going through the forests. The guide Marcus was brilliant. We got on well with the other family who were on our trip which also helped to make the holiday experience. I loved our stop at the Reindeer Lodge and trying different foods, such as grouse, pheasant and reindeer meat. Seeing the Northern Lights each night was an experience I won't forget either. You were very efficient and professional in your dealings with us making it a pleasant experience to book a foreign holiday to do something I have never done before." Rosemary, January 2012

"[I enjoyed] the entire dog-sledding experience. Our guide Marcus was excellent. Assisting with looking after the dogs, harnessing, feeding etc makes the experience much more memorable." Louise, January 2012

"The whole trip was amazing and was probably the best holiday I have ever been on. We didn't get to see the northern lights due to the weather, but this is just an excuse for me to come back again in the future. Thoroughly recommended, don't change anything!" Chris, December 2011

"Mushing on the sleds was just amazing, and the moment we emerged from the forrest onto a frozen lake for the first time just took my breath away it was so beautiful." Jack, December 2011

"Thanks - I had a superb time and could not fault it - it was truly awesome." Sarah, February 2011

"I cannot say enough good things about my trip. Many Thanks for making my 'Mid-Life Crisis Tour' better than I could have imagined! [The highlight was] being honest, absolutely all of it." Ian, January 2011

"I had the most fantastic time." Kay, February 2010

"Fantastic trip. Thanks for all your help arranging it." Chris, New Year tour 2009/2010

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