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Press coverage of Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland:

"You're not just going along for the ride: you'll feed, harness and drive your own team of Siberian huskies." Jeremy Lazell in The Sunday Times.

"It's hard to imagine a better place to experience the thrill of driving your own dogsled." Out & About recommends Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland.

"Learn how to take control of a pack of exhuberant huskies and zoom across snowy valley floors in Sweden." The Times recommends Discover Dog Sledding for husky holidays in Lapland.

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"I came away from my time with the sled dogs more genuinely entranced by the experience than on any trip for years." The Sunday Times recommends Nature Travels for dog sledding in Lapland.

Customer Reviews of Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland:

"The trip was lovely. My son and I enjoyed being out with the dogs very much. And we had a very nice guide. The material you sent prior to the trip helped us arrive prepared. We will certainly recommend your team to anyone who is interested in planning a trip to Lapland. And will definitely get in touch again if we decide to plan another adventure!" Ari, April 2024

"Thanks for a great trip. Our guide was fantastic and we all had a really good time. The guide explained everything well and was good with the dogs." Jake, April 2024

"Enjoyed working with the dogs and seeing the beautiful scenery. The staff were very helpful, particularly the cooks, who prepared enjoyable meals." Frank, March 2024

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"The whole experience was superb. Being totally immersed in the experience was great and enhanced the whole experience. Our guide was easy going and relaxed but helpful and ready to answer any questions. The whole trip was vastly better than expected and a delight. Of course the best part was the lovable, energetic dogs, who were the stars. Pre-departure information was information was clear and concise and covered every question we could have had. I would highly recommend your company and the experience." Michael, February 2024

"I can honestly say it has been one of the best holidays of my entire life! I loved every minute of it and time went so fast (although not as fast as my dogs)! It was supposed to be a one-off holiday of a lifetime, but I loved it so much that I am already planning on going again. The natural high was completely addictive. I also wanted to say thank you to you and the team in the UK and in Sweden. I found the booking process all very easy, and there was always somebody to ask for advice." Sarah, February 2024

"For me it was the 'everything' that made the experience - looking after the dogs and actually sledding. Our guide was fantastic - he had a great sense of humour, was extremely calm and warned us when we had a difficult manoeuvre to do. Our host at the cabin during the trip was excellent - she was welcoming, oozed calmness and positivity, and the food was delicious! We were really impressed with the detail of the information we were given before going on the trip." Lisa, February 2024

"We had the most amazing experience, thank you. Everything was very well organised and we were so impressed with our guide. He was so passionate about the dogs and the environment and kept us safe at all times... even when it was minus 42 degrees!" Elaine, New Year 2023/24

"We are all missing the husky sledding adventure, it was fantastic!" Louise, Christmas 2023

"Bear and I have had the most fantastic time in Lapland!! ...especially the husky tour, we loved every moment!" Annette, December 2023

"Amazing trip from start to finish. The dogs were wonderful and our guide was brilliant. He was helpful and informative and clearly cared about what he was doing." Ian, December 2023

"We had such a wonderful time, all the memories I'm going through now are just overwhelming, from our great guide, who led us safely and very enjoyably, to wonderful doggs and all stuff in the kennels to such a beautiful nature around us. We were so lucky, the weather was just perfect, with -26 Celsius on day two which was just a perfect experience. Me personally, I know I'll be back. Thank you so much." Tomas, November 2023

"Just 'being there' was great already, but the 2 full days out in the vast empty spaces, lakes and forests was just wonderful..." Gerbo, March 2023

"Everything went smoothly. I would like to say a big thank you to our guide, who was laid back but patient with the group. The host who was in charge of the kitchen at the kennels was very enthusiastic and welcoming, and Michelle, who made our food at the wilderness camp in the evenings, was a fantastic cook." Carol, February 2023

"The trip was really fantastic, a very memorable and special experience. Thanks for all your help you and the team were very responsive and helpful. The highlight was participating in the work needed to look after the dogs, get the water, light the fire etc. Our guide was fantastic, patient and extremely knowledgeable." Arielle, January 2023

"We had a fantastic time. So much so that we are looking at similar experiences in other Scandinavian countries for future trips." Steven, New Year 2022/23

"Where do I even begin?! The whole experience was unreal. The scenery was breathtaking, the dogs could never disappoint, and all the staff and team were so lovely and friendly! The guides were incredible! It was honestly one of the most incredible experiences and like nothing I could have ever imagined (especially growing up in Australia). Can only send huge thanks and praise to everyone involved. Pre-departure commuication was very seamless and the Nature Travels staff were great at responding to my emails with a lot of detail." Rebecca, Christmas 2022

"It was brilliant that you were so easily reachable on the phone in the run-up - rather than going with a massive anonymous company who just have an online presence. It made all the difference. You were so helpful both on the phone and online. I just wanted to thank you so much for the best Christmas we have ever had as a family. Our guide was fantastic, we had so much fun in the cabin at night, playing games by candlelight. It was brilliant having no wifi, TV etc. The days were long and tiring but wonderful and the evenings were cosy and fun. It's hard finding something that everyone wants to do with young adult children but this ticked all the boxes. All 5 of us had the time of our lives. Thanks. Hard to pick a best bit. But just loved the icy stillness, the beauty, the dogs, the vistas as we sledded through the tundra. It's almost meditative as you glide across the vast landscapes with the huge skies. Remote, isolated, beautiful. We had the very best Christmas thanks to you guys. It was a dream holiday for us and we keep talking about it. Everything worked so well on the holiday. We came back with a real sense of achievement as well as having had the most amazing time. You don't often remove young adults from showers, running water, wifi, electricity, alcohol etc and they all absolutely loved it." Lisa, Christmas 2022

"The best holiday we've ever had!" Dominic, November 2022

"I just wanted to thank you and the company for your approach and efforts through recent times. Much appreciated. I would certainly recommend you to others and have. We had a good time." Brian, April 2022

"Our three-day dog sledding adventure with Nature Travels was incredible. Stunning scenery and a personal "Call of the Wild" bucket list experience. Perfect for anyone wanting to experience working with your own team of huskies travelling across frozen lakes and snow laden forests. The dogs are affectionate and perfect companions as they work hard to get you to your destination. Each night we bedded down in warm, candle lit cabins nestled in frozen forests with hearty and delicious food cooked and served by our wonderful guide. To cap it all we experienced two nights of the magical Northern Lights. We were lucky to be treated with this awe inspiring sight and added to an already perfect adventure. We all want to go again for longer and further! I cannot recommend enough." William, February 2022

"The service from start to finish has been fantastic. You have been so knowledgeable and responsive to the questions that we had. Thank you! The service from all of the team on the ground in Sweden was fantastic although I must add a special mention to our guide. He really went out of his way to ensure that we got all that we could from the trip, even waking us to see the most amazing aurora borealis display. Nothing was too much trouble for any of the team though. A very special mention to the teams of huskies, so amazing!! [We chose Nature Travels because] great web content and reviews initially but the initial communication with Bob clinched it. He really gave confidence that you were the company to book with. We would just like to say thank you again! Amazing trip with amazing service from start to finish!!! We had the most amazing time - it really couldn't have been any better!! We really appreciate the service that we received from you, second to none!!" Richard, January 2022

"I was completely satisfied with the assistance I received pre-departure. Everyone I corresponded with was helpful, kind, and made the overall booking process straighforward. The website is great. It provides all of the information one would need to understand what they are signing up for. Additionally, I very much appreciate the fact that the way in which it is written and displayed makes this place stand out from the other dog sledding experiences. I felt like there was passion behind the words, rather than a cold business motive. Perhaps a bit difficult to explain, but I believed that the people behind this experience cared for both the animals as well as the experience itself. The best part was Bonding with the dogs through taking care of them and being rewarded in return by an excited team pulling you through the beautiful landscapes. Nature Travels stood out from the competition by making me believe that the people behind the company cared about the animals and the experience. It felt more 'real' than the cold business-like writing of some of the other companies. The human connection made me choose this company. Overall, I had a wonderful experience that I cannot even begin to put into words. Easily one of the best I've ever had and I cannot wait for my next adventure!" Lyuboymr, December 2021

"The best parts were the dogs and the guide!" Emma, December 2021

"The information provided was excellent and responses to questions were very fast. The whole trip was magical. We were blessed with an amazing guide who was so knowledgeable and kind. He elevated the trip more. [We chose Nature Travels because] we wanted to do a husky sled trip and Nature Travels looked experienced." Tom, December 2021

"Many thanks for this wonderful and unforgettable experience we got! We really enjoyed all the days and evenings we spent with the dogs in the wilderness. Only the best words and thanks to all you who give people such moments. Everything was organised very well and we had nothing to worry about, except for the delayed flight from Kiruna. I would highly recommend this experience to everybody who loves nature, quietness of the north and dogs and definitely we are thinking about the next one - longer dog sledding to the mountains." Gediminas, February 2021.

"We had the most incredible trip. As well as the husky tour, we stayed at Camp Ripan for a couple of nights and the Ice Hotel for our last night. We were lucky enough on our first night in Kiruna to see a particularly impressive Aurora display, and the trip just got better from there. I particularly wanted to say what a wonderful time we had on the husky tour. Our hosts were superb in every way - please pass on our thanks and let them know how fantastic our guides were. They really took the experience to another level, and made us feel incredibly welcome. And I want to say thank you to you, and the team at Nature Travels, for going the extra mile, helping us to navigate the complexities of COVID-era travel options, and enabling us to have a really exceptional trip. I was going to say 'once in a lifetime', but two of my kids are now determined to do gap years in the world of husky sledding, so maybe we will end up doing it again sometime! Once again, many thanks for everything." Caroline, December 2020

"The dogs and the landscape (obviously!) and the cabin: it looked straight out of a story book, really special. I also thought the food was extremely generous: plenty of coffee, biscuits, sandwiches and breakfast to keep an army full! [I chose Nature Travels because] Lots of research suggested you were a very good operator." Emilie, March 2020

"The trip was excellent thank you - our guide was great and the group was very friendly. Likely I'll look at doing another trip with you soon based on the experience." Jacob, March 2020

"Wonderful weather and nice, friendly guide." Helen, February 2020

"We had a wonderful time with our guide on the husky trip." Szabi, February 2020

"The sledding was a lot of fun. Being out in the snowy wilderness. I loved being in those conditions: snow and sun. Our guide was really good; chilled and friendly. It was good to look after the dogs, fetch water and wood. Great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip - looking forward to what else we can do!" Caroline, who combined Discover Dog Sledding with Reindeer Encounter and Sámi Experience in Lapland, February 2020.

"I loved how real and genuine the experience was." Simon, January 2020.

"It was the best. I had tears in my eyes when leaving. It was just the best thing I have ever done! The dogs! The most adorable and sweetest dogs in the whole world! When we start planning our holidays again, I know where to look." Jil, January 2020

"Thank you to all at Nature Travels. What a great trip! This was our first time in Sweden and first winter activity holiday and it exceeded our expectations. My 18 year old son said it was the ‘best holiday ever’, absolutely loving the dog sledding and thoroughly bonding with the dogs. Our tour guide was excellent, very knowledgeable, calm, friendly and helpful. I was outside my comfort zone at times sledding, but that contributed to the sense of achievement. A great experience and a beautiful location. [The best parts were] the active participation in activities including feeding and caring for dogs, and the sense of achievement in undertaking a new experience and learning new skills." Susan, January 2020

"I cannot describe how amazing our trip was. Totally brilliant from pick up to drop off. It was fabulous. Really amazing. So much so that we would like to book another tour for next Christmas. I thought your service was faultless. Very well-organised and brilliant communication." Colette, Christmas 2019

"Where to start?! The dog sledding was better than I expected. I'm not a dog person but I found myself thanking each dog individually for the tour. It was amazing. The hospitality of everyone, how smoothly everything went, the variety of options available to me..." John, who combined Discover Dog Sledding with a stay at the Aurora Lodge Escape in Lapland, December 2019.

"[The best parts were] the opportunity to be fully involved with the dog sledging - feeding dogs collecting water, etc. Looked through a number of websites as was looking to try dog sledging, Nature Travels website struck me as the most professional and informative. Without doubt I would consider another holiday with Nature Travels again." Neil, March 2019

"Your service was great when I asked a question initially and your website was very good. [The best part was ] the dogs! And the social aspect - apres sledding if you like!" Jane, February 2019

"It was perfect (although we would have loved to take the dogs with us in the end). [The best part was] as expected, of course interacting with the dogs, sooo friendly and cuddly. But there were unexpected things that were nice, too, like picking a hole into the frozen river to get water, chopping up frozen dog food with an axe, preparing food over an open fire, and the 'wilderness' accommodation was in fact much more comfy than we expected." Jan, February 2019

"Thanks for the good work! We were lucky with the weather, activities were as expected or better. What was really special was how welcoming the staff and guides were, very friendly, practical and accommodating at all time." Zsuzsanna, February 2019

"Thanks for the amazing experience! 10/10! We saw the northern lights and had really great dog teams." Devin, January 2019

"Thank you, we had a fantastic time, couldn't speak highly enough of the entire experience. Thank you so much for all of your help in the lead up to our trip. Our tour guide was fabulous. So kind, patient and caring. Our trip wouldn't have been the same without him. So a big thanks to him and his fantastic team of gorgeous huskies! [I chose Nature Travels because] a down to earth company, offered experiences that were unique and focused on the activities we really wanted to do. Getting involved in caring for the dogs and the jobs at the campsite was a great way to feel part of the team. Very helpful team at Nature Travels, always available and happy to help and answer any questions." Morgan, December 2018

"Just wanted to say we had the most amazing time in Sweden and to thank you all for your hard work! Everything went so smoothly we had nothing to worry about! I can definitely see us using you again." Matthew, who combined Discover Dog Sledding with a stay at Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge, December 2018

"Pick-up and drop-off service was beyond helpful, communication was fantastic and booking was a breeze! Pre-departure information was spot on for me! So happy with the info document too, it helped me with what to expect being an Australian who has hardly ever seen snow. The whole thing was amazing! I had a brilliant and knowledgeable guide who was a deadset ledgend! The experience was authentic and I loved every part! Was the best thing I've done in my life! My biggest regret is I should have stayed longer." Daniel, December 2018

"[The highlight was] our guide! She is a very positive person and well-organised. We felt well cared for and we also laughed a lot!" Barbara, April 2018

"We have just landed back home, but our hearts and thoughts are still at the magical frozen landscapes of Lapland. We left home with the highest expectations, and the real adventure surpassed our imagination. The landscapes that at first looked a bit monotone turned into rich and amazingly beautiful sculptured gardens of snow and ice, with endless views that we want to remember and never forget. The dogs were amazingly friendly, full of affection and gratitude, impressively skilled and so beautiful. We have fallen in love with them immediately. My daughters wanted to take some back home with us, to join our own Siberian Husky. Our guide was just perfect. Super nice, calm, patient, knowledgeable, with many stories and answers for any question. But most of all he is a really fun guy to be with, out there in the wilderness. I want to thank you all personally from all of us for arranging one of our best adventures that will keep fueling and spicing our daily lives for many years. Your user friendly website, your helpful assistance and endless patience gave us a lot of confidence in advance. The detailed information you have provided was accurate and most helpful. It is obvious that everything was made with a lot of care and knowledge. Thank you all." Eyal, March 2018

"Our guide was highly competent as a sled guide. He prepared a special meal the last evening which was much appreciated." Joseph, March 2018

"The trip was awesome. Thank you for the experience." Steven, March 2018.

"The guide made this trip - she was knowledgeable, kind, patient and calm, which made us all feel confident. Her passion for the Swedish wilderness shone through and won us over. [The highlights were] travelling through the Arctic wilderness, collecting water from a hole in the ice and the wood fired sauna." Family Robertson, February 2018

"Thank you for accommodating my last minute booking. [Nature Travels were] very helpful and I knew what to expect." John, February 2018

"Just a wonderful trip. All the staff we met were super helpful and really knowledgeable." Stephen, February 2018

"We had the most fantastic holiday, both my daughter and myself consider that it was one of the best things we have ever done. The information given beforehand was comprehensive and most helpful and so we felt very well-prepared with equipment, etc. All the pickups and transfers worked very smoothly and on time and our hosts and guides both at the Reindeer Lodge and the kennels were very welcoming and a pleasure to be with. Our guide on the dog sledding tour was a lovely guy, very funny, knowledgeable, always puts the welfare of the dogs first and foremost and we were sorry to leave him, the beautiful, hardworking and friendly huskies and our fellow guests behind. Thanks a million to you and the team at Nature Travels for your wonderful organisation, there was nothing to fault at all." Liz, who combined Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland with a stay at Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge, February 2018

"Brilliant trip. I thought Nature travels kept me informed with emails right up to the date and during and after. Catching -31 was brilliant, some northern lights , a sunny day and a snow day. Absolutely brilliant experience. Loved it and will highly recommend it." Tony, January 2018

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and everyone at Nature Travels! We had he most incredible time - it was absolutely unbelievable and one of the most memorable holidays I think I've ever been on." Emily, who combined Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland with a stay at Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge, January 2018.

"I felt that [Nature Travels] team were really knowledgeable and gave me lots of information and options regarding organisation of the trip and how/when to best travel. The breakdown of what to take and clothes to pack was really helpful." Laura, January 2018

"I had an amazing time. The dogs were absolutely wonderful - had so much fun just hanging by the kennels after a day of riding. Great guide as well." Gary, January 2018

"[Nature Travels] was a really perfect service. Thank you very much. [The highlight was] the time with the dogs. I miss my dogs: Pluto, Mad Max, Aski and Sita." Marcel, December 2017

"I can't pick my favourite part as I just think the whole lot was so wonderful. As a dog lover, I really hoped to spend time with the dogs and I had the pleasure to learn how to take care of them and enjoyed getting to know each of their personalities. I also thought the "survival" style of the excursion was fun, how we had to live in the cabins with our headlamps on and going to get water at the lake was something completely new for me. I think my trip was especially great because I had a great guide. It was nice to do this trip with somebody who enjoyed it as much as the travellers did." Amanda, January 2018

"[The best part was] working with the dogs and the guide was great. The trip was very engaging and was beyond what was expected." Mark, December 2017

"[Highlight was] interaction with the dogs and expert leadership of our guide. The food was wonderful, accommodation amazing, an all-round amazing experience." Sally-Anne, New Year 2017/18

"I had a great experience with the pre-departure service. Great information, really quick response time to questions. I thought the information was excellent, very easy to navigate and find relevant information. Honestly the entire trip was just excellent. The highlight was the huge Christmas feast we had and being able to see the northern lights." Michael, December 2017

"Everything was good and well-planned [before departure]. [Highlight was] sledding with my own team of dog on a huge frozen lake during sunrise!" Amandine, December 2017

"The guide was fabulous - knowledgeable, helpful, patient." Pat, December 2017.

"Just the right level of challenge/adventure for the children, great to get them mucking in with chores! [I chose Nature Travels because] good info on website and package just what we were looking for" Jon, December 2017

"It was always going to be amazing, but our guide made it completely unforgettable. [I chose Nature Travels because] much friendlier compared to other enquiries I was making. Thanks to everyone along the journey in making this a truly exceptional trip and one of the best adventures that we have ever done as a group and as individuals." Hiren, November 2017

"Thank you so much for everything. We are just back home from a really fantastic and amazing experience. There are hardly words that are able to describe the total feeling, for us it was heaven on earth. We had a really amazing time; great weather (lots of snow and not too cold), fantastic dogs, beautiful nature sceneries and most of all a really amazing guide. Thank you all for this once in a lifetime arctic experience and thank you Kim for your good instructions, great choices of trails, delicious cooking and good company." Bianca, April 2017

"The guide was outstanding, he made our holiday amazing. [The best part was] the thrill of the sled ride and also eating out in the wild by camp fire." Mark, April 2017

"We had a terrific time dog sledding!" Kathy, April 2017

"I can say that for us this was a very engaging trip and I can recommend not only your services, but those who were 'on the ground' and making our trip a seamless event. Thank you very, very much - really - for helping us put everything together and for graciously accepting all of our calls and patiently answering all of our questions." Scott, who combined Discover Dog Sledding in Lapland with Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge, March 2017. You can read more about Scott's experiences in his trip report.

"[The best part was] the adventure of it, obviously the sledding itself and the rural location, getting water from an ice hole in the lake! Candle-lit dinners and guide joining you for dinner is nice. Being involved with the dogs feeding and harnessing." Erin, February 2017

"We are just back from a wonderful 4 days in the north of Sweden. Thanks to you for the organisation and to the team on the ground in Sweden for everything! Just loved it!" Roland, February 2017

"Out trip was wonderful. Couldn't have asked for anything else...the experience, the food, the people...all were amazing." Saumya, December 2016

"Overall - in our daughters' words - 'best vacation ever'. Dogsledding was fantastic. Cabin we stayed in overnight was comfortable, but rustic. Food was delicious without exception. Guide was great - competent and personable - will ask for her if we go again. Wood-fired sauna overlooking frozen lake was memorable. We'd be remiss if we didn't thank you for all your help prior to the trip. We're very appreciative of your flexibility and responsiveness." Thomas, December 2016

"Everything went smoothly and we had a perfect time. The beauty of Northern Sweden, on Christmas, with light snow falling and the Northern lights was like a movie. At night, in the cabin with our group, with a fire and candle light, talking about the day's adventures was a nice cap to end each day. The guides were serious about their jobs and wanted us to take our handling of the dogs seriously as well, they really care about the dogs, and that was important. Each person in our group bonded with their individual dogs and we were sad to have to say goodbye to those amazing animals. Sledding itself was more involved than we thought, which added to the experience, but you not only have to watch out for your safety, but the safety of the dogs pulling the sled, and they like to take off fast! This was an amazing trip that all dog and/or nature lovers should experience. I just wanted to thank everyone at Nature Travels for a great Christmas vacation, for always responding quickly to any questions or concerns we had, and for facilitating this trip. I didn't know how easy it would be from the States to work with a British agency to book a Swedish trip, but every aspect was taken care of from start to finish, so thank you!" Trina, Christmas 2016

"The dog sledding was amazing, and the guide was excellent." Ned, Christmas 2016

"We thoroughly enjoyed the holiday and thank you for all your information beforehand. The guides were very friendly, the dogs and experience fantastic and we would definitely recommend it to people. We loved not only the sledding but also looking after the dogs and the whole experience." Craig, December 2016

"[The best parts were] northern lights and huskies." Ian, Christmas 2016

"The team leaders were friendly, helpful and caring. The dogs were well-trained and well cared for. The scenery was amazing. Dog sledding was fun." Sandy, December 2016

"Husky sledding was great, but not just that but also mucking in somewhat, getting water, looking after and feeding dogs etc." Ian, December 2016

"The two guides – Eve and PJ – were fantastic and really made the experience!" Pam, December 2016

"[The best part was] dog sledding in the morning. The landscape was beautiful. The Swedish ladies that guided us were very competent, kind and nice." Balázs, November 2016

"We had an absolute trip of a lifetime and were blessed to have Klara as a guide, she was incredible. If you wish to see some of our pictures, my wife has documented our journey on her lifestyle blog. Secondary to that a very good friend of mine has made contact with a view to do the same trip and I have passed on your details as you were all so fantastic." Jake, April 2016. You can read an account of the trip on Jessie's blog here.

"[I enjoyed] the whole experience. The dog sledding, the ice hotel, the northern lights, the people we met and the weather. Good reviews and value." Gary, April 2016

"[The best part was] the gorgeous dogs!! And the scenery, incl a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Our guide worked incredibly hard to look after us and clearly loved the dogs. [I chose Nature Travels because] offered the right duration trip for my needs. Other companies offered trips too long or too short. Also, good children's prices." Mark, March 2016

"Amazing trip. Loved it all. I am grateful." Monique, March 2016

"Just come back from the Discover Dog Sledding tour in Kiruna Sweden, and it was amazing! We had the most wonderful tour guide, PJ, teaching us how to sled and look after the dogs, he truly is a great guy and really made the tour! Loved the experience top to bottom and everything in-between including losing sleds and getting lost. My fellow sledders, Phil, Jessie, Patrick Sean and Neil really made for a wonderful group and atmosphere, can't wait to come back and have another go!" Keely-Joanne, February 2016

"Everything was amazing, there was not one thing we could fault or want to change. The experience was perfect for our needs and the price and service I received from yourselves was excellent. Our whole experience was unforgettable. Everyone at the kennels were friendly and our guide was superb." Yannick, February 2016

"[Our favourite part was] the dogs going silent as set off into the wilderness! User-friendly website and the right length trip." Rachel, February 2016

"Had a great time on this holiday." Philip, February 2016

"[The best part was] spending time with the dogs, feeding them and learning how to harness them, sledding with reindeer running alongside, our guide Pata was fantastic and worked really hard to ensure that we enjoyed our trip. She is highly commended. We had the best family holiday ever, we will never forget it and have the travel bug to go again." Jo, February 2016

"On the whole the trip was amazing, from visiting the Ice Hotel, to the Dog Sledding adventure and seeing the Northern Lights. It is an experience I shall cherish." Paul, February 2016

"Everything was perfect. Very organised and well communicated the whole way through. Great communication at all times with clear instruction. [The best part was] sledding with the dogs in different terrain/weather. Most amazing experience!" Sheridan, January 2016

"Dog sledding was great. Will be booking again." Nigel, January 2016

"It was all really easy and good communication. I loved harnessing the dogs and looking after them!" Georgia, New Year tour 2015/16

"[The best part was] the experience with the dogs. Having your own sled, harnessing and unharnessing them, feeding them and creating a bond with them is amazing. Landscapes were gorgeous as well." Julia, New Year tour 2015/16

"The trip was very slick, our guide was very professional, knew his stuff, with a great and very dry sense of humour. This was an amazing trip, we enjoyed every minute of it, thank you very much, keep up the good work and all the best for 2016." Joe, December 2015

"The dog sledding in Lapland was a wonderful special experience. I could not be happier with this experience. Overall I think it was an excellent, good value trip." Dawn, December 2016

"Thank you we had a fabulous time. Kids loved the husky experience I will send some photos." James, December 2015

"Dogs were really friendly, we saw Nordic lights and I really enjoyed to feel myself "into the wild": everything was perfect for me!" Celine, December 2015

"[The best part was the] dog sledding but above all the entire experience from learning to feed the dogs, harness them, clean up after them, taking water from the lake, starting our own sauna etc. I loved how we got involved with every part of it. I had a fabulous time and would love to do it all over again. =)" Joanna, December 2015

"We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip it was excellent for the kids we see some amazing sights and had good quality bonding time. Our guide Mia was lovely and couldn't be more helpful and accommodating and Mario and all the other staff from the kennels were great too. Thank you for an amazing experience." Shane, December 2015

"It was fantastic. The quality of accommodation was even better than I expected, and husky sledding was exactly as I expected it would be. Price was good." Michelle, December 2015

"Everything was great - good information from your website." Michael, November 2015

"Seeing Northern Lights was definitely a highlight. Learning how to dog sled was amazing. Mia was an incredible guide and so much fun to spend several days with. We would definitely come back and request to do this again with her." Stephanie, March 2015

"Nature Travels were extremely helpful and efficient.prompt reply when I asked for info and help." Janet, March 2015

"[I really enjoyed] dog sledding through the forest. [I chose Nature Travels for] wide range of activities, good information, helpful staff, prompt reply to all my emails." Bernard, March 2015

"Nature Travels were extremely helpful. [The best part was] knowing the grandchildren were having a great time. This was our 2nd time. Thanks for everything." Ian and Pat, March 2015

"Taking care and bonding with the dog team was certainly the best part." Kyle, March 2015

"We had THE most fabulous trip!! It was amazing and we managed to include so many things in such a short break. We saw the Northern Lights twice whilst out in the wilderness and also did ski-dooing for the day on Sunday before checking in at the Ice Hotel. A truly fabulous holiday, it was everything I expected and more. I will send you some photos and video when I get a moment. Many thanks for everything." Sarah, March 2015

"[The best part was] the experience with the dogs and seeing the northern lights." Koen, February 2015

"Dog sledding was fantastic. Our guide was exceptional - very adventurous and took us into deep snow and off the main tracks." Howard, February 2015

"The dogs were so friendly! Nature Travels had the best trip offerings." Paul, February 2015

"I had an awesome time and will be looking for future adventures I can do with your company!" Zoe, February 2015

"I had a really great trip, the guides went out of their way to make it a great experience, even carving a stick so I could roast marshmallows on the open fire. The scenery was stunning, just a shame it was too cloudy for the Northern Lights. The sledding was so much fun and the dogs were lovely, I would have happily stayed for longer. The cabin was really cozy while still feeling like we were back to basics and I think I ate my bodyweight in the gingerbread. Reasonable prices, good amount of options and lots of information so you know you're picking exactly the experience you want, plus appreciate the eco credentials. Everyone I emailed was really helpful and I got the right amount of emails back." Lynda, February 2015

"Great guides, great group of other guests, good dogs, fun to be in a cozy cabin without electricity or running water, beautiful scenery, good weather, and a ton of fun dog sledding! My trip was excellent, everything was great. I read about Nature Travels on a different website. Then I looked up the Nature Travels website and it was easy to navigate and had a lot of information and choices of tours. I found something I liked right away so inquired about booking right away because the information was really good so it looked like the company would be good and well organized. My guides were both excellent. The guides have to do a lot of work but both guides were still energetic and took time to teach us things when they probably could have done it faster themselves. My trip was amazing! Thank you for an experience that I will treasure in my memories." Kristen, February 2015

"I just wanted to say how fantastic it was. I did the tour with a friend and it was one of the best experiences we've had so far in our lives. Thank you once again for an unforgettable experience!" Sam, December 2014

"It was the most magical memorable experience from beginning to end, and made so perfect by our guide, Jonas." Lucy, December 2014

"It probably ranks as one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The guides were all wonderful, helpful, friendly. I hadn't realised how hard dog sledding would be. What a sense of achievement that they never let me give up! [Pre-departure service] was actually excellent, very informative and no daft fuss. Informative website and really good price." Vicky, December 2014

"Loved being totally away from it all. Working hard and being totally engaged in every part of the dogs and sledding as well as the rustic living. We felt refreshed and exhilarated on our return to normal life. As well as inspired to do more similar trips. It was great." Louise, December 2014

  • "We're just back and I wanted to say we had an amazing time. Seeing the northern lights was a bonus. The dogs were also amazing." Sam, November 2014
  • "It was excellent. [Nature Travels] were very clear, helpful and kind. The list of things to pack was very detailed and helpful! I'm glad I was provided with such clear and detailed intructions. The guides were more than kind with us. We were spoiled all weekend with tasty meals, fun tasks (work at the camp) and good humour." Catalina, April 2014

    "My favourite parts of the trip were the higher intensity dog sledding portions. It was a wonderful trip overall!!!" Kevin, March 2014

    "We had an amazing time on the tour, thank you so much for organising it and all your help!" Emily, February 2014

    "We loved the experience of working with the dogs and sledding through the most beautiful scenery. It was great for our family of 3 and suited all our ages. We just want to do more and for longer next year! [We chose Nature Travels because] we found you on the internet, best website, had availability especially for half term for what we wanted to do, and easy to work with." Alison, February 2014

    "We had the most amazing time ever. It has been an excellent experience and none of us wanted to leave! Four out of the five of us are from a farming background and we thoroughly enjoyed the four days. Kirsty is from a town background and was a little hesitant but managed all tasks great and will not be going back to a beach holiday again." Trish, February 2014

    "[We enjoyed] being out in the wilderness. It felt so far away from everything and it was nice not to have all the mod cons. We had a really lovely time. The guides were not only very competent but also very interesting. We felt safe and well cared for and enjoyed a real wilderness experience. It was so peaceful riding the dogsleds - no motors or other noises. The dogs and their owners were all amazing." Sue, February 2014

    "[The best part was] the friendly dogs and the wonderful winter landscape. Good user-friendly and informative website and location good for connections incoming and for continuing my travels." Rosemary, February 2014

    "Dog sledding experience was excellent; challenging and engaging and run by a knowledgeable guide." Anna, New Year 2013/2014

    "I was on the Discover Lapland sledding trip over the new year.and I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for organising it and to report that it's a fantastic trip! I look forward to booking future trips with you guys, thanks again for all your advice and help." Mark, New Year tour 2013/2014

    "Overall it was a great experience for myself and my son [who's thirteen] and it was perfectly pitched for our budget, time scale and ability. The info you provided beforehand was detailed, informative and right! Our guide was extremely professional and hard working and I have nothing but praise for the way she handled us and the dogs. Thank you all at Nature Travels." Peter, December 2013

    "It was such a terrific trip! The dogs were wonderful, my guide and all of the other staff were great, loved the food, accomm, and was so lucky to have great weather and northern lights throughout my trip! It was a really refreshing, invigorating trip. Good service supplied, the tours offered through Nature Travels were competitively priced and the information was sufficient, questions answered really quickly. I had an absolutely incredible trip and would like to thank you all for such an amazing experience!!" Lucy, November 2013

    "Honestly, the help we got from you and your colleagues while booking this trip was incredible. I've never dealt with any company who have not only been helpful but seem genuinely pleased to hear from their customers. I have recommended Nature Travels many times since.The service I received from the Nature Travels staff was fantastic. Above and beyond regular customer service! The dog sledding was by far the best part of this trip! Having your own team makes a massive difference to the experience and the guide we had really made the trip. Just a big thank you to the team for helping put together our adventure." Kelly, March 2013

    "Never in my life have I had such an amazing time! My dog sledding holiday up in Kiruna was even better than I could have imagined, so thank you so much! I fell off so many times, and my back is suffering, but it was worth it, and I loved going back to nature with no heating etc. Our guide was brilliant, and so patient! I now have the mammoth task of writing it all down in a journal, and sorting out my photos! I may be in touch for next summer, as i would like to go back to Kiruna to do some waiking and horse riding; for now I shall have to start saving!" Margie, March 2013

    "Me and my daughter enjoyed the whole experience, a trip that will stay with us for a long time. The trip was short enought to enjoy the whole experience but having the opportunity to stay longer if you wanted." Diane, March 2013

    "I loved it so much that I had tears at the end. We had nice people with us on the trip, they all mucked in, "muck" being the thing! It's all very basic living but brilliant you need to be well-informed before you book this sort of trip as to how basic it is. It's what we expected though so there were no disappointments. Wonderful, fantastic, brilliant 4 days. Many thanks." Ian and Pat, March 2013

    "An all together fantastic experience of a beautiful frozen landscape with an experienced guide. We thoroughly enjoyed learning about the dogs and travelling on the sleds. Having a sauna looking out over a frozen lake with the Northern lights above was magical." Jan, February 2013

    "Great overall experience - children and adults all enjoyed greatly. Spectacular scenery and interacting with dogs were highlights. Had a superb trip, thanks." Javan, February 2013

    "You answered all my queries very quickly and the booking process was smooth and easy. I cannot fault you. You provided a wealth of information which made me very well prepared for my trip. [I enjoyed] EVERYTHING! I fell in love with my dogs and the snow-clad landscape was absolutely beautiful. It was great to just hold on to the sled and look around while my dogs ran the trails. I LOVED Sweden. The dog sledding was amazing. If anything, it was far too short. The guide was friendly, the dogs were lovely. The weather packed it in sadly but hey, you can't control that. Overall, it was a total blast. Thanks for everything!" Fiona, February 2013

    "It was the most amazing experience, our guide Stephanie was fantastic and her huskies were gorgeous and very well looked after. We went with our 9-year-old daughter and she rode with our guide. The scenery in the snow was awe inspiring and it was fantastic dashing along on the back of the sled. We even saw the Northern Lights. twice! It truly was a magical experience. Would recommend the experience we did to anyone." Maria and family, January 2013

    "We had a wonderful time thank you and have to say it was one of the best trips we have ever been on. Don't know why we didn't do it before! Thanks to everyone for the advice regarding transport which was very helpful." Bill, January 2013

    "Dogsledding was wonderful! The dogs, the trainer and the landscapes. I just want to thank everyone, all the trip was well organized and wonderful. So thank you." Belem, January 2013.

    "The dogs were so amazing and affectionate. They really crave attention and are all very sweet. We also got to see the Northern Lights which was very magical! It was a great trip and the scenery is beautiful! I would really like to go back there one day and do a 7-day dog sledding trip!" January 2013

    "Possibly the best holiday we've ever had! Husky sledding, the beautiful surroundings and the delightful welcoming hosts made our trip to Lapland completely wonderful and exceeded our expectations in every way. Excellent informative info on your website, followed up with helpful and enthusiastic assistance through booking process. Excellent informative info on your website, followed up with helpful and enthusiastic assistance through booking process. My daughter (aged 14) and I had a tuly fantastic time. We are keen skiers and familiar with snowy landscapes etc but husky sledding was unlike anything we have ever done before - truly magical! What an astonishing part of the world and what a way to see it! A real surprise was how affectionate and docile the dogs are. Our hosts and guide were excellent and the company delightful - all very like-minded). Would wholeheartedly recommend - and look forward to going again. Thank you!" Carolyn, December 2012

    "[We really enjoyed] our twins being given their own sleigh and dog team and the wonderful guide." Alan, December 2012

    "Just a little note to tell you how much we loved our too short trip and how much the people were well-organized and pro. We had some hard times but it was just fantastic!" Patricia, December 2012

    "I would like to thank all at Nature Travels for arranging such a fantastic holiday for us. The term awesome is often overused but to be so close to the elements where twilight, cold and beauty touch is an amazing feeling. Your practical help and tips were invaluable. The guide who met us at Kiruna could not have been more charming as indeed was everyone we encountered. The Sunday afternoon was a great time to see the huskies and play with skis and snow shoes. The thermal suits boots and hats provided at the base camp are incredibly efficient. On day two we were at minus 27 degrees and three people got very chilled but the guide swiftly arranged a stop in a teepee for a fire and meal. I was surprised by my tolerance of cold as I am 61 and usually feel the cold. Obviously half the fun was helping with all the camp chores and carrying water to drink from the ice hole in a frozen lake under the stars really put one in touch with the eco system.The dogs are wonderfully willing and friendly, in fact the biggest risk is being licked to death. Meals are excellent with loads of tasty simple food. My appetite just exploded. Each night we fired up the sauna in the woods. Without any taste of alcohol, all did the full Swedish thing of rolling in the snow after the sauna, although we amended the nudity and birch whipping to swim suits and a nice cup of tea. The sauna was the best we had experienced. I cannot thank you all enough for giving us the best holiday experience to date." Graham, December 2012. Read Graham's full trip report.

    "IT WAS BRILLIANT. Our guide was absolutely fantastic - he catered for our every need whilst still allowing us to be self sufficient, he was full of information and humour. Within 50 mins of getting off the sleeper train we were transferred, kitted out with clothing, shown how to drive a chanuck and on a frozen river ice fishing. Not one second was wasted." Helen, December 2012.

    "I just wanted to let you know that I had an amazing husky trip. The guide was incredible, very professional and did over and above what was expected. I really enjoyed ice fishing and he took me on a tour of the local town, the ice hotel and Kiruna before dropping me at the train. All of which was such a bonus. This is the second trip I have done with your company and it certainly will not be the last. When you come all the way from Australia for an adventure you want to know that it will be good." Gabrielle, December 2012

    "Just a quick email to say what a brilliant time we had on our recent holiday in Kiruna. Staff were brilliant and very friendly. We arrived and got bundled into an ice fishing trip, with another couple, which was a huge bonus. No Northern Lights but spending the time with the dogs made up for it.well nearly!! Just means we will have to back again to try and see them another time! ;-) Train was a lovely experience and all the connections worked well, thanks to the team for all their help organising the holiday." Becci, November 2012

    "[The best parts were] the dogs, the snow and the wilderness! The trip was amazing sledding in the snow over frozen lakes and rivers and then through wilderness tracks. The complete silence (when the dogs weren't barking) was overwhelming. The guides were also fantastic, especially with our 9-year-old. The sauna was an unexpected delight especially after a long day of sledding. This trip was awesome!" Lisa and family, March 2012.

    "Just to say we had a wonderful time – it really was quite perfect, one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on. If we’re able to swing it we hope to go on another of your holidays next year.we enjoyed it all. Meeting the dogs, sledding across frozen lakes, chopping up dog food, collecting water from the frozen lake, seeing the Northern Lights - it was all absolutely amazing. I would just like to thank you, on behalf of my friends and I, for a wonderful holiday. We had such a good time with the dogs and felt quite bereft saying goodbye. We left with a love of dog sledding, the arctic and lingonberry jam." Emma, March 2012

    "We were happy that we were able to ask questions as they arose and got a full and prompt response. We had a fantastic time and our guide was really great. She had her own dogs and we got to know them really well and took part in all the activities with the dogs, feeding etc." Lara and family, February 2012

    "Everything was amazing, from the beautiful landscape to the magic Northern Lights without forgetting the dogs and our very nice guide, Sebastian. As a family of five, we had an absolutely wonderful time. It was magic from day one and we all enjoyed every minute of it. We can't stop talking about it and would love to do it again." Sonia and family, Feburary Half Term 2012

    "We had theeeeee best time EVER!! Our hugest thanks to 'the team' and all your help. SO grateful. Our hosts at the dog kennels said that Bob's groups are always the best prepared for this holiday; so a big pat on the back to you all." Alison, New Year 2011/2012

    "Our guide was great. The dogs were exceptional. We felt very at home in the camp. Bob, our contact prior to the holiday, was very helpful." David, March 2011

    "I think that the whole experience was very good - everything done well, in a relaxed manner with very few points that I would change - this all combined to make the whole tour a highly memorable one. If I had to pick one [highlight], then it would be harnessing my dog team and sledding out on the second day, after seeing the northern lights the previous evening. Good website, and very comprehensive telephone support from Bob at the office." March 2011, name not supplied

    "It was a trip of a lifetime and I wholeheartedly recommend someone for the trip, as it was an eye opener as well as keeping oneself stress-free for a while. Our guide was very welcoming and made us feel at home. Dog sledding is an amazing experience and I can say I really enjoyed my time. I had two leader dogs that were really well-behaved and lovely, though I had never had a dog before and I was scared of dogs but the experience changed my mind.The sauna experience is a thing I will never forget about the adventure. It was so lovely and nice but also an eye opener. I really enjoy the experience. I had dreamt of visiting the Ice Hotel and really glad I did. I had a fabulous time there. We had a very nice view of the northern lights in our camps and we were really amazed how nature can be beautiful. In general we had really enjoyed this amazing trip, exhilarating husky sledding adventure, and would like to thank you so much." Douglas, March 2011

    "Excellent service, appreciated all the extra help and advice to my individual queries. Sledding at speed through the forest, having lunch made on an open fire, making friends with our group.Very pleased - great experience." Clare, February 2011

    "It was such an amazing experience. We both thought it was really eye-opening. The holiday was something we would never have thought of doing ourselves, but we would go back tomorrow if we could! The country is so beautiful and the people were so nice. We had a lovely guide and he owned the most beautiful dogs we've ever seen. He looked after us really well throughout our stay. There had been a lot of snow prior to our arrival and even during our stay. The dog-sledding itself was such a rush, even in temperatures of -36 degrees. On our last night we saw the Aurora Borealis, and even though we can sometimes see them from home, seeing the Northern Lights from inside the Arctic Circle was the icing on the cake. We will definitely be returning to Sweden in the future! Thank you so much for everything. It gave us the encouragement to think about future adventure holidays, rather than the usual sun/beach holidays." Gena and Sharyn, February 2011

    "Well. where can I start - it was the most amazing experience ever. We enjoyed every moment we were well looked after from the moment we arrived and we met some really lovely people. We have not stopped talking about it since we got back. It really was a dream come true. Once again, thanks for a wonderful time." Artur and Lesley, February 2011

    "Adventure was absolutely fantastic. Me and my wife thoroughly enjoyed it and we were extremely well looked after. The weather was extremely cold, -45 on the Saturday at some points and circa -35 on the Sunday. We must have covered almost 100km out with the dog sledding over forests and frozen lakes. The dogs have so much energy and constantly crave attention, they were brilliant. The accommodation was better than expected to be honest even though it was still basic and the food was great that was laid on for us. We managed to see the spectacular Northern Lights on the Sunday evening.stunning. Saturday and Sunday nights were finished off with a traditional Swedish sauna followed by a very quick roll around in the snow then back into the sauna.refreshing to say the least." Mark, February 2011

    "[The best part was] the professional service provided by the guides, nothing was too much trouble." Phil, February 2011

    "Just wanted to say to you personally what a great time we had in Lapland and to thank you for all your help. It was an amazing trip which we'll never forget.The whole trip was amazing - it was a very special trip for a very special occasion and it didn't disappoint any of us. I've never been to Sweden before and would definitely go back based on my experiences there. I would definitely recommend you to friends who've also expressed an interesting in husky sledding based on our anecdotes from the trip." Louise, January 2011

    “Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how outstanding the trip was, thank you so much for arranging it.The frozen wilderness was stunningly beautiful, and I’ve never been somewhere so quiet, just the whooshing sound of the sled as it sped across the ice. As I stood there, on the back of the sled, I couldn’t help but smile.One of my main reasons for wanting to come on a trip like this was to see the Northern Lights, and boy did we get some Northern lights that night. Nature is an amazing thing, and I can safely say, the lights are one of the most beautiful and extraordinary things I’ve ever seen. Words don’t really do them justice. We stayed out as long as we could in -30 and I returned to the cabin a very happy man. We said our goodbyes, first to our dogs, and then to each other. It had truly been a magical time, many said it was the best holiday they had ever been on, and I have to admit, that as I write this, there’s a small tear in my eye, it had been a very special trip.” Will, January 2011

    "The personal touch of a small company is so much better than dealing with a corporate.Sledding, the dogs, wilderness cabin, the basic enjoyment of silence and something very natural. The guide Marcus was also excellent fun. Bob was very helpful and provided all the info required to sort out of travelling. Thanks for a great holiday." Sarah, December 2010

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