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Customer Reviews on One-day and Overnight Husky Tours in Kiruna:

"Very good guide who was passionate about dog sledding. Great scenery on the dog sled, nice food in the evening." James, February 2024

"This was just out of this world incredible. Our tour guide was amazing and really made it special, and we were hands on with the dogs more than we expected." Emma, January 2024

"I had an AMAZING time, thank you so much :) Looking forward to coming back for a longer sledding session. Best part of the trip was playing with the huskies and experiencing the full sledding experience. It was fun, hard work but fun! I had a great trip, thank you so much. [I chose Nature Travels because] I found it to be the most informative website in my searches. Niki was a great help in booking the tour." Kelly, December 2023

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"We had THE BEST TIME, and I will be talking about this holiday for the rest of my life. I will be back in the future! Pre-departure process was seamless - very thorough, made booking flights/train super easy to understand and gave you lots of options! I can't tell you how much this trip meant to me. The whole experience was exactly what I had hoped for, with reconnecting with nature and feeling like I was on the edge of the world. Everything about this experience was so well managed, it was the perfect amount of relaxation and work, and I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to step out of their comfort zone. Temperatures were at -10 to -17 and I didn't feel cold one bit. Wonderful all round, I will be back!" Hannah, February 2022

"We had a blast." Jennifer, December 2021

"It was great. 10/10 hit. We had a genuinely terrific time!" Angus, February 2020

"The dogsledding was great. For me the snowmobiling was a little scary but still a great experience." February 2020

"Dog sledding and reindeer sledding was amazing. Experience of Sami culture and history powerful. Loved it. Thanks for helpful service and great experience" Lisa, who combined Musher for a Day with Reindeer Encounter and Sámi Experience in Lapland, December 2019

"We did the husky sledding from Kiruna and it was the highlight of the trip. The guide was great, we did have to just get on with it and gave us a bit of a challenge to get up to speed with the sleds, etc, but this just made it a more rewarding experience." James, December 2019

"[The best part was] everything! Definitely a memorable experience. Nature Travels provided the experiences I was looking for all in one place for an affordable price." Lily, December 2019

"The entire dog sledding experience was incredible, but my favorite part was the ride back in the morning. Riding through the serene and silent winter landscape was amazing, the weather was perfect and it was beautiful to see the sun coming up over the horizon as we rode back. Other than that, just seeing and taking care of all the dogs on the trip was a blast. I learned a lot! [I chose Nature Travels because] reviews seemed excellent and the trip was exactly what I was looking for. Made the trip super easy and seemed very personalized to ensure I had a good experience. Will definitely recommend and hopefully get the chance to travel with you again in the future!" Cody, November 2019

"Excellent help was received from your team. We had a wonderful time. [The best part was] just being in the Arctic circle and Lapland environment." Darryl and Fiona, overnight tour, April 2019

"Pre-departure service was great. Particularly value being able to pick up the phone and talk to somebody about queries. Really important thank you. Personal service both from Nature Travels and the local hosts." Julia, December 2018

"We had the best time! I cannot be any happier we did not want to leave...what an amazing place with amazing people. It was perfect could not have asked for anything more, thank you very much!" Rachael, who combined Overnight tour with a stay at the Reindeer Lodge, December 2018

"The team in Kiruna are incredible people who love their dogs so much. As there wasn't that much snow they improvised and brought us up into the kennels to spend times with the dogs. It was honestly an experience that we will never forget!!" Jenny, November 2018

"The best part of our trip was meeting and caring for the huskies, and having the great company of our tour guide in the cabin." Ed, February 2018

"The husky sledding was amazing and the people at the Reindeer Lodge were lovely." Tara, who combined Dogsled Tour with Overnight in Wilderness Cabin with a stay and snowmobile tour at the Reindeer Lodge, December 2017.

"All of the trip was excellent. I found everyone I spoke to very helpful. No question I had was too much trouble." Joanne, who combined a Musher for a Day dogsled tour with a stay and activities at Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge in Lapland, April 2017

"The Musher for a Day husky trip was amazing. I loved the fact that we were given a good amount of time to drive the sled. It was great fun! [I chose Nature Travels because] your website was appealing, and the options laid out were great. So many possible activities available, and the opportunity to group activities together was ideal." Karen, who combined a husky tour with stay and snowmobile tour at the Reindeer Lodge, March 2017

"We've completed our trip and what a wonderful time we had...snowmobile was fantastic...dog sledding absolutely brill and our host was a great guy...thank you all so much. Dog sledding in the forest and across the lake was awesome." Matt, who combined an overnight dogsled tour with the Northern Lights Snowmobile Tour available in connection with Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge in Lapland, March 2017

"We loved the authenticity of the trip, the beautiful dogs, the remoteness of the log cabin, and the getting back to nature. Making our own sauna was a particular highlight, and spending time on the husky farm after our trip stroking and cuddling as many huskies as possible. Our guide was really friendly, professional and knowledgeable, making the experience one that we will never forget!! Informative, clear website. Really helpful staff who responded to emails really quickly. Thanks again for all your help and for making this the trip of a lifetime!" Jenny, overnight tour, December 2016

"Thank you for an amazing experience. Absolutely excellent!!! Everyone was very helpful and welcoming. Our guide was lovely and the food was great, both at the reindeer lodge and the wilderness cabin." Lisa, who combined an overnight dogsled tour with stay at the Reindeer Lodge, December 2016

"Our guide was brilliant - very knowledgeable, patient and good company." Emily, February 2016

"The whole trip was better than expected, we really enjoyed the experience." Alex, February 2016

"[The best part was] the views and seeing the northern lights. [I chose Nature Travels because] you had a variety of activities to do and the one-night stay in Kiruna was perfect for our schedule." Peter, overnight tour January 2016

"Thank you so much for arranging our trips in Kiruna everything was perfect, we had such a good time and would definitely recommend Nature Travels to anyone." Lorna, January 2016, who combined an overnight tour with evening snowmobile tour (from our Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge experience)

"Very good communication at all times and even accommodated our tight schedule by dropping us at the airport after the trip. Outstanding service. Again all information was very clear and explained everything. Our guide allowed us to get involved in all aspects including harnessing and unharnessing the dogs, preparing their food and lighting fires as required. He was very knowledgeable about the dogs and was always in control of the excursion. Overall he was an exceptional host. He really made the trip a fantastic adventure. Communication when inquiring was fast and helpful." Craig, January 2016

"It was really cold, -35°C, but with the given clothes and all of our stuff we felt quite comfortable and could enjoy the whole ride. It wasn't only the tour, also the work with the dogs was great. Thanks for the great experience!" Philippe, January 2016

"It was a hoot. We had a private tour. Very peaceful, very much in touch with nature. So glad we paid the extra to have our own dog teams. [I chose Nature Travels because] you appeared in whatever Google search I did. It didn't matter to me that you were based in the UK [Jo was one of our many guests travelling with us from the USA]. Your quick correspondence was more important to me. Keep up the good work. It was nice, and easy, dealing with you guys." Jo, day tour Christmas 2015

"We just finished the tour and it was amazing! The tour met our expectations and we enjoyed it very much!" William, day tour January 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed it and have been recommending it to everyone!! And am hoping I can come back this winter and have another mini adventure!" Deborah, overnight tour January 2015

"[We really enjoyed] Coming out of the woods on a husky sledge to an amazing sunrise." Alex, overnight tour January 2015

"It's hard to believe that this time last week, Mark & I were in the Arctic Circle having one of the most phenomenal experiences of our lives! We were on the overnight dogsledding tour - in temperatures that went well below minus 25 degrees. A bonus but not the highlight, was to see what initially looked like a specially orchestrated laser light show in the sky, but turned out, of course, to be the Northern Lights. The highlight was just being in such a magical place - the extreme temperatures, the lack of sunrise making it so exhilarating and surreal. The interaction with the huskies was so special too - incredibly friendly and well behaved. Our guide, Torben, clearly lives for his dogs and getting to know a little bit about his life with his dogs, which is so different to our own, was enriching. Our stay in Arctic Circle was just way too short and I felt such a sense of sadness leaving it. But we cherished every moment there and want to say very big thank you to Nature Travels for your cheerful and efficient helpfulness with our booking (this applies to each person I interacted with at Nature Travels) and for ensuring our time in the Arctic Circle was seamless and well organised from the moment we got of the Arctic Circle train at Kiruna station, which left us fully able to savour our time there. We do hope to return to the Arctic Circle. We would like to see the contrast in the summer months. Other than our time there being too short, the other regret we had, was that, due to the extreme temperatures we were unable to take photos while dogsledding - it was simply too cold for fingers or camera to operate. But we have memory of gliding across a frozen lake or through a snow covered forest being pulled by those amazing dogs very vividly in our minds. Thank you and all the best for 2015. I do hope that we get to do another trip with Nature Travels." Karen and Mark, overnight tour December 2014

"Meeting Mia and the dogs was by far the best. We had the most amazing time and Mia was so accommodating and helpful and really encouraged us with the activities. We had a once in a lifetime experience! We loved our experience so would definitely consider Nature Travels the next time we travel. Cannot reiterate enough how much we loved our experience with Mia - she was phenomenal - knowledgable, caring, funny and just all round fantastic tour guide. We love every part! Thanks Mia (and Lutsy, Japp, Ettan, Sober and River - our fantastic team of dogs!)." Victoria, overnight tour December 2014

"Backround information on the huskies was great, it really help grow the bond with your husky team." Lloyd, overnight tour March 2014

"[The best part was] Meeting the dogs and sledding along the lake in the wilderness, quiet, lovely, amazing scenery." Nicky, overnight tour January 2014

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