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Marine Conservation Society

How donations from Nature Travels and our guests help fund the protection of our ocean habitats

Nature Travels has been supporting the Marine Conservation Society since 2015, when Bob from the Nature Travels team took part in the very first MCS Sea Kayaking Challenge in the Scilly Isles (which has since become an annual event). Learning more about the work of the Marine Conservation Society and how we could be involved led us to feel that MCS would be an ideal charity partner for Nature Travels.

We have supported MCS' work both through corporate donations and through the voluntary donations of our guests.

Annual Corporate Donation

Each year we make an annual corporate donations of 1% of profits to a charitable cause, aiming to direct these to a specific project as far as possible. Past donations to MCS have funded activities including the following:

1: The printing costs of MCS' "Wild Guide To Our Seas", a 35-page booklet used for their environmental education programme in schools.

MCS Wild Guide to our Seas

Wild Guide to our Seas.

2: With the rising profile of the enormous problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways, we supported another Marine Conservation Society campaign, the Plastic Challenge, aimed at reducing the consumption of SUPs (Single Use Plastics).

3: We sponsored the printing costs for an information leaflet from MCS on reducing plastic in business.

MCS Wild Guide to our Seas

Top Tips for Reducing Plastic in your Business.

4: Sustainable fishing, sponsoring the production of their "What the Fish?" Good Fish Guide recipe cards.

MCS What The Fish recipe card

Example of "What The Fish?" recipe card.

5: Environmental education, sponsoring the production of the Seashore Safari Guide for families, encouraging children to take an interest in the marine environment and its protection.

MCS Seashore Safari Guide part 1

MCS Seashore Safari Guide, part 1 (click for PDF).

MCS Seashore Safari Guide part 2

MCS Seashore Safari Guide, part 2 (click for PDF).

Voluntary Donations from Nature Travels Guests

When booking, you have the option to make a donation to the Marine Conservation Society. We collate the funds received and make a quarterly donation to MCS of the total received.

How is my donation used?

Donations from our guests are used to fund all aspects of MCS' work. Their campaigns currently focus on plastic pollution, eliminating marine waste from flushed wet wipes, sustainable fishing, protection of threatened sharks and turtles, and promoting a bottle deposit scheme. Find out more on the MCS website.

How much is the donation?

The standard amount if £5 (or €5) per person, which can you opt in to donate when completing your booking form, but you are of course welcome to donate more if you wish - simply mention on your booking form if you would like to give a different amount.

Alternatively, you can donate directly anytime via the MCS website, get involved as a volunteer or support a specific project or adopt a turtle!

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