Basic Swedish Phrases

Swedish flag

Our whistle-stop tour of essential Swedish for your next outdoor adventure!

Most Swedes speak English so you should have no problem communicating and finding your way around, but if you’re travelling to Sweden you might want to learn a few things to practise whilst your out there on your adventures!

A little note to start – the letters Å, Ä and Ö

å is pronounced like “or”, ä like “air”, and ö like “er”, all without the “r” sound.

Elky with Swedish flag
Photo: Nature Travels


Hello/ Hi = Hej (hay)

Goodbye = Hej då (Hay dor)

Good morning = God morgon (God-moron)

Good night = God natt (God-natt)

How are you? = Hur mår du? (Hoor moor doo?)

Very well, thanks = Jätte bra, tack (Yette bra, tack)

My name is… = Jag heter… (Yaah hetter…)

Nice to meet you = Trevligt att träffas (Trayvlit at treffus)

Yes = Ja (jah)

No = Nej (nay)

Thank you = Tack (Tack)

Thank you very much = Tack så mycket (Tack sor mickah)

You’re welcome = Var så god (Var sor god)

Please – there’s no direct translation for the word please but you can often use “tack” as a replacement

Cheers! (when drinking) = Skål (Skoll)

Swedish flag
Photo: Nature Travels


1= Ett (ett)
2 =Två (tfor)
3 = Tre (treh)
4 =Fyra (feera)
5 =Fem (fem)
6 =Sex (sex)
7 =Sju (hwoo)
8 = Åtta (otta)
9 = Nio (neeo)
10 = Tio (teeo)

and finally…

One of the most essential words in Swedish is “Fika”. Fika is an important time of day when you stop to chat with friends/colleagues over a hot drink and something small to eat!

Fika! Photo: Nature Travels

Good luck! Or rather: Lycka till! (licka till)

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