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About Sweden

Information on Swedish geography, climate, currency and language

With over 200,000 lakes, 27 million hectares of forest, tens of thousands of islands, and 1700 national parks and nature reserves including Europe's largest protected area, Sweden is the perfect choice for an active holiday. Convenient transport connections from the UK mean that this vast and beautiful country is both exotic and accessible.

Nature Travels specialised exclusively in Sweden when we began, and we work only with small-scale, local providers. We offer a wide range of outdoor ecotourism holidays in Sweden, from canoeing to dog sledding to romantic log cabin breaks, whether you are a solo traveller, family, private group or sports club.

From the warm, endless days of summer to the deep snows of winter, Sweden is an ideal destination for year-round outdoor adventures!

Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago offers a perfect combination of remoteness and accessibility. It is made of around 24,000 (or 30,000 by some estimates!) islands, islets and skerries, only about 150 of which are inhabited year-round.

The character of the landscape varies from the thickly wooded islands of the inner archipelago to the bare, flat, rocky landscape of the central and outer areas. If the weather is cloudy in the capital, there is a good chance that you will find sunshine out in the archipelago.



In the forests and mountains of northern Sweden lie the National Parks of Sarek (renowned as one of the last areas of untouched wilderness in Europe), Padjelanta, Stora Sjöfallet (pronounced "Hwerfallit" and meaning "Large Waterfall") and Muddus.

Together they make up Laponia, a 9400 square kilometre area rich in nature and the persisting Sámi culture. In 1996 Laponia was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Weather and Climate

Avg. temp deg C / Hrs daylight January July
Malmö (south) 3 deg daytime (-7 deg nighttime)/ 7 hours 22 deg daytime (13 deg nighttime) / 17 hours
Stockholm 0 deg daytime (-5 deg nighttime)/ 6 hours 22 deg daytime (13 deg nighttime) / 18 hours
Kiruna (north) -9 deg daytime (-15 deg nighttime) / 0 hours 17 deg daytime (10 deg nighttime)/ 24 hours

Driving in Sweden


Right of Public Access



Swedish in 30 Seconds
English Swedish Pronunciation
Hello Hej! hay
Good morning God morgon! god-moron
Good night God natt! god-natt
Goodbye Hej då! hay dor
Thank you Tack! tack
Thank you very much Tack så mycket! tack sor mickah
How are you? Very well, thanks. Hur mår du? Jätte bra, tack! her mor du? yette bra, tack
My name is... Jag heter... yaah hetter
Nice to meet you Trevligt att träffas trayvlit at treffus

Å, Ä and Ö - the sounds of Swedish: å is pronounced like "or", ä like "air", and ö like "er", all without the "r" sound.

Mosquitoes, Midges and Ticks

Misc. Info

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