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When To Go - Summer Active Accommodation

Cool spring breezes, long midsummer nights or stunning autumn colours?

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But within this period, each part of the spring, summer and autumn has its own special attraction.

Log Cabin Escape in Varmland

Photo: Helen Kemp

Spring and Early Summer: (May to June)

This is an incredibly quiet time to be in the outdoors in the Nordic countries, and can be a lovely time to visit. As you move towards June, there will be very long hours of daylight even in the southern areas of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Summer comes a little later (especially further north) than in the UK, so if visiting early in the season, take warm clothes and be prepared for cooler temperatures. Depending on how brave you are feeling, you are likely to find the water rather cold for anything more than the briefest of swims!

Log Cabin Escape in Varmland

Photo: John Hartshorn

High Summer: (late June to mid-August)

This is when the locals take the bulk of their summer holidays, and with good reason - temperatures can be very warm (as much as 30 degrees, though in the 20s would be more common), the hours of daylight are still luxuriously long, and the water has had time to warm up to swimming temperature (depending of course on temperatures/weather conditions in the preceeding weeks, lakes and archipelago waters will often be around 20 degrees by this time).

Late Summer and Autumn: (late August to end September)

From around the 20th of August, most of the locals have finished their summer holidays and the schools have started, which can make the later part of August a surprisingly quiet time to visit. Temperatures are often still very summery at this time (though can be turning more autumnal) and you have the whole world to yourselves. As you move into September, the forests explode with a stunning array of autumn colours. Pack warmer layers for visits at this time for cool evenings.

Log Cabin Escape in Varmland

Photo: Helen Kemp

Berry Picking, Mushroom Picking and Fishing

If you have an interest in foraging and/or fishing (all of our experiences offer good possibilities, with some being particularly suitable for fishing), you may find that you wish to time your visit for the best conditions, which may not be the most popular times to visit. For example, depending on the fish to be caught, the best fishing may be later in the season when the water is colder, while mushrooming can also be at its best in the autumn.

The timings for these activities will depend on the location of the experience you choose - if you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to offer more detailed advice for your chosen experience.

Log Cabin Escape in Varmland

Photo: Bernard Plumb


If mosquitoes and midges are in evidence (numbers vary greatly both from year to year and within the season depending on factors such as rainfall and temperature), you may find that numbers are higher during the main summer period than if travelling early and late in the season. We recommend taking basic precautions such as wearing suitable clothing in the evenings and taking a repellent, but in general it is rare for guests on our Summer Active Accommodation experiences to find insects a significant issue during their stay at anytime. For more information, please see our blog article on mosquitoes.

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