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Inspiration - Holidays in Sweden Without Flying

A selection of no-fly holiday options easily accessible by public transport

The Stockholm Archipelago

The Stockholm Archipelago is just one of the beautiful regions of Sweden that can be conveniently accessed without flying. Photo: Nature Travels.

How do I travel to Sweden without flying?

We recommend the excellent Seat61.com for general information on travelling to Sweden from the UK (but also applicable for guests travelling from mainland Europe) without flying. You will see options for making the whole journey by train or by a combination of ferry + train, including a great new option for London-Stockholm in just 24 hours with Eurostar and night train from Hamburg.

We're happy to provide more specific guidance on how to travel to any of our experiences without flying, including information on how to book your tickets and get the best fares for domestic travel within Sweden - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What environmental benefits are there to choosing a no-fly holiday?

Travelling by train, your journey will have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to taking the same journey by air. How much different will depend on a number of factors, but as an example, a one-way journey London-Amsterdam (357km) by plane would generate around 125kg of CO2 per person, while the same journey by train would generate just 14kg (source: IFEU EcoPassenger).

Will travelling to Sweden without flying take longer?

Yes. It will certainly be the case that you will need to allow additional time for your journey when making the commitment to travel without flying. However, travel should be about the whole experience, not just the destination, and travelling without flying adds a whole extra dimension to your trip - think of the other places you'll see along the way, the additional experiences you will have and the people you will meet by choosing this option!

We would of course recommend that you make your whole journey flight-free, but if you're new to the idea of long distance train travel or if you're particularly short of time, you can always choose a no-fly journey in one direction only.

Will travelling to Sweden without flying be more expensive?

There are so many factors affecting fares for travel by both air and rail that this is not a question with a definitive answer. However, with advance booking and discount fares, travel by train can be suprisingly affordable, and in general the cost of trains for domestic travel in Sweden can be much lower than comparable journeys in the UK.

Although you may find that avoiding flying will mean the cost of your journey is higher than if choosing to fly, you will be getting much more in terms of a genuine travel experience for the price of your ticket! With the rapid growth of interest in travelling without flying, wouldn't it be wonderful if an increase in demand led to a reduction in the cost of no-fly alternatives in the future?

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  • See our Ecotourism Policy for more information about Nature Travels and our commitment to sustainable tourism.

No-fly Holidays in Sweden

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