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Press coverage of Self-guided Sea Kayaking in Bohusläan:

"Sweden's western coastal waters and archipelago of 8,000 islands offer some of the best locations in Europe for kayaking. This self-guided adventure (maps provided) will take you around the Bohuslän archipelago, wild camping every evening." The Telegraph recommends our kayak tours in West Sweden as one of its "50 Adventures to Try in your Lifetime".

"The best arm workout you'll do all year." Men's Health magazine recommends Self-guided Sea Kayaking in Bohuslän as one of its "Greatest Adventures on Earth".

"Head into the wilds for a sea kayaking adventure around the Bohuslän archipelago in Sweden." Recommended by AOL Travel.

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"Offshore Heaven - Paddle into the sunset on a self-guided sea kayak tour among the Bohuslän archipelago in west Sweden." Recommended by The Daily Telegraph.

"Sweden is great territory for nature-based trips." The Independent recommends our sea kayaking holidays in Sweden as part of its "Canoe & Kayak Holidays in Europe" feature.

"If you've ever fantasized about gliding silently through the water on a kayak, camping on deserted beaches, spotting seals and soaking up the spirit of the sea, you'll find no shortage of experiences here." Recommended by CNN International.

One of The Independent on Sunday's "Top 10 Royal Wedding Escapes".

Customer Reviews of Self-guided Sea Kayaking in Bohusläan:

"You offered the self-guided activity we wanted at a good price. Good flexibility in terms of length of activity and using some of our own camping gear. Getting to some more remote islands and wild camping there was a highlight." Alice, August 2023

"Wild camping was great fun. [We chose Nature Travels because of] quality of website, responsiveness to enquiries, and reasonable value for money." Rob, July 2023

"We enjoyed Sweden very much. The best part was the opportunity to experience an environment where much greater freedom in outdoor activities is possible that you can find in the UK." David, July 2023

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"Thanks - this was the perfect holiday for us and will definitely be looking at another trip with you. Everything was perfect, camping on the islands such good fun. Local host in Sweden was brilliant and equipment good too." Dan, June 2023

"It was all great, with great information on the website. The best part was finding an island and setting up camp without meeting any other people." Raphael, September 2022

"The camping spots were beautiful." Paloma, September 2022

"Thanks for the awesome trip and very clear guidance before. Good value for money, strong range of options. Superb kayak company, very clear briefing, great coffee and a good service." Zoe, August 2022

"Pre-departure services was very informative, responsive and accommodating, very impressed! Staff in Sweden were very helpful and friendly, great kayak equipment, atmosphere out at sea amongst the islands, free camping. A great trip, thanks for your help with arrangements." Jenny, August 2022

"It was all great! Excellent kayaking centre in Sweden - super helpful pre-trip briefing and excellent kit. Fantastic camping locations." Katie, July 2022

"Everything was perfect, thank you! We already did the same trip 3 years ago. But there is nothing better than kayaking and exploring all the little islands! Thanks for all." Deniz, August 2021

"The best part was the complete freedom to explore the islands. Everything was clearly communicated and the couple of questions we had were answered very quickly. [I chose Nature Travels because] I had prior experience and knew that you get good quality equipment and professional service." Tobias, July 2021

"The wild camping on the islands was heavenly. I wasn't prepared for how breathtaking the experience would be. Setting up camp on the water's edge. Sitting by the fire in the evening. Listening to crackling of burning wood and the sound of the sea. Pure bliss. And THANK YOU this was a holiday my brother and I will always remember and cherish. You're wonderful!!!" Liam, August 2019

"Alix and I are back from our adventure. Just wanted to let you know that we absolutely loved the centre - our favourite one yet! The weather wasn’t always on our side but it gave us a real chance to practise our skills. Thanks again for all your support with the booking of it all." Jenny, August 2019

"I would definitely recommend the trip to other people. Nature Travels provided the trip in the area we wanted to explore and thought it gave good value for money. The folks at the kayak centre made us feel very relaxed about our trip as we had never done anything like this before as a family." Amelia, July 2019

"The kayak centre was excellent. Friendly tuition and advice prior to setting off was just right. Equipment and kayak were of good quality. [The best part was] wild camping on outer islands of the archipelego (in great weather)." John and Jenny, July 2019

"Was a wonderful experience! Thank you." Aeneas, September 2018

"[The best part was] the warm welcome we received at the kayak centre. Each night we had our own 'hotel' in nature." Barbara and Evert, August 2018

"Helpful info throughout and competitive prices. [Our favourite part was] having your own 'private' island each night!" Luke, August 2018

"Overall we were very happy. [Information provided] was all as good as we could have wanted." Christine, August 2018

"It was just well organized - in terms of booking, preps, info. Navigating, getting lost and found in the narrow passages through the islands. Raspberries, blueberries, geese, swans,...and peace & tranquility." Rok, July 2018

"[The highlights were] feeling completely free and enjoying being alone on islands and wild camping! Truly letting go of everyday life. Challenging ourselves with navigating the winds. Probably one of the best and most relaxing holidays we've had. Thank you!" Danni, August 2017

"The kayaking was a pleasant way of traveling. We had a lovely evening by the campfire. Even the rain couldn't bring us down we just took a lovely swim." Lucas, September 2017

"It was easy to book, lots of detailed information. Sweden is a beautiful country! We loved the camping and exploring and whilst the wind picked up by day 3 and made it a little harder to paddle it wasn't so difficult we couldn't do it - it was just slower progress! The kayaks were really stable, the gear was good quality and the local contacts at the kayak centre were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. I cant recommend this experience highly enough! Loved it." Liz, July 2017

"You were wonderfully helpful every step of the way. The information sheet we received after booking was incredibly helpful! We had the most incredible time on our holiday, the whole process was so easy and well organised, and the kayaking was stunning. We want to do it all over again." Bryher, July 2017

"A great trip out in Bohuslän. Lots of wind, rainy nights, wet clothes and getting a little bit lost couldn't stop us from enjoying the beautiful rocky coast, great camping spots and silence. Our host was very knowledgeable, friendly and warm and this definitely added to the experience." Eline and Jessica, June 2017

"Couldn't really be happier! We were well instructed, the gear was in good nick, the maps worked out and the coffee was good! [Dan] I really enjoyed every minute of the trip and it lived up to the expectation [Jurien]. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and can't think of any way it could have been improved. I happily recommend it to anyone and would happily book again [Rob]." Rob, May 2017

"Fantastic nature, fantastic people." Dirk and Jo, September 2016

"My friends found Nature Travels and when I saw how environmentally aware this company is and how ethical and conscious of our place in nature and our potential impact on it and it on us I knew it would be the right choice for me. I would just like to say thank you to the team for making the trip such a memorable and hassle-free experience and for all the follow up emails and info and check list which was invaluable. The diversity of landscape we encountered from sheltered bays to gorgeous rocky inclines on our camping spots, all of which were unspoilt. I loved camping wild. It was my first time and I have been wanting to do it for so long that this far exceeded my expectations. Rich habitats, warm waters to bathe and play in. The welcome we received was fabulous and very informative, down to weather charts and being given the confidence that we would be fine on the water and could be picked up from several destinations if we didn't make it to the end destination. That really made the trip feel relaxed and carefree. Being with two friends who looked out for me and I for them was a very bonding experience I will never forget. At every point of the booking process I felt informed and taken care of so well, even down to the coffee when we arrived." Virginia, July 2016

"We had a fab time in Sweden and would love to travel through Nature Travels again. I have lots of photographs and I am in the process of writing a blog. I would be very happy to review the trip for your website should you wish me to." Cate, May 2016

"Excellent weather made the sea kayaking trip first class. [We chose Nature Travels because] all of our requirements were met for a kayaking trip." Alex, September 2015

"[The best part was] the paddling! Especially when we spotted a seal just outside of Gustavsberg. The independence and self sufficiency of carrying all our gear for 4 days unsupported. How the local provider was welcoming, informative and helpful and not too overbearing in our preparations; he offered the perfect amount of advice and support whilst letting us get on with it. Following our experience and because your partnership with the local providers and link to Sweden is so good I would certainly come to you first for my next experience." Alex, September 2015

"Good level of contact from you. It was always fairly prompt and helpful. Being out on the water was great. Seeing and visiting the coastal areas north of Gothenborg was amazing. Visiting small fishing villages and camping on deserted islands." Matt, August 2015

"The information you sent when the booking was confirmed was very detailed and useful. Keep up the good work! The self-guided kayak tour in the beginning of May is such a great experience. It was too soon for the sun, swimming and touristic activities, but we were able to see lots of animals during our trip, which was absolutely fantastic. If we're searching for an outdoor activity in the future, we'll definitely take another look on your website." Frauke, May 2015

"[We really enjoyed] being totally self sufficient for 6 days in a beautiful area." Richard, August 2014

"I found the pre-departure service very good and all the relevant information was given. The best bit of the trip were the islands we were able to camp on each night. It was wonderful - the only improvement would have been to have avoided the thunder/lightening/hailstorm which occurred in the middle of our trip (whilst we were in the middle of the sea as well!!)." Jemma, August 2014

"Doing an activity that we enjoy, paddling in a new place - the archipelago is interesting - enjoying the solitude of camping out. We were very well looked after by the company at Gustafsberg - from the first meeting until the very end. The staff and their organisation of our trip were great. The kayaks and gear were suitable for the expedition, the camping equipment was very good. The main nautical map provided was excellent (and essential!). On the last day, the weather deteriorated and we were like drowned rats when we landed (we were OK out on the water as we had taken our own kayaking jackets but being on land was different!!). However, we had been able to keep in contact with Joharim in the last few hours, and he arrived with hot coffee." Jean and Allan, July 2014

"[Nature Travels] were very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic to help. The wild camping in Sweden was an ultra good experience. The kayaking people were very helpful and good equipment." Andrew, June 2014

"After the initial briefing, it was good being left to our own devices and being able to self-navigate to different islands. I have already recommended the trip to various colleagues." Kim, July 2013

"[The best part was] camping on Valerö. The ocean at our back, a brillant driftwood fire and the prospect of paddling from Karingön to Krakensund in some peaking swell. A fantastic experience. Prompt responses to queries. Very hassle free. Reliable company. Well represented by its staff." Luke, July 2013

"The whole thing was great. This was our first trip out of our home country of Canada and experiencing Sweden in this way was fantastic. We felt safe because of the little villages all around us but yet very free on the water. We do wilderness camping here at home so to do it in Sweden was great! We wanted to go sea-kayaking and when looking for a place to go Nature Travels seemed to have the most organized and well laid-out plans. My initial questions were answered within a few hours and it was very easy to communicate. Very professional. We had a great kayaking experience and we will definitely be back. Your company and the kayak centre were great to deal with. Everyone was friendly and excited for us and wanted to hear about our trip. It was nice to feel that warmth of strangers when we were so far away from home. The waters we paddled were beautiful and we have a lot of great memories to look back on. Thanks for a great trip! Our trip was in June, sorry it took so long to give you our feedback!" Tanya, June 2013

"We had a great trip and came back with many memories! We are already talking about going back either next year or the one after that. We wanted to thank Nature Travels for making our experience so easy and exciting for us. Thank you! Hopefully we will meet again in the future." Tanya, June 2013

"Thank you for an excellent and efficient service - we had a brilliant holiday. Thank you also for arranging a double kayak for the trip at such short notice. The best part was pottering around the islands and finding remote camping spots and the opportunity to be self-guided as it gave us more freedom and flexibility." Eleanor, July 2012

"Beautiful and varied scenery, camping on deserted islands, cooking fresh fish over an evening campfire, lovely sunshine (we were very lucky with the weather), great wildlife and having the world to ourselves. It was a great holiday." Hannah, May 2012

"The trip was great! We are definitely sold on sea kayaking. Thanks for your help sorting everything out - we will certainly be recommending the trip to our friends. Just the ease with which you can camp on the islands is awesome. The trip has a good sense of remoteness but you are never too far from a town to re-supply with food or get a coffee!" Ben, August 2011

"Just to let you know that we had a blast. Mostly nice weather, the nature was magnificent and the Swedish very friendly. A once in a lifetime experience." Nele, July 2011

"The kayak trip was a real experience of being independent on the water. The trekking was a chance to see wild Sweden. Your choice of provider for both was excellent. Please pass our thanks to them if you have a chance. They made our holiday really great. We would thoroughly recommend Nature Travels." Stephen, June 2011. Stephen combined Self-guided Sea Kayaking in Bohuslän with our Self-guided Hiking in Bohuslän experience.

"We absolutely loved the trip - thanks! The beautiful camping spots. The amazing silence!" Clare, June 2011

"We had a great time on our trip and would like to thank the staff at the kayak centre who couldn't do enough to help us." David, June 2010

"Everything went swimmingly well. Debi and I particularly loved the kayaking - awesome, pretty good weather.and the most beautiful and peaceful settings." Danny and Debi, June 2010

"[The best part was] the freedom of the adventure and challenge and environment." Roland, May 2010

"Firstly, this was a truly amazing experience in a beautiful part of the world - it will be an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. Having looked around many companies that offer sea-kayaking, this is one of the few trips which allows you to be self-guided, and we really appreciated having this opportunity. The self-guided element meant that we were allowed to travel at our own pace, something that was particularly useful on our trip, as although I have quite extensive canoeing experience, my wife did not, and it allowed her the opportunity to 'learn the ropes' at her own pace.

"The hire company were great - extremely helpful and genuinely nice people - there was no pressure placed on us, and Ulrika was particularly helpful - we left on our first morning feeling very reassured and comfortable with the 3 days ahead. This was extemely helpful, as we had bad weather forecast for the second day, and she reassured us that all would be fine, and that if we felt the water was too choppy, then we could give the day a miss, and could call to arrange collection from another point.

"I also have to thank Bob for all his help - every time we had a query or question, he came up with an answer - amazing! I would thoroughly recommend you to my friends and family and we look forward to booking another trip through you in the near future.

"In terms of advice for other people travelling on this trip - remember to get some water for the trip - depending on which way you travel through the fjords it may be difficult to get hold of en route, get hold of some good midge repellent, and finally - book this trip! Thanks again for a great experience." Bryony and Craig, August 2009

".the wild camping each night was great. The service we received in Sweden was far beyond what we expected, nothing was too much trouble and we were made very welcome. Obviously with any hire company we weren't sure what would be waiting for us when we arrived but we were both impressed by the equipment provided. Proper charts in Ortlieb waterproof cases really showed how professional they were. We'll be back again, maybe in doubles with our partners, fantastic." Timothy, June 2009

"Too many [highlights] to choose from. Definitely be up for sea kayaking again." Iain, June 2009

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