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Press coverage of Dog Sledding and Northern Lights in Vindelfjällen:

"It was amazing to be out in the stillness and quietness, in the middle of nowhere. All you could hear was the dogs' paws on the snow." Anthea Turner in Hello! magazine

Customer Reviews of Dog Sledding and Northern Lights in Vindelfjällen:

"The whole trip was super - we loved it and if anything would have wanted a longer sledding trip. We had a great time and would definitely recommend our trip. " Mary, March 2024

"I had a wonderful experience. It was all very memorable and met my hopes and wishes, but it makes returning to 'normal' life here quite difficult I've found! Our guide was excellent and led us well, the dogs were wonderful and we had favourable weather conditions. Everything was well organised, nothing was overlooked." Tom, March 2024

"The whole trip was amazing. Our guide was brilliant, explaining everything and really helped make the trip what it was. Every part of the trip was well organised and really enjoyable. My trip was rather niche and Nature Travels provided all the right info at the right cost." Billy, February 2024

"The dogs were remarkable and very well cared for, which was excellent. Our guide and the gear provided were also excellent, as was the food, especially as we only had the stove top. I really like the dogs and the setup." Bruce, February 2024

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"I would like to thank you (especially Niki) for perfect organisation and communication. I spent the best 5 days of my life and also my best birthday I will never ever forget. Everything was perfect. The hardest part was saying goodbye to the dogs. So once again THANK YOU." Miroslav, January 2024

"We had an amazing time, both my son and I said it was one of the best things we had ever done. I think we were so focused on the sledding we hadn't really thought about the experience around it of the cabin living with the log burning stoves, communal eating and living, prepping the dogs and generally just being out in the wild and the wonderful scenery, it was all magical. Including our guide, there were four of us and we all got on really well and had great fun, even if I did lose at cards most nights. All the various complexities of the travel went very smoothly and to plan and we had a couple of days in Stockholm on the way back. We had -28, rising to 0 one day then back to -8, but all the gear provided is great and our kit list was spot on. For us the stars of the expedition were the dogs and we really enjoyed getting to briefly know our packs - along with their personalities and preferences! Thanks again for all your help, truly special memories made." Andrew, January 2024

"It was an incredible trip. The nature, the dogs, everything. Really brilliant. Your communication was quick and personal, which helped us to feel confident booking the trip. Very comprehensive information. Thank you." Lara, Christmas 2023

"The dog sledding was fantastic. Probably harder and more adventurous than I thought, but that's a good thing. I didn't want a tourist dogsled ride. This was a trip. Guide was expert and great." Brian, Christmas 2023

"We had a wonderful time. It's something that I've wanted to do for many years but the kids were too young until now. The sledding itself was a unique experience and different to anything we have done before. As first timers, the three-day trip was a perfect introduction. We all bonded with our dogs and enjoyed getting to know their different characters, as well as learning the technical basics of sledding. We were all a little bit sad heading back towards the kennels on the third afternoon. The weather was perfect and the temperatures not at all punishing. Our guide/host was really great. We really couldn't have hoped for any better. Thank you also for all your attention and support both pre-booking and pre-trip." Nicolas, April 2023.

"It was a seamless operation - very professional and everything was thought about. Also everyone was extremely welcoming, knowledgeable and passionate about what they did." Name not supplied, February 2023

"We had the most amazing time. It was the most exhilarating and epic trip, with such a brilliant set-up. The dogs are just incredible and our guide was superb. It's one of the best experiences of our lives (and we have done a lot of travelling). You just can't put into words how magical it is. Thanks again for such a wonderful trip." Sarah, December 2022

"The best part?! Too hard to list one but I think the overall experience of being in the middle of nowhere, in the beautiful snow, with the most gorgeous dogs was sensational. The kindness of our hosts, the care and patience of our guide, and the love we felt from those dogs, we were so lucky! We really mean it when we say we didn't want to leave. We loved it so much. An experience of a lifetime! Thank you so much for all the support and advice. The organisation was excellent!" Sophie, April 2022

"This trip exceeded our expectations and I do not think it could be matched! The hosts offered exactly the right level of adventure for us, we had so much fun! Thank you to all involved." Andi, April 2022

"The whole stay was brilliant, with fantastic support from the guide and great quality of food and accommodation! I loved every moment, but in particular the time on the sled and with the dogs, which was simply magical!!! Very happy with the support and follow-up from Nature Travels - thank you." Ewa, March 2022

"The best part was sledding in varied countryside with turns and undulations. It offered beautiful scenery and an opportunity to get out of breath and be more active in assisting the dogs to travel." Quintus, March 2022

"It was a fantastic trip. Thank you for organizing." Felix, April 2021

"The guide was super. I had a nice time in Sweden and a good experience on this tour." Andor, December 2020

"The highlight was dog sledding in the winter snow forest with the dogs." Rebekka, December 2020

"[The best part was] being out with the dogs for 3 days, everyone mucking in to help." David, March 2020

"Enjoyed the whole experience." Ross, March 2020

"Had a really great trip thank you!" Tim, January 2020

"We had a brilliant trip. Loved it all. Thanks for all your help with information and booking the trip. I was very happy with the service. There was plenty of communication before we left. [The best part was] spending time with the dogs, either on the sled or helping to look after them. The scenery was also beautiful." Louise, January 2020

"The whole set-up was very professional. In particular, the guide looked after me particularly well. You knew that you were in safe hands." Chris, January 2020.

"Dog sledding with friends and awesome guide was amazing." Laurence, March 2019

"Service was very helpful, responsive and friendly. A spectacular tour, which we all enjoyed thoroughly! I will recommend heavily to my friends! The whole experience was one of the best trips I've done. The two friends I booked with also feel the same way. The tour host/guide was incredible. She was very friendly, accommodating, fun and easy to talk to, would give us the right amount of support balanced with a good level of autonomy as well. She was very trusting and a pleasure to be around. Also the size of the group (4 people) made it feel like a much more special experience, as opposed to a larger one. Loved that we got to stick with our own teams of dogs throughout the trip to allow us to form individual bonds by the end of the trip. All in all, the experience was sensational." Kamal, March 2019

"It was a great trip and we very much enjoyed it." Terri, February 2019

"Our guide was fantastic and helped make the trip a great experience. He worked hard and was able to also be friendly and informative to us. [I chose Nature Travels because] it seemed like a good trip for what we wanted to do. I liked the fact that we would have our own sled and help take care of the dogs." Leo, January 2019

"It was a great trip and we very much enjoyed it." Terri, February 2019

"Utterly fantastic experience in a stunning country. Thank you. [The best parts were] being so well looked after by the local hosts and of course their incredible dogs. "ven got to see the Northern Lights on our last night." Angus, February 2019

"Our guide was fantastic and helped make the trip a great experience. He worked hard and was able to also be friendly and informative to us. [I chose Nature Travels because] it seemed like a good trip for what we wanted to do. I liked the fact that we would have our own sled and help take care of the dogs." Leo, January 2019

"You guys were absolutely phenomenal. Very informative, helpful and prompt with everything. Start to finish the trip was amazing. Being able to care for and drive my own dog sled team. And to live in the wilderness for 3 days with none of the comforts of back home. When I found the trip online through Nature Travels they were prompt and extremely helpful, immediately felt comfortable with the company." Christopher, January 2019

"Exactly the experience I was looking for. The dogs and the challenges of being on the trail." Graham, January 2019

"We had a great trip and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. And to top it off my boyfriend proposed at the highest point of the trip!" Abigail, December 2018

"I felt that I was getting an authentic experience with knowledgeable dogsledding guides." Dominick, November 2018

"[The best part was] working with the dogs and being out in the actual wilderness away from other tourists. I will be recommending it to my friends." Sarah, April 2018

"Three days driving our own teams of huskies through snowy wooded paths and across frozen lakes was fantastic. Our second night in a remote cabin when Northern Lights danced above our heads was truly amazing. Our guide was fantastic and extremely helpful, which undoubtedly made our experience so memorable." Richard, March 2018

"Great experience with the dogs, great landscape and a VERY good guide." Oliver, March 2018

"Almost all [of the tour was] perfect but our guide was exceptional." Chris, March 2018

"I received a fantastic service at all stages and couldn't ask for more. [The information I received before travelling] was all clear and easy to understand. The whole experience was fantastic from harnessing the dogs in the morning to putting them to bed at night, but the feeling of being pulled along the trails by a pack of dogs is a special feeling that everybody should experience." Steve, February 2018

"[The highlights were] Great weather, amazing trails for challenging and higher speed sledding, high quality cold weather gear provided by kennels." Kayleigh, February 2018

"Well...it was all awesome!! It was perfect and exactly the challenge we wanted. Our guide made the trip. This is more than a job to her, she made us feel like we were best friends. There are no words to describe the actual dog sledding. [Pre-departure information] was perfect." Tom, February 2018

"The dog sledding was marvellous and my fellow travellers charming. And the dogs, oh the dogs. It was hard to stay in the compound after I had said farewell to my team and several other dogs - too emotional. Thanks again for your efforts to organise this holiday for me. It was truly memorable." Martin, February 2018

"We found that the whole experience was just what we were looking for, and that the information and advice we received gave us everything we needed to plan the trip. [The highlight was] being out in the wilderness with an experienced and capable guide." Bob, February 2018

"It was a great experience. We all loved the guide, he works so hard and cares for the dogs so much. It really made the trip. We love Sweden and would definitely return." Tracey, January 2018

"The guide was excellent, the approach taken by the local hosts was great - very helpful, welcoming and professional. Couldn't have improved our experience overall - we are all delighted!" Stephen, January 2018

"Everything was great! You all provided all the info I needed and answered my questions promptly. I thought it would be amazing but it was actually out of the park incredible. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a winter adventure." Jesse, January 2017

"[The dogsled tour was] well-organised, excellent in every way." Alan, November 2017

"The Alaskan Huskies were so loveable, so hard-working and I just loved each one in my team. The varied terrain: some exciting stuff going up and down the hills through the forests. The dinners prepared by our guide were excellent. [I chose Nature Travels] because I don't want luxurious trips but exciting ones and with some comfort." Simone, April 2017

"It was all exceptional - even better than I dreamed it would be both in terms of the sledding experience and hospitality." Lynda, April 2017

"The entire trip was perfect; the combination of the accommodation, the guide, the dogs and sleds, the equipment they provided, everything that I learned. The guys were really accommodating with the request for gluten free, I had more food than I ever could have needed, and they were so accommodating with the awkward arrival/departure times. I will definitely be recommending this to people!" Sarah, March 2017

"The guide was really good and so passionate about the dogs, he gave a lot of information and he showed us some beautiful spots." Irene, March 2017

"[I chose Nature Travels because] good information on website, easy to select and book trips. Good selection of dates." Lydia, March 2017

"Fantastic tour guide combining excellent technical expertise, teaching capabilities and human contact...Definitively one of the very very positive points of the trip. Very good organization during the tour (accommodation, food, equipment...)." Rose, March 2017

"I really enjoyed being outdoors with the dogs, the people, and the beauty of the North Sweden environment. It's absolutely stunning terrain up there. Our guide was also superb. She did a wonderful job, was very personable, and provided a great experience. All star guide." Andrew, March 2017

"Paul and I had a fantastic time on our trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was so well-organised. Our guide was fantastic, and we really enjoyed looking after the dogs. It's a truly beautiful part of the world." Joanne, March 2017

"[I really enjoyed] being out in the open amazing countryside with the dogs and an excellent tour guide." Olivia, March 2017

"Thank you for helping organise it - it was absolutely awesome!!" Helen, February 2017

"The dogs were fantastic. I think Nature Travels does a great job of choosing local hosts that take great pride and care in their work and are also very environmentally conscious, all of which is important to me. We used you for kayaking from Uddevalla two years ago, and thought your service was great and that you did a super job of finding the highest quality local hosts Thanks very much for all your help, and we hope to use you again for something in the future." Matthew, January 2017

"[The best part was] seeing the northern lights. Experiencing sledding through untouched nature." Fudz, January 2017

"Everything is perfect. The web info is very detailed. The tour guides provide professional support for us. After feeding dogs, we gathered in warm cabin room, drank coffee and shared our stories with a black dog's company:) the feeling was so awesome! After the trip, local host Angela invited me to have meals and fika with her family:)" Kate, December 2016

"I am very satisfied with your service and the tour...it was challenging but a lot of fun." Nana, December 2016

"Everything was excellent. Main accommodation upon arrival was great. The tour is well-organized. It was the best travelling experience I had. Very impressive. 3 days husky sledding through wilderness of Lapland was amazing. Many thanks." Iya, December 2016

"[The highlight was]: Everything!" Teo, November 2016

"Thanks for your help. I had a great time!" Craig, April 2016

"To be honest the entire trip didn't have the 'touristy' vibe and I really loved that, a genuine insight into the Swedish wilderness, it was perfect, I would love to go again! I wish I was there longer! It was fantastic, nothing could be improved. We wanted to visit scandinavia and your website had the most activities to enjoy nature." Lisa, March 2016

"The trip was great! Accommodation both before and during the trip were excellent. Our guide was very professional and helpful. Could not ask for better dogs either. On the first day out the path conditions were very icy and rough which can be expected but I was very impressed with the fact that one of the owners went out that night with a snowmobile and equipment to smooth out a large part of our path for the next day. Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone. I hope to be back." Steven, March 2016

"[The best part was] out in the quiet wilderness. Going through snow-filled forests and frozen lakes. Each dog had its own personality and it was great getting to spend time with them." Andrew, March 2016

"I enjoyed everything, the timing, the food, the lodgements...I looked by internet and Nature Travels was the only company that did not penalised the fact of travelling alone." Faecar, March 2016

"It was truly fantastic, thanks. A really wonderful trip. I can't wait to go back up north and do something similar soon! [The best part was] sledding through the night and the falling snow to our second hut!" Keiran, February 2016

"Wonderful scenery, great guide and a truly inspiring trip." Sally, February 2016

"Downhill sledding alone with your team of dogs was fantastic the whole experience was excellent. [I chose Nature Travels because] your trip included working with the dogs & experiencing life in the wild." Jan, February 2016

"[The best part was} the sledding itself, set in stunning scenery." Sarah, February 2016

"The guide was excellent. Hospitality of the owners and team was great and we loved the whole experience. Highly recommended." Gary, February 2016

"Instructions and directions were very clear. The experience of dog sledding was incredible. Our guide was fantastic, and we loved how passionate and "dog-centric" the kennels and local hosts were. We loved the kennels and the staff.and most of all the dogs." Cara, February 2016

"Excellent trip can't really fault anything." Derek, February 2016

"Sledding in the dark had to be one of my fav parts. The guide was amazing, relaxed, funny and always open to listen to us. Happy to help where we misunderstood something and had amazing patience with us all. The overall experience from when we where picked up to dropped off at the airport was 5 star. [I chose Nature Travels because] I loved the website, the dogs looked happy and the scenery was to die for. I would love to go on another dog sledding tour. Mark and I loved every moment. The accommodation was clean, comfortable and very warm after a long day sledding. And don't get me started on the food.it was amazing! The dogs where so well-behaved and easy to work with, it was a massive tick in my box. Animals are who they are because of how they are treated, so straight away I knew I was going to enjoy the company of our guide by the way the dogs reacted to their work. Our guide was exactly what Mark and I hoped for. He was always honest when we asked him a question and made our lives as easy as possible. His sense of humour made the tough parts of our journey more enjoyable. His love for the dogs and nature was inspiring to watch. He was a great teacher and I loved learning about that different way of living. We were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on the last night of our stay, this was definitely the cherry on top of our stay. We loved our stay and everyone involved. We will be recommending your company and the farm for anyone we know who is interested in this type of adventure. We can't thank you enough for making this experience available to us, and providing your service in such a profession and friendly manner." Sarah, January 2016

"The trip was amazing." Daniel, January 2016

"I found [Nature Travels] very helpful. Any questions I had were answered promptly. Thank you. I thought the experience was great, 9 out of 10. [The best part was] being out in the wilds. A great adventure. Would recommend trip to others." Les, January 2016

"The family were great and made me so welcome. The place itself was amazing." Nick, January 2016

"What words can describe my experience that have not already been said before; magical, mystical, spellbinding, a winter wonderland! [The cabin near the kennels for arrival/departure nights] was extremely clean, very warm with very good facilities and a good night's sleep was very welcome. The winter clothing was of a very high standard. After being shown how to harness the dogs it was not long before we were off on our adventure. What I did like was the rawness and the basics of it all which gave no hint of it being commercial or touristic in any way. It was about as near as one could get to being as one with nature. The log cabins were fantastic, the dogs' characters just grew on you and the wilderness and sheer beauty of our surroundings will be forever etched on my mind. It is apparent that the local hosts love their farm, their dogs and lifestyle. I would certainly recommend your company as a tour operator and the sledging tour to anyone. A wonderful experience." Phil, January 2016

"I liked the interactions with the dogs the best. The open air nature, and landscape and feeling of freedom. The sense of adventure, and doing something totally different." Jade, January 2016

"The experience of being in the wilderness in control of your own sled team was just magical. [I chose Nature Travels] for the Eco tourism approach and small tour sizes." Josie, January 2016

"An overall perfect experience. The booking process was amazing especially as my own booking was last minute and over Christmas I really appreciated the extra level of assistance given to me. The entire experience was the best part, from getting to know the dogs, having a down to earth and knowledgeable guide bent and then to finishing off the trip with Swedish meatballs and waffles really made it a perfect trip." Brendan, January 2016

"I just wanted to say that my trip to Swedish Lapland was amazing. Probably my all-time favorite trip; mushing sled dogs, and having a blast. Thanks for everything and I look forward to your future tours!" Chris, December 2015

"The booking process was fine. Nice and easy, written confirmation of payment arrived on time, etc. The best part of my trip was when we were coming to the end of day 2 and were sledding through the forest at speed at night. It was like a roller coaster of otherworldly beauty. Dog sledding was really perfect, beautiful scenery, terrain challenging enough to make things interesting, good food, good company, and who doesn't love husky dogs? 10/10" Justin, December 2015

"What a fantastic time we've just had on the Dog Sledding & Northern Lights in Vindelfjällen. It was exhilarating, exciting and exhausting. Hands on experience with the huskies and going back to nature in the log cabins was all part of the fun. Nature Travels were thorough and helpful in arranging everything and advising on travel and packing requirements, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. [The highlight was] interacting with the dogs, zipping through the landscape. The tour fitted my requirements and was reasonably priced." Denise, December 2015

"The freedom to control the sled and five dogs was great." Cam, December 2015

"The final day was exceptional. Listening to the sound of the sled and the dogs' pads surrounded by fresh snow, cloudless blue skies and crisp air – that alone made the trip worthwhile. We had to rearrange our trip and the team were very helpful in accommodating our arrangements." Will, March 2015

"It was another amazing holiday booked through yourself - what an experience! The dogs were so friendly, not aggressive at all, did not want to do anything other than run and could not wait to have the harness placed onto them. Because of the heavy snowfall I was given a sledge with six dogs - what fun to look after them throughout the tour including chopping the meat for their food, fetching water from frozen lakes, placing the harnesses on them, putting the hay down for the night etc. I had not appreciated how physically demanding the trip is, braking certainly required a lot of strength and also helping to push the sledge up-hill through very deep snow got the pulse going. The huts/cabins were nice and cosy, I was surprised how warm they got once the wood stove was running. I very much enjoyed being outdoors all day long. The food was good and more than sufficient, the homemade cakes deserve particular mention. The guide, Vadim, was very good and added much to the enjoyment of the trip through his knowledge, easy going manner and very good humour. One lunchtime we even did a spot of ice-fishing, quite entertaining although we did not catch anything. Everything was good organised. My return flight from Vilhelmina to Stockholm was cancelled by the airline but Vadim organised for some internet access so I could re-book connecting flights back to the UK; someone from the kennel gave us a little tour around the area in her car which was nice and the later departure time also meant we had some time to look around the kennel and village. Looking forward to book another holiday with Nature Travels for the next winter holiday." Heike, March 2015

"It was such a wonderful experience. I am so proud of us all for doing it and raising money and awareness for such a great cause! My Dad and Uncle were like 2 boy scouts - they loved every minute of it!! They would make great ambassadors!! Thank you for your help with the trip." Kelly, private charity expedition tour, February 2015

"Information and instructions were clear. The whole experience was the highlight. I cannot fault anything about the trip and the assistance I received at all. It was great." Jason, February 2015

"Communication and information from Nature Travels was excellent throughout the process. {We loved] the magical scenery - and being so privileged to enjoy such an individual experience. The tour group of 4 guests maximum is perfect. The daily trekking distance was also about right and the perfect level for visitors with average/reasonable fitness. Our local host was passionate about the tours offered and very generous with his time. The equipment provided, especially the cold weather clothing was superb." Hayley, January 2015

"We had an amazing time! Arriving to the base lodge was a wonderful surprise - we were expecting a basic cabin and instead got a wonderfully warm and beautiful cottage overlooking the lake! The food provided was excellent - Angela is a brilliant cook! I don't think you need to tell people to bring snacks! The organisation was also flawless, we were well informed about timetables/activities etc by our guide, who was excellent. Thank you to your UK team for answering all our questions and being so organised. The team in Sweden were also excellent. In particular our guide was brilliant. Nothing was too much trouble for him and was very keen for us to relax on our holiday so I'm sure did more of his fair share of the work. We were most impressed that the vegetarian/gluten free and random allergies were accounted for so well. Many thanks to our local hosts - they were a fantastic team and very knowledgeable." Gemma, New Year tour 2014/2015

"Our guide and his family were fantastic. They were extremely welcoming and made us feel very at home. We were very well taken care of and they went beyond our expectations when catering to my (many) food allergies. They made plenty of time to talk to us and make sure we enjoyed our stay. The dogs were amazing and obviously well loved and cared for. We couldn't have asked for a better holiday (other than staying for longer!)." Sonya and Ken, December 2014

"[Pre-departure service was] great, super helpful and very quick to respond. 100%! The whole experience was fantastic - our guide was the best ever - knowledgeable, funny and such fun to spend time with. He led us out with the dogs and was always ready with a joke or helpful comment - hard working and fun to be with, really made the trip for me as well as the amazing scenery, dogs and company. Overall great experience of both Nature Travels and the tour - really helpful throughout and the tour and tour guide were fantastic." Name not supplied, December 2014

"We really enjoyed the experience." Andrew, March 2014.

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