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Press coverage of Ice Skating on Natural Ice:

"There are fewer more sensuous ways to experience the country's lakelands than on an ice-based weekender from Stockholm." The Times

"A unique way to travel through Sweden's dramatic icebound landscape." Breathe magazine

"Carve your own tracks safely with a Nature Travels multi-day ice-skating tour with local guides that know where to find the best ice to explore on any day." Newsweek

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"Swedish ice skating will make fitness a pleasure." Metro

"In Scandinavia, you can still skate long distances in the wild." The Week

"A whitish-orange glow from the setting sun was reflected in the ice." Seán Williams in The Guardian

"Ice skating fanatics will love this four-day small group 'trip skating' adventure." Sainsbury's Magazine

"Forget doing tight circuits of your local rink with thousands of other wild-limbed novices. How about skating on iced-over lakes and waterways?" The Sunday Times

"Gliding across frozen lakes and seas, Scandinavian-style, makes for a spectacular winter adventure.At sunrise and sunset the light across these empty landscapes is mesmerising." Outdoor Fitness magazine.

"Skate through Sweden on frozen lakes with a guide, staying at local hostels." National Geographic Traveller magazine.

"Skating on the frozen wastes of the Baltic Sea is an astonishing experience." The Week

"If you enjoy ice skating but have outgrown the endless circling of the local rink, head to Sweden post haste." Recommended by Lonely Planet Traveller magazine as one of Europe's "Ultimate Winter Experiences".

"Forget crowded rinks. Once you've skated on natural ice, there's no going back.As my confidence grew, so did my speed. The sensation was irresistible, somewhere between floating, falling and, yes, flying." Duncan Craig, The Independent

"Skating on an open sea in a Nordic winter landscape is an experience like nothing else. It's exhilarating. It's liberating.from now on, a sedate spin round my local ice rink just won't have the same allure." Lizze Enfield, The Sunday Times

"Simple, peaceful, meditative – so unlike a session at your standard ice rink.I don't want this to be over. My sea ice experience has gone far better than I had ever hoped." Kevin Rushby, The Guardian

"My relationship with ice skating had moved beyond the annual flirtation on the local rink at Christmas – I was ready for a full-blown holiday romance." Adventure Travel magazine

"This trip was one of the most memorable of my travels. The joy of gliding never dissipates, whether it is out into the open waterscape or along reed protected coastlines." The Irish Times

"Escape the circle-skating crowds at Somerset House and ice-skate with a sense of purpose on a four-day trek through south-eastern Sweden's vast network of frozen lakes, with Nature Travels. The trip also involves, if conditions allow, moon-skating." The Guardian recommends Ice Skating on Natural Ice as one of its top "European Breaks With A Twist".

"Accompanied by an expert guide, you can experience the thrill of speeding over the frozen lakes of south-eastern Sweden this winter, covering distances of up to 25km per day, followed by a sauna in the evenings." The Observer recommends Ice Skating on Natural Ice as one of the "best places to go and things to do" as part of its "Great Escapes" series.

"Ice skating through a marine wilderness is one of the joys of a Baltic Sea holiday." Ethical Traveller journalist Catherine Mack recommends Ice Skating on Natural Ice.

"Ice skating across Sweden's frozen lakes is about as gloriously close to nature as you can get - total Swedish silence. Thank you Nature Travels and thank you Nature." Ethical Traveller journalist Catherine Mack, February 2012

"Imagine the sun on your face, the crisp air all around you, and the smell of fresh ice - and now imagine gliding along on skates without being forced to go around and around in a tiny oval rink. Instead, you can experience the great outdoors on one of these naturally frozen skating spots: Just you, the ice, and your skates." Treehugger.com recommends our Ice Skating on Natural Ice tour as one of its "Stunning Spots for Natural Ice Skating Around the World".

"Soaring over frozen lakes is a godlike sensation." Recommended in Wanderlust magazine.

"Nature Travels are experts in outdoor and adventure travel." Recommended in 101 Amazing Adventures by Russ Malkin.

"Nature Travels is at the top of my 2011 wishlist with its ice trekking holiday in Sweden." Catherine Mack in The Irish Times.

"I was completely captured by the idea of traveling on ice skates". Swiss-Italian magazine Azione.

"Local guides ensure the safest and most enjoyable tracks, leaving you to perfect your prowess whilst experiencing the country's breathtaking natural beauty." Running In Heels recommends Ice Skating on Natural Ice as one of its "Best New Year Breaks For A New You".

"Trip skating gives you a mix of exhilaration and tranquility." The Guardian features Ice Skating on Natural Ice as one of its "20 Great Things To Do This Winter".

Customer Reviews of Ice Skating on Natural Ice:

"It was absolutely magical. I could not fault anything about this trip. I had the time of my life, the whole group moulding together, and everybody played a part. The different lakes that we skated on and the last day on the Baltic sea were absolutely amazing. We had fantastic guides - they were absolutely amazing caring, making sure we were all safe, and it was the experience of a lifetime. I would definitely do it again." Doron, February 2024

"This is my 4th trip and it's always great to be out in the fresh air and skating. Our guide was really calm, kind and considerate. Pre-departure process works like clockwork. There was another couple on the trip also singing your praises." Jacky, February 2024

"We managed to skate every day with the guides finding skatable locations. The weather cooperated and our last day of skating in the Archipelago was pure magic! Endless perfect ice was all I had hoped for. It was one of the best single day outdoor activities of my life!!" Jim, February 2024

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"The trip was great! Thanks for organising and making sure it ran so smoothly." Sam, February 2024

"Our guide was fantastic! - helpful, knowledgeable, and great company. I felt safe under his guidance - thank you! I really enjoyed socialising with our small group in the hostel; cooking and relaxing. This is my second Beginners' tour, it is perfect for my ability. To skate on a frozen lake is magical! I have travelled with Nature Travels before, and really enjoy your trips. I believe you offer excellent customer service and are good value for money." Oliver, February 2023

"Being back from a fantastic trip to Sweden with 4 days of skating on excellent ice, we want to say thank you to you for organising this unforgettable trip. We felt looked after by you very attentively, nicely and reliably, and our local guide was very experienced and friendly." Bettina, private tour March 2023

"We had a wonderful time. One of the most memorable experiences we've had! Thank you so much for all you did to coordinate our travel plans." Kirsten, February 2023

"We really enjoyed the ice skating. The ice on the last 2 days was wonderful for skating. Although a beginners group, we managed over 60km of skating over the weekend. We were amazed by the incredible patterns of bubbles under the ice. Our guide was excellent and worked extremely hard to look after us well and make sure that we enjoyed the skating." Hilary, February 2023

"Choosing a highlight is very difficult as it was all so fantastic. Possibly the first skate on the first day - having done it before, it was so wonderful to be back on the ice, and it was great quality ice, despite the thin layer of snow. Please pass on my (and Iris's) thanks for the vegan options. Our guide had really thought about this, and it was much appreciated." Jacky, February 2023

"Extremely easy to book and you were very helpful with questions. The skating was simply amazing and in some of the most gorgeous scenery. Our guide was very diligent and extremely interesting about everything from skating to the country's history. A really special experience! Thank you for arranging an incredible trip!" Iona, January 2023

"All commmunication was great and friendly and I was very informed. I was impressed by your professionalism and level of support. This holiday was only just at the right level for me, I was the weakest in the group but was really pleased to have been pushed and accomplished so much more than I had expected. This came down to the guide and the rest of the group who looked after me. It was a fantastic trip." Inge, February 2022

"I wanted to express my thanks for such a brilliant trip! I had such a great time ice skating on an actual lake! Our guides were fantastic - very friendly, encouraging and supportive. We felt all meals, transport and accommodation was very well organised too. Lovely to also socialise in the youth hostel, cook and eat together. The 'what to wear/take' is great and I wanted to thank you for the detailed and swift communication before the trip." Oliver, February 2022

"For me it was perfect! The moonlight skating and BBQ, amazing! John was an incredible host, really fun, I loved the trip, would 100% want to come back! I just want to say again how appreciative I am for all your help in planning and making the most wonderful trip. I had the most amazing time!" Shayara, February 2022

"Our guide was brilliant." Jenny, February 2022

"We had a fantastic time. Fully expect we'll be back!" Jacky, February 2022

"Thank you for all your efforts to make sure I had a memorable experience. It was delightful. Being able to experience an activity I love (skating) in a different environment with really cool things like taking breaks on tree-covered islands and learning about the place I was visiting." Linda, January 2022

"We were very lucky with the weather, given the recent dump of snow in Sweden. Our guide found excellent locations for us to skate each day and was very knowledgeable and engaging." Faris, March 2020

"Our guide was awesome. I can't imagine a better guide. He had a great sense of adventure but was also careful to avoid dangerous situations. He is totally client focused and listened to what we wanted from the experience and delivered on it. Rarely have I had a guide this excellent. And the accommodation he choose was superb. Very local with an amazing ambience." Joanne, February 2020

"The tour corresponded to my expectations so I am satisfied at all levels: Your availability to answer our questions and concerns; Clear and precise answers; In Sweden the accommodation was above what was expected and was very pleasant and beautiful; The ice skating was very enjoyable. To sum up, it was very good. Very pleasant, and I will be ready to repeat the experience and talk about it to others. Thanks to the whole team." Claudie, February 2020

"Once again, an excellent holiday with Nature Travels. Under Björn's expert guidance, we found some excellent places to skate. Keeping an eye on the best conditions, our guide changed plans on the third day and we moved to a different hostel, nearer to what turned out to be perfect skating conditions. This kind of knowledge and flexibility made all the difference." Jonathan, February 2020

"A fantastic guide who really looked after me and made the trip a really wonderful few days. [I chose Nature Travels because] easy to understand website offering the trip I wanted." Francesca, January 2020

"The guide was simply fantastic - not just a really professional, highly experienced ice skating guide; but a really nice and generous host who nothing was to much trouble for - he really looked after us." Robin, February 2019

"The skating and the scenery were both amazing! I'd recommend it to anyone interested!" Alexandra, February 2019

"Pre-departure service was excellent. Always very attentive even when not communicating with the same person. Everyone was extremely efficient, kind and helpful by email or phone. Quick response too to any random questions. Our guide was excellent and he really 'made' the trip for us. He was so attentive to us on a personal level, but also always watching our mood and stability on the ice and was always prepared to modify the skating distances and time around us. I couldn't recommend him more highly." Jacquie, February 2019

"Skating on wild ice and hearing the magical sounds of the ice singing. Guide was able to be flexible and adapt to conditions, taking us wherever he thought would be best on the day. Beautiful scenery and tranquillity." Marianne, February 2019

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed last week's ice skating holiday in Sweden. Thank you for putting together such a fantastic package. Our guide ensured that each day's skating was in the best possible locations, with the right conditions. We always had a perfect balance of safety, challenge and enjoyment. It was interesting spending time with him as he read reports of other guides' experiences on the ice, in order to come up with a list of possible venues for the next day's skating. The highlight for me was the day spent on Lake Vättern, finishing by skating as dusk fell and then in the darkness, by torchlight." Jonathan, January 2019

"The ice skating experience was tremendous, especially skating on the Baltic Sea." Victoria, March 2018

"A very special experience that would be difficult to get anywhere else. [The local guides were] both very patient, supportive, and welcoming, and I felt that we were very safe and well taken care of at all times." Judith, March 2018

"[The highlights were] the guides, accommodation and group." Aoife, March 2018

"We had a great time. A big thank you for these few days. [We appreciated] the kindness and organisation of the stay." Patrice and Mary, March 2018

"We both really enjoyed the two guides. They did an excellent job and kept us safe. As well as the other clients. The skating was like a dream." Blain, January 2018

"We had a fabulous time, thank you. Both our guides were wonderful - looking after us, informative, friendly - couldn't have asked for more. Our hostel was very comfortable." Amanda, January 2018

"I thought the guides were excellent, the other people on the trip were interesting and fun, and although it wore me out and my body aches, it was more than worth it. Marshmallows on a camp fire on ice on the final day was a fun ending. Going shopping to a Swedish supermarket as a group of 16 (including the two guides) was hilarious, and I won't forget looking for reindeer steaks. Thanks to everyone concerned. It was a fantastic time away." Sean, January 2018

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Ice Skating tour - our guide was really good and we got three amazingly perfect days on the ice, as well as some moonlight skating on Fri, I would/will definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone! The accommodation was good, he was flexible with food and breaks and locations and I learnt so so much and felt safe and comfortable the entire time we were out, it's definitely one of the best things I've ever done." Sarah, March 2017

"Thank you for making our trip successful, we have really enjoyed it very much! We will be back with our plans for our next visit." Lenka, February 2017

"Ice skating + location awesome. Better than walking on the moon." Beatriz, February 2017

"[The best part was] skating on beautiful lakes with a great group. Our guide and host was absolutely brilliant." Andy, February 2017

"Great guide firstly, laid back, fun and knowledgeable. Weather, sun every day and no wind so very lucky, everything was perfect! We had a wonderful time, thank you." Pauline, February 2016

"It was great - loved the experience." Tess, February 2016

"Ice skating outdoors was amazing, the scenery was spectacular, and the only thing you could hear was the ice booming as it cracked in the warming sun." Name not supplied, February 2016

"Just to let you know I had a great time in Sweden. John and his assistant Birja were brilliant. I loved the immersion into the culture through staying in the hostel and getting to know all my fellow skaters through cooking and living with them. The skating was fantastic, mainly I think due to John's careful consideration of weather conditions each night to then determine our destination. He was spot on every time. Thanks for your help in the lead up to the holiday. (Although I think 'holiday' is a bit inaccurate, I was frazzled! but never slept better!)." Darren, February/March 2015

"The location and scenery were fantastic. The guides worked really hard to give us a great experience. The trip leaders John and Karl were fantastic and worked very hard to make it a great trip." Rod, February 2015

"Just back from my ice-skating trip - I'm still buzzing! It was glorious, mesmerising and at occasional moments terrifying!! I really appreciate the lengths the guides went to, to make sure we found good ice." Joanna, February 2015

"Long stretches of perfect ice for skating; an amazing experience and a most enjoyable trip. Very many hours of skating every day. Nothing was too much for our guide and his two assistants, everything was well-organised. I believe that the ice was rather iffy on some places but I felt perfectly safe during the whole trip.as there was no snow on the ice you could see the different patterns/make-ups of the ice which was very interesting and our guide was more than happy to provide information on why there are different ice structures, why some ice is stronger than others etc. I also found it rather fun that on occassions we had to take off the skates and walk across some islands as there was no other way to progress due to ice conditions." Heike, February 2014

"Intelligent and nice guide team; splendid landscape." Bernard, February 2014

"Thank you for an excellent few days of skating. We so enjoyed our time with you and feel so lucky to have had you all to ourselves. We loved the "stashes" of ice that you found for us and the ease with which you handled our pace for photography etc. Your quiet way of having all the details covered was much appreciated and we truly enjoyed every moment of our time with you. You are a true professional and we would recommend you to any of our friends and family. We hope to skate again with you sometime. Thank you for a wonderful vacation in Sweden." Candra, private skating tour, March 2013

"Our guides were amazing and provided a fantastic holiday and memorable experience. We were lucky with the weather too." Sarah, Febuary 2013

"Just a quick email to say what a fantastic trip! The skating was just unbelievable - and the whole set-up superb. The guides on the ground are a real asset to you. Thanks for all your help in making it happen." Duncan, February 2013

"Now I have been on this experience for the third time, and have always enjoyed it, seen different areas of Sweden and the local guide is doing a great job making it a good experience for everyone. I am very pleased with everything. I was very happy with the business I did with Nature Travels before, so a clear choice." Wiebke, February 2012

"[I really enjoyed] skating on such big ice fields in the middle of the nature." Beat, February 2012

"Just to let you know we had a great time! Thanks for all your arranging and a big thanks to the guides. They were brilliant. It was a trip I will never forget." Anna, February 2011

"Great time - everybody should try it." Susan, February 2011

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