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About Norway

Information on Norwegian geography, climate, currency and language

Norway is a land of extremes - one of the world's most northerly countries, Norway has an incredible 25,000 km of coastline with more than 50,000 island, and stretches from latitute 58 Degrees North in the south to 71 Degrees North at the top (or 81 Degrees North if you include Svalbard!). From jagged alpine peaks to plunging fjords and quiet forests, yet with just 5 million inhabitants, Norway is a limitless adventure playground for those with a passion from the outdoors, whether the attraction is the deeps snows of winter for dog sledding the endless summer days for a kayak tour in the fjords.


The Norwegian Fjords

The fjords make up some of Norway's most spectacular and recognisable landscapes. Formed by glaciers, fjords are narrow inlets with steep sides. Norway and the Svalbard islands together have around 1190 fjords, the deepest of which is the Sognefjord, which reaches 1308m.

Weather and Climate

Avg. temp deg C/Hrs daylight January July
Oslo (south) 0 deg daytime (-5 deg nighttime)/6.5 hours 21 deg daytime (12 deg nighttime)/19 hours
Trondheim (middle) 0 deg daytime (-5 deg nighttime)/5 hours 17 deg daytime (12 deg nighttime)/20 hours
Alta (north) -5 deg daytime (-11 deg nighttime)/0 hours 17 deg daytime (11 deg nightime)/24 hours

Driving and Public Transport in Norway




Norwegian in 30 Seconds
English Norwegian Pronunciation
Hello Hei! high
Good morning God morgen! goh-moron
Good night God natt! god-natt
Goodbye Hej då! hay dor
Thank you Takk tahk
Thank you very much Tusen takk! toozun tahk
How are you? Well, thanks. Hvor er du? Bra, takk! vor ah doo? bra, tahk
My name is... Mitt navn er... meat namn air...
Nice to meet you Hyggelig å møte deg higglih ah mertuh day

Misc. Info

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