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Travelling to Gunnerud

Gunnerud is the destination stop for:

You will normally need to allow a day either side of your tour for travel to/from Sweden.


To reach Gunnerud, you can fly to any of the Stockholm, Gothenburg or Oslo airports. From here, you travel by train to Karlstad then onward to Gunnerud by local bus (approx. 1.5 hours). See link below under "Getting from Karlstad to Gunnerud" for bus timetable.

Please see below for detailed information.

NB: Please don't hesitate to ask if you require any assistance planning your journey – we are happy to help.


Getting to Karlstad from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Oslo:

NB: All train connections to Karlstad below, including those from/to Oslo (Norway) can be booked at Swedish train website

Flying to Karlstad from Copenhagen or London:

Getting from Karlstad to Gunnerud:

Local bus 600 runs between Karlstad and Gunnerud and takes 1.5-2 hours. You can see the latest timetable here: If the timetable for your travel dates has not yet been published, information will be updated when released. Karlstad bus station is approx. 5 mins' walk from the train station, about 450m. Please see map below (the "Mitt i City Gallerian" shown is a shopping centre with supermarket):


To see train timetables and to book your tickets, go to Click "In English" in the top right corner. Type in your start point and type "Karlstad C" (Karlstad Central station) as your destination.

For travelling from Oslo to Karlstad, Swebus coach connections may be an additional option - see These leave from Oslo Gallerian bus station, just next to the central train station.

Check-in times:

NB: You must ensure there are connections allowing you to reach Gunnerud in good time to check in for your tour. It is not possible to arrive later than the start times given below.

Start times are as follows:

End times:

Staying at or near Gunnerud:

Staying in Karlstad:

If travelling by public transport, you will need to overnight in Karlstad on your way to Gunnerud, and may also wish to do so after your tour. Karlstad is a pleasant town with a range of small supermarkets, and a good place to purchase provisions for your tour (please note that there is nowhere to purchase supplies in Gunnerud). For accommodation in Karlstad, there are a number of options:

Youth hostel: search for "Karlstad"

STF Hostel Karlstad, Kasernhöjden 19, 65339 KARLSTAD

+46(0)54-56 68 40

Bed and breakfast: (site in Swedish, but you will see pictures and contact information)

Hotel: (hotel opposite the rail and bus station in Karlstad, website just in Swedish but you can see contact information and pictures; offers discounted prices during summer season)

Special information for guests on Timber Rafting on Klaräven 8 days 50km route (or 5 days 50km "northern route"):

For the above, your tour will not end back at the timber raft centre as normal, but approx. 50km further north. From here, use the following information to check bus connections back to Karlstad:

DON'T FORGET! - when booking flights

DON'T FORGET! - when booking trains

For group bookings, SJ offers special group rates for groups of 10 or more persons – for prices and information, search for "Group Travel" at for online quotation form.


If you have difficulties making your booking or have any questions for SJ, you can contact SJ by phone or web chat. For general questions, we recommend using the web chat facility rather than calling, as waiting times on the phone can be long. For contact details, see under "Personal Service" (either "Start the Chat" or "Number and Opening Hours").

How do I get the SJ website in English?

The SJ website is in English, but it's not always obvious how to change language! If viewing the site on a desktop computer, change the SV/Swedish flag icon (SV="Svenska"=Swedish) in the top right of the page to EN/British flag. If viewing on a mobile, go under the three-line "Meny" (menu) icon and scroll down to the option for "Svenska" (Swedish). Change this to English.

When changing language, you may see a pop-up box in Swedish with a green button saying "Byt Språk" (=Change Language). Press the button to confirm.

Trains aren't bookable yet for my travel dates. When will they be released?

You may wish to check the information at, which gives information on when train timetables are expected to be published and tickets available for booking. Bear in mind that this information relates only to trains - if your journey also includes a bus component, the bus timetables may not be available as far in advance as for trains.

How do I collect my tickets?

When booking your train tickets at, you will be presented with a choice of ticket options on the payment screen. The options offered vary depending on your journey, but you can normally choose either to print out an e-ticket or to collect your ticket on arrival at SJ ticket machines or Pressbyrån/7-Eleven stores. NB: The option to send tickets home is not available to travellers outside Sweden.

I'm trying to book a "bed upgrade" on a night train, but my booking fails.

When booking your night train tickets at, you are often presented with an option to upgrade from the normal "couchette" sleeping compartment. However, sometimes the booking will then fail later in the process, either with an "availability" or "technical" error. This is due to a fault in the SJ booking system, which sometimes offers upgrade options even when they are not actually available. If you have this problem, it is probably because your requested upgrade is not available for your chosen journey. Choose an alternative upgrade option or the standard "couchette" sleeper.

All beds on the night train I want to take seem to be fully booked - only seats are available.

If you are travelling to or from Kiruna or Abisko Turiststation and your chosen service seems to be full for all sleeping compartment options (and you do not wish to travel seat only), try checking the journey in two halves to see if this offers availability (check that both parts are available of course before booking). For outward journey, book your night train up to Boden C and then go through the booking system again to book a seat separately from Boden C to your final destination. Check the train number - it should be the same train, there is no need to change train (though you may be required to change seat on the train of course). For example, if night train no. 94 is full for the route Arlanda C departing 18.33 arriving Abisko Turistation 11.14, book Arlanda C departing 18.33 arriving Boden C 05.40 direct (train no. 94) with sleeping compartment and Boden C to Abisko Turiststation departing Boden 06.00 arriving Abisko Turiststation 11.14 direct (train no. 94) with seat. NB: When booking your seat, book the seat one day LATER OR EARLIER (depending on direction of travel) than the night train. For example, book night train Arlanda C - Boden C for 13th April and seat Boden C - Abisko Turiststation for 14th April (as you will arrive Boden on the 14th).

What does "SJ Prio Points" mean?

When booking on the SJ website, you may be asked to enter card digits for "SJ Prio Points". This refers to a customer loyalty card and is not requesting payment information. Leave this part blank. Payment details are entered elsewhere in the booking process.

Help! The SJ website doesn't accept my card!

Due to increased security measures, may on rare occasions reject payment from some non-Swedish cards. If this happens, try one of the following:

The SJ website doesn't accept my phone number.

When you come to the booking page, the form will ask for your telephone number. If you have difficulty entering a valid number (try first with your country code such as 0044711111111, etc), use a "dummy" number such as 0870 12345678. The number entered here is not essential to your booking.

I don't have Swedish characters on my keyboard – how can I enter place names with these characters?

Many Swedish place names will use the Swedish characters å, ä and ö. If you do not have these characters on your keyboard, you can replace them with the English characters a and o. The system will usually make a guess as to the place name. If you have difficulties, you can also copy and paste these characters from the sentence above. If travelling to or from Gothenburg, bear in mind that the Swedish name for Gothenburg is Göteborg. In all Swedish station names, "C" signifies the central station (e.g. Stockholm C = Stockholm Central).

I've received an email from SJ about my booking, but it's in Swedish!

Occasionally (for example if you are being advised of a change to booked train times, etc), SJ may contact you with information about your booking, and unfortunately this information is often provided in Swedish only. You can use an online service such as Google Translate for an approximate translation, but if you would like any assistance or clarification, you are welcome to forward the message to us and we will decipher it for you!


For information on flight buses from Swedish airports into the city, see

The DFDS Seaways ferry service between Harwich and Esjberg in Denmark has now unfortunately closed. However, it is still possible to use the Dover-Dunkirk or Newcastle-Amsterdam routes to access Sweden and Norway. For ferry information and booking, please see

It is also possible to travel by train internationally - for guidance on international train travel, please see and


If you are planning to spend some days in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Oslo before and/or after your experience with us or need to overnight before onward travel, please see


As described above, at you can purchase a ticket for your whole journey, including any sections involving bus travel. However, at times you may also wish to buy your bus ticket locally (for example if you would like to book the train component of your journey now, but bus timetables are not yet released so the whole journey cannot yet be booked). Unlike train fares, bus fares are fixed, so there is no price advantage in advance booking. However, note that in many areas of Sweden, you can no longer pay for tickets in cash on the bus. Depending on the region, you may be able to make payment by card on the bus, or there may be ticket machines available to purchase your ticket. In other areas, tickets can be purchased in advance from ticket offices or kiosks at stations, etc.

The SJ "Get There Guarantee" - Why should I buy my train + bus ticket together?

It is often possible to buy a ticket for all components of your journey, including bus, at Swedish train website Although price for bus tickets (unlike trains) does not change compared where buying in advance ors on the day, there are a number of advantages in doing this: