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Hiking the Mountain Peaks of Jotunheimen (Norway)

Torfinnstraversen, Uranostind Glacier and Falketind ascents in one glorious hiking adventure in the Norwegian mountains

  • Guided
  • Hard+
  • From £/person
  • Jul-Aug, 6 days/5 nights
  • Adults (min age 16), Groups, Solo


  • Five iconic Jotunheimen peaks
  • A rewarding challenge for experienced hikers
  • Accommodation in mountain hotel and mountain cabins
  • Glacier crossings, rapelling and scrambling
  • Some climbing required (UIAA Grade 1-2)
  • Return bus tickets from Oslo included

Description »

Five peaks over three hiking days

Are you an experienced, fit hiker with a taste for adventure and looking for your next challenge? If you are, Hiking the Mountain Peaks of Jotunheimen may suit you perfectly!

The Jotunheimen region is home to some of Norway's most spectacular and best-known peaks, and justly deserves its reputation as one of the world's great destinations for hiking.

This tour, led by certified and experienced local guides, combines three of the "jewels in the crown" of Jotunheimen hiking:

  • Torfinnstraversen: Three 2000+m peaks in one day, requiring some rapelling and climbing (UIAA Grade 1-2).
  • Uranostind Glacier: A long hike rewarding you with wonderful views.
  • Falketind: Possibly Jotunheimen's most challenging peak hike, crossing a glacier before scrambling the last, steep section to the summit.
Hiking in Jotunheimen, Norway

For the adventurous hiker, the peaks of Jotunheimen offer the dual reward of accomplishment and the chance to enjoy truly breathtaking mountain scenery. Photo: JB.

Comfortable and atmospheric accommodation with boat transfers

During the tour, you'll stay at three different overnight locations:

  • Bygdin: A lovely traditional mountain hotel on the lakeshore.
  • Torfinnsbu: One of the most characterful of the Norwegian trekking cabins in the Jotunheimen area, beautifully-situated beneath the dramatic peaks of Torfinnstraversen, with no electricity or running water.
  • Fondsbu: A welcoming haven in the settlement of Eidsbugarden and your base to access the Uranostind and Falketind hikes.

Between the overnight locations, you and your luggage are transferred by boat. Boat transfers from Bygdin to Torfinnsbu to begin the Torfinnstraversen hike, from Torfinnsbu to Eidsbugarden for the Uranstind and Falketind ascents, and from Eidsbugarden back to Bygdin for bus to Oslo at the end of the tour are all included.

Torfinnsbu, Norway

Torfinnsbu, simple cabin accommodation at the base of the Torfinnstraversen route. Photo: Nature Travels.


Challenge Level: Hard+; Distance: 10.5km (total); Height gain: 1200m; Time required: 8-12 hours

The Torfinns Traverse is located by Lake Bygdin, in the southern part of the Jotunheimen range.

Crossing three peaks, all above 2000m, this classic hike takes you over Eastern Tofinnstind (2120m), Middle Torfinnstind (2112m) and Western Torfinnstind (2095m).

Torfinnstraversen, Jotunheimen

Some rapelling is required during the Torfinnstraversen route - adding to the adventure! Photo: JB.

You'll need to rappel (descend using ropes) at four points during the hike, and a number of sections also require some simple to moderate climbing (UIAA grade 1-2 - for more information see "Good to Know > Required").

This will be a long and challenging day, but you will be rewarded both with wonderful views and a real sense of achievement - how often will you get to scale three peaks over 2000m in a single day?

Uranostind Glacier

Challenge Level: Hard; Distance: 17km (total); Height gain: 1050m; Time required: 10-11 hours

The ascent of Uranostind takes you past Urdadalsvannet to the valley of Koldedalen and on to the peak at 2157m.

Uranostind Glacier, Jotunheimen

The Glacier hike adds an extra dimension to a varied and exciting hiking programme. Photo: JB.

On reaching the glacier, you will take time to change equipment for the rest of the hike (equipment for hiking on the glacier is provided), before continuing to Uraknatten and beginning the climb to Uranostind.

The route requires some relatively easy climbing as you go over crevasses and crawl the last part to emerge onto the ridge at the top. As with any mountain environment, you should be prepared for rapidly changeable conditions, with the possibility of snowstorms at altitude even in summer.


Challenge Level: Hard+; Distance: 13km (total); Height gain: 1000m; Time required: 12 hours

Falketind, Jotunheimen

It's a long walk to the top, but the views make it worth it! Photo: JB.

Falketind holds a special place in the history of Norwegian mountaineering, being the first peak of "alpine character" in Norway to be climbed, in 1820.

From here, the reputation of the Jotunheimen region for excellent hiking and climbing was born.

Falketind is probably the most demanding peak hike in Jotunhhiemen, and also one of the most spectacular. Starting from Koldedalen, the route to the 2067m summit is scenic and includes crossing a glacier. The last part of the hike is extremely steep and requires some crawling.

Itinerary »

See under "Description" for more information on each of the hikes.

NB: As with any tour in a mountain environment, weather conditions can be very changeable. In the event that weather conditions make it unsuitable to do one or more of the peak hikes from the programme, alternative hikes will be offered - there is a wide choice of routes and hiking possibilities in the area. The order of hikes during the programme may also be changed to take advantage of the most suitable weather conditions.

Day 1: Arrival

NB: For this experience, bus tickets for travel from/to Oslo in connection with arrival and departure are included. An e-ticket will be sent to you approx. one month before your travel date.

Bus departs Oslo central bus station 13.05 (based on 2020 timetables - times for 2021 TBC. If flying to Oslo that morning, allow good time between connections to travel from Oslo Gardermoen airport (OSL) into the city (around 20 mins by train). Journey time to Bygdin approx. 4.5 hours.

The bus from Oslo takes you through beautiful scenery to mountain hotel on the shore of lake Bygdin, where you have dinner and accommodation for your first night.

If you are doing the optional rapelling course (compulsory if you do not have current experience of rapelling), this will be done at suitable time during this day and takes 1-2 hours.

Day 2: Torfinnstraversen

Challenge Level: Hard+; Distance: 10.5km (total); Height gain: 1200m; Time required: 8-12 hours

You begin by taking the boat from Bygdin along the lake to Torfinnsbu, from where the climb begins more or less immediately. You hike the peaks of East, Middle and West Torfinnstind, before descending to the Torfinnsbu cabins for the night.

Day 3: Boat to Eidsbugarden

After your long and challenging day on the Torfinnstraversen, you're likely to need a rest today!

You take the boat further up Lake Bygdin to the settlement of Eidsbugarden, for accommodation at Fondsbu.

Eidsbugarden is scenically-located and, if you're feeling really energetic, there are a number of options for hikes in the area, including a lovely and fairly east walk to nearby summit "Utsikten".

Don't forget to save your energy for the coming days, though!

Day 4: Uranostind Glacier

Challenge Level: Hard; Distance: 17km (total); Height gain: 1050m; Time required: 10-11 hours

A short vehicle transfer brings you to the start of the glacier hike. Return to Eidsbugarden for accommodation at Fondsbu.

Day 5: Falketind

Challenge Level: Hard+; Distance: 13km (total); Height gain: 1000m; Time required: 12 hours

Transfer from Fondsbu by vehicle (about 30 mins) to the start of the hike for a demanding but spectacular end to your hiking adventure in the Norwegian mountains.

Return to Fondsbu for dinner and a chance to reflect on your experience and rest your muscles!

Day 6: Departure

After breakfast, connections (ticket included) depart for Oslo. You will reach Oslo in the evening and so will need to overnight in Oslo after your tour.

*Boat departs Eidsbugarden 11.30 arriving Bygdin 13.15 to connect with bus from Bygdin departing at 15.50 arriving 20.15.

*Times based on 2020 timetables. Times for 2021 TBC.


Dates 2021

Tours run Tuesday-Saturday in July and August.

  • July: 06.07-11.07.21, 13.07-18.07.21, 20.07-25.07.21, 27.07-01.08.21
  • August: 03.08-08.08.21, 12.07-15.08.21, 17.07-22.08.21


Prices 2021

Prices are in British Pounds and Euros. If you wish, you are also welcome to make your payment in Norwegian Kronor (NOK) - please contact us for details.

Standard Prices  
Per personGBP EUR
Optional Extras (see description below)  
Rapelling course (required if you do not have experience)TBC for 2021
  • Rapelling course: The Torfinnstraversen route requires four sections of rapelling. If you do not have experience of rapelling, an introductory course (1-2 hours) on the arrival day is compulsory. Guests with rapelling experience are also recommended to choose the course to increase confidence/refresh your knowledge.

What's Included »



See images below.

During the tour you will stay one night in each of the following locations. Accommodation is in 2-person or multi-person rooms. Solo travellers or extra person in odd-numbered group will have accommodation either in shared multi-person rooms or in 2-person rooms with other same-gender guest in the group.

  • Bydgin (Day 1): A traditional Norwegian mountain hotel steeped in history, scenically-located on the shores of Lake Bygdin. Shared WC/shower facilities.
  • Torfinnsbu (Day 2): Wonderfully atmospheric trekking cabins beneath the Torfinnstraversen peaks. Multi-person rooms with bunk beds (possibly mixed gender depending on group composition). No shower facilities or electricity, dry outside toilets. It is possible to bathe in the lake if feeling brave!
  • Fondsbu (Days 3-5): Located in Eidsbugarden at the end of the lake and offering wonderful hospitality. Rooms with bunk beds. Shared WC/shower facilities.
  • Bed linen and towel is provided at all accommodation.
Bygdin mountain hotel

Bygdin mountain hotel (Day 1). Photos: JB.

Torfinnsbu cabins

Torfinnsbu cabins and boat (Day 2). Photos: JB./p>

Fondsbu, Eidsbugarden

Fondsbu (Days 3-5). Photos: JB


All meals from dinner on arrival to breakfast on departure. Meals at Bygdin and Fondsbu are served in the hotel/cabin restaurants together with other guests. For night at Torfinnsbu, provisions are provided to prepare together as a group.

On Day 3, lunch is served at Fondsbu. On Days 2, 4 and 5, lunch will be a packed lunch prepared at breakfast.

You may wish to bring additional snacks such as chocolate/energy bars for between meals when hiking. Snacks are available to purchase at Bygdin and Fondsbu.

Please provide information on any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian) in advance.


  • Bus transfer by public bus from Oslo to/from the start/end points of the tour.
  • Local transfers by boat Bygdin-Torfinnsbu (Day 2), Torfinnsbu-Eidsbugarden (Day 3) and Eidsugarden-Bygdin (Day 6, connecting with bus to Oslo); local transfers by vehicle from/to Eidsburgarden for Uranostind and Falketind hikes.


Climbing and safety equipment as necessary for the tours is provided (ropes, crampons, harnesses and helmets).


Experienced and certified local guide(s) for the peak hikes.

Not Included

  • Travel: We do not arrange flights or domestic travel, but are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey. See under "Getting There" for general travel information.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (available to purchase at the overnight accommodation locations, except Torfinnsbu).

Good To Know »


Health requirements/experience:

To participate in this tour, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult).
  • Have a high level of fitness and be prepared for long, demanding days of hiking in steep and uneven terrain and in potentially changeable and challenging weather conditions.
  • Have previous experience of hiking in alpine conditions.
  • Not be afraid of heights. Some parts of the trail are very steep, with drops on either side, and you will also be rapelling and scrambling during the tour.
  • Have some basic experience of climbing, as Torfinnstraversen has some climbing sections. The climbing difficulty grade for this tour is UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme) Grade 1-2 (the scale goes from Lowest 1 to Extreme 11):
    • The UIAA defines Grade 1 as: "It is the easiest kind of scramble. Frequent use of hands is required to support balance and hand and foot-holds must be trusted."
    • The UIAA defines Grade 2 as: "Here real climbing begins, that requires the movement of a limb at a time and a proper setting of the movements. Holds and supports are still abundant."
  • Be able to rapell. Torfinnstraversen requires four sections of rapelling. If you do not have experience of rapelling, or need to refresh your skills and confidence, you must add the 1-2 hour rapelling course on arrival day (see under "Prices > Optional extras").

Your main luggage will be left at the overnight accommodation locations, but you will need to carry a daypack with lunch, water and extra clothes. You should be comfortable with the hiking duration, distances and height gain/loss as per itinerary information.

What makes this "Hard+"?

All the hikes on this tour require long, demanding days, with significant height gain and level of challenge.

As with any tour in a mountain environment, weather conditions can be variable and change rapidly, which can significantly influence the level of challenge.

The terrain is steep and uneven and some parts can be especially challenging in wet or slippery conditions.

The tour features simple but comfortable accommodation and also luggage transfers between overnight locations, meaning you do not need to carry a heavy pack during the day.

NB: Perception of difficulty is very subjective. What is hard to one person may be easy for another and vice versa, depending on factors including level of fitness, age and previous experience. Weather conditions/temperatures can also dramatically affect the actual level of challenge encountered.

Equipment/clothes needed:

For information on any equipment and/or clothing included as standard for this experience, please see under "What's Included".

A detailed recommended packing list for personal items to bring will be sent with your booking documentation.

NB: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your trip or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received confirmation of your booking from us in writing. Note of course that the most appropriate clothing to use as well as the level of challenge experienced during any outdoor activity may vary significantly depending on factors such as the time of year and the particular weather/temperature conditions during your trip.

Preparing for your trip:

For further reading, we also have a number of general information articles to get you ready for your trip, covering a wide variety of topics from what to do on a city break before/after your tour, advice on packing, eyewear for winter and considerations for female travellers.

Minimum number:

There is no minimum number and scheduled tours are guaranteed to run from the first booking.


Maximum group size typically 6-10 participants.

Note that there may be other guests joining some of the hikes as day tours during your trip - max. group size for the full Peaks itinerary typically 6 person, max. group size for individual hikes typically 8-10 persons. Additional guide(s) will accompany the group as necessary for the day hikes depending on group size.

This experience is also ideal for groups and custom dates can be arranged on request - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Eco Info

This provider has a detailed environmental policy. The tour makes use of public transport connections both by bus and boat and supports sustainable tourism in the area through the use of local accommodation and food.

Getting There »

Getting There

See below for a summary of travel options. To learn more about how to travel to this experience, please get in touch!

Detailed information on travel will be provided in response to your enquiry. We are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey.

NB: Please ensure that you make a booking with us first and wait for confirmation that your spaces are reserved before making any travel arrangements.

Travel Summary:

By Air:

Fly to Oslo for bus (approx. 4.5 hours, included) to Bygdin.

Gallery & Reviews »

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