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Family Hiking Adventure with Huskies in Jotunheimen (Norway)

A guided hiking tour for families in the spectacular Jotunheimen mountains

  • Guided
  • Easy-Medium
  • From £ per family
  • Jun-Sep, 2 or 3 days
  • Families (min. age 10)


  • Some of Norway's most beautiful mountain scenery
  • Flexible start days
  • Choose between 2-day and 3-day itineraries
  • Hike to traditional summer mountain farm
  • Optional wild camping night
  • Huskies accompany you on the trip and help with luggage

Description »

Introduce your children to the joy of life in the Norwegian outdoors

The beautiful mountains of the Jotunheimen region offer the ideal outdoor playground for families - stunning views towards dramatic peaks, cool streams and lakes to bathe in, shady forests to rest for a snack, all easily accessible by direct bus from Oslo.

Your local guide will ensure you and your family get the most out of your trip - hiking some of the most beautiful, yet little-known, trails, learning about the flora and fauna of the area and getting a real taste of Norwegian outdoor life.

Hiking with Huskies in the Mountains

The dogs add a magical extra dimension to your tour, not only helping with the load and but providing those all-important husky hugs! Photo: BH.

Add a few affectionate and energetic huskies to the mix, and you have a wonderful hiking adventure holiday for families which adults and children alike will enjoy!

Huskies from the kennels (typically 3-5 dogs depending on group size) will be accompanying you on your tour - carrying some of the equipment for the tour in their small packs, helping to pull you up the hills, and (most importantly!) adding hugely to the experience with their friendly and affectionate personalities. Nothing like a good cuddle with a husky to end a day in the Norwegian mountains!

Holiday with your friends to enjoy the endless days of summer or the spectacular autumn colours

This is a flexible tour with start days offered by arrangement from mid-June, when daylight hours are long and the main summer season is just beginning, to early September, when the tinge of autumn is on the trees and the air crisp with the promise of the coming winter.

Group size is up to 9 persons are possible, making this an ideal option for two families holidaying together, or giving you the chance to maybe meet another family on your tour!

Family Hiking Adventure with Huskies in Jotunheimen

Taking time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian landsdcape is as much a part of the trip as the hiking. Photo: BH.

Choose a 2-day or 3-day hiking tour staying at a traditional summer farm with optional wild camping

Most Norwegian families have a strong focus on being out and about with their children from a very young age - when hiking in Norway even on demanding routes, it's quite common to meet locals out hiking with their children. A cheery greeting of "God Tur" ("have a good trip") is commonly exchanged as you pass!

Family Hiking Adventure in Jotunheimen is suitable for active families with children aged 10 or upwards who will enjoy being outdoors and able to do some moderate hiking in spectacular terrain. The walking is intended to be relaxed and enjoyable, with plenty of time for stops and to enjoy the surroundings. Pace and distance covered can be adapted to a certain extent to meet your family's needs.

Camping in Jotunheimen

The 3-day tour includes a night wild camping in the mountains, with all camping equipment provided. Photo: BH.

The 2-day tour takes you to a traditional summer farm for the night - itself a real feature of the experience, where you'll be drinking water from the spring and experiencing something of what life would have been like for the summer herders.

The 3-day tour extends the adventure by adding a night wild camping in the mountains, with dinner under the stars. All camping equipment is provided.

Add nights in wilderness cabin before or after your tour

With both tours starting in the morning of the start day, you'll need to arrive the day before to overnight locally. A great choice for this is one of the wilderness cabins at the kennels, offering an extra dimension to your Norwegian holiday adventure.

The cabins are also a great choice to extend your trip for a couple of nights after your hiking tour - you may never want to leave!

Wilderness cabin at the kennels

There are two wilderness cabins at the kennels - the perfect way to extend your stay! Photo: BH.

Whether you're already used to hiking and outdoor activities with your children or taking such a holiday for the first time, Family Hiking Adventure in Jotunheimen is a great way to get your children on the path to a enjoying a lifetime of outdoor adventures and a love of nature.

Itinerary »

Option 1: 2-Day Tour

Day 1: Hike to Olefjell

Meet at the kennels at 10.00 (you may have chosen to spend a night in the one of the cabins at the kennels as an optional extra, otherwise you will be collected from local accommodation in Beitostølen if overnighting elsewhere before the tour).

Meet your guide, prepare for the tour and meet the dogs, in particular the huskies which will be accompanying you on the hike. The dogs will both provide companionship and also assist with carrying some of the equipment in bags.

Your tour begins with a vehicle transfer of about 15 mins to the Olevatn lake, approx. 950m above sea level. The hike here is a beautiful route, a real gem of the area yet little-known, with the Jotunheimen peaks on one side and the mountains and plains of Langsua National Park on the other both providing a stunning backdrop.

It offers spectacular scenery and a real "top of the world" feeling, but is relatively undemanding hike (by Norwegian standards!).

Once you reach the base of the Olefjell mountain, you start climbing! The huskies are there to assist you with some of the load, and probably a pull as well!

The views open up as you go, looking down onto Lake Vinstervatn and, in clear weather, even seeing across to the Rondane and Dovrefjell regions.

Total distance for today's hike is about 7-9km, and the hike is suitable for most active families who enjoy walking together and are used to the outdoors.

The afternoon brings you to your accommodation for the night, an old-style summer farm high in the mountains. This provides a wonderful base for the night, as you enjoy dinner together and an evening by the fire.

Day 2: Into the Forest and Heading for Home

A relaxed morning and breakfast at the farm, before you continue your hiking tour in the Norwegian mountains.

The landscape is different today - you will be walking in the valley along old livestock-herder paths, through boreal forest rich in wildlife. You have good chances to see reindeer and moose, and there are also good populations of ptarmigan, capercaillie and black grouse.

There is plenty of time to take it easy and enjoy the beauty of the area, including take a dip in one of the ponds along the way if you wish!

In the afternoon, you will return to the kennels. You can take the late afternoon bus back to Oslo if you wish, or spend an extra night in one of the cabins or locally elsewhere in Beitostølen to make more of your time in the area before onward travel.

Option 2: 3-Day Tour

Day 1: Hike to Skreddsalsfjellet for Wild Campaing

Meeting arrangements as per Day 1 for 2-Day Tour.

Your transfer to the start of your tour takes around 30 mins. and brings you to the western end of the Vinstervatn lake, approx. 1050m above sea level.

Starting from the "bear cave", you cross the lake using the bridge, and continue your hike in the lovely landscape of Langsua National Park. You're aiming for Mount Skreddsalsfjellet ("Avalance Valley Mountain") and the ridge there.

The ridge is a great place to camp for the night, and at a suitable spot you will pitch to enjoy the evening. A number of things need to be done around camp - setting up the tents, preparing water, helping with dinner, taking care of the dogs, and everyone participates. You'll be ready to crawl into your sleeping bag before long!

Day 2: Hike to the Summer Farm

Take time for breakfast and to enjoy the wonderful feeling of camping in the mountains, before breaking camp and continuing for a day of spectacular mountain scenery.

You begin with a relatively easy climb up the mountain, walk along the ridge and then drop down towards the valley. There's a short climb to Mount Olefjell and from there a walk to the old summer farm, where you'll spend the night.

Overnight at the farm as for Day 1 for 2-Day Tour.

Day 3: Into the Forest and Heading for Home

As Day 2 for 2-Day Tour above.


Dates 2021

Flexible start dates by arrangement between mid-June and early September.


Prices 2021

Standard Prices (total price for whole family)  
Option 1 (2-day tour)  
Two adults + one child under 15GBP
Two adults + two children under 15GBP
One adult + two children under 15GBP
Option 2 (3-day tour)  
Two adults + one child under 15GBP
Two adults + two children under 15GBP
One adult + two children under 15GBP
Optional Extras (see description below)  
Extra night in wilderness cabin (total price per night for 3-4 persons)GBP
  • Extra night in wilderness cabin: Ideal for the night required locally before your tour begins and/or for an additional night after your tour. Bed linen is provided and breakfast basket is also included. There are two cabins at the location - cabin offered depends on availability. Cabin 1 sleeps up to 4 persons in 2 x double bunk beds. Cabin 2 sleeps up to 3 persons in 1 x double bed + 1 x folding bed. Both have simple kitchenette with essentials such as olive oil, salt, pepper and sugar provided. From the cabins, it is approx. 4.5 km (about 50 mins' walk) into Beitostølen village or transfer can be arranged locally for approx. NOK (around £7.50)/person/way if required. There is also a lovely wood-heated sauna by the lake which can be arranged locally (cost around NOK, about £35).
Wilderness cabin for night(s) before or after your tour

Wilderness cabins near the kennels (upper four images show Cabin 1, lower two images show Cabin 2). Photos: BH.

What's Included »



  • 2-day and 3-day tours: One night at old summer farm the mountains (Day 1 for 2-day tours, Day 2 for 3-day tours). The cabin is a traditional farm which would have been used in the past for summer cattle grazing and offers simple but cosy accommodation. The farm has solar panels, so it is possible to charge mobile phone or camera. Heating is with wood-burning and gas stoves. There is no running water - clean drinking water is taking from a natural spring nearby. The farm can sleep up to 8-10 persons in total in two sleeping rooms, one with bunk beds and one with "normal" beds. There is a dry outside wilderness toilet in a small barn next to the cabin.

  • 3-day tour only: One night (Day 1) wild camping. All camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, etc) is provided.

  • Additional night(s) in cabin near the kennels can be added before and/or after your tour - see under "Prices > Optional extras".


All meals from lunch Day 1 to lunch Day 2 (2-day tours) or Day 3 (3-day tours). You may of course wish to bring some extra snacks to have with you when walking.

Huskies and Equipment:

  • Huskies (typically 3-5 dogs depending on group size) will accompany the group and assist with carrying some of the luggage.
  • 3-day tour only: Camping equipment for wild camping on Day 1.


  • Transfers between Beitostølen and the kennels in connection with arrival and departure.
  • Local transfers as necessary between the kennels and the start/end points of the tour.


Services of knowledgeable local guide.

Not Included

  • Travel: We do not arrange flights or domestic travel, but are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey. See under "Getting There" for general travel information.
  • Alcoholic drinks (not available to purchase during the tour).

Good To Know »


Health requirements/experience:

Suitable for active families with children aged 10 or over who are used to the outdoors and enjoy walking and (for the 3-day tour) camping (or familiies who are relatively new to these activities but feel they would enjoy them and wish to gain confidence).

The hikes are easy-moderate and to a certain extent can be adapted to suit the needs of the group, but all participants should be comfortable be outdoors all day hiking on mixed terrain, including some uphill sections.

What makes this "Easy-Medium"?

As a family-focused tour, this experience is intended to be accessible to children and there is some flexibility to adapt the itinerary and level of challenge if necessary.

It is an active experience in a mountain environment, where weather conditions can be changeable, and includes some uphill walking. As a shorter tour and not including camping, the 2-day tour will typically have a lower level of challenge than the 3-day tour.

NB: Perception of difficulty is very subjective. What is hard to one person may be easy for another and vice versa, depending on factors including level of fitness, age and previous experience. Weather conditions/temperatures can also dramatically affect the actual level of challenge encountered.

Equipment/clothes needed:

For information on any equipment and/or clothing included as standard for this experience, please see under "What's Included".

A detailed recommended packing list for personal items to bring will be sent with your booking documentation.

NB: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your trip or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received confirmation of your booking from us in writing. Note of course that the most appropriate clothing to use as well as the level of challenge experienced during any outdoor activity may vary significantly depending on factors such as the time of year and the particular weather/temperature conditions during your trip.

Preparing for your trip:

For further reading, we also have a number of general information articles to get you ready for your trip, covering a wide variety of topics from what to do on a city break before/after your tour, advice on packing, eyewear for winter and considerations for female travellers.

Minimum number:

Minimum three persons (2 adults + 1 child or 1 adult + 2 children) required.

Eco Info

This provider has a detailed environmental policy.


Maximum group size 9 persons. There may also be other families joining you on your tour, up to maximum group size 9 persons.

This experience is therefore also ideal for 2 families travelling together as friends.

Getting There »

Getting There

See below for a summary of travel options. To learn more about how to travel to this experience, please get in touch!

Detailed information on travel will be provided in response to your enquiry. We are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey.

NB: Please ensure that you make a booking with us first and wait for confirmation that your spaces are reserved before making any travel arrangements.

Travel Summary:

By Air:

Fly to Oslo for bus (approx. 4 hours) to Beitostølen. You will need to overnight there before your tour - extra night in cabin near the kennels is available as an optional extra before and/or after your tour and makes an ideal choice for this night as well as for a night or two after your tour.

Gallery & Reviews »

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