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Press coverage of Discover Bushcraft for Families:

"Want to wean them off their Nintendo DS? How about foraging for food and making camp on an organic farm, two and a half hours by train from Stockholm? Located deep in a forest, and under the expert guidance of your hosts, you will learn how to identify and gather edible food, read animal tracks and light fires." Recommended by British Airways High Life magazine as one of its "great family holidays".

Customer Reviews of Discover Bushcraft for Families:

"The people running the Discover Bushcraft were the highlight of the trip. They made this so interesting and welcoming. They also helped us when our son was sick and had to go to the hospital. They are special people. Your website shows you're really on top of a wide variety of ecotourism adventures and your service upon booking was great. The price was reasonable and you helped me deal with the particulars of travelling with a disabled child." Marc, August 2016

"Small, off-beat personal holiday. A personal thank you to Åsa and Lasse for their warm hosting. Nothing was too much effort. Great personal, friendly service made it a memorable holiday." Alan, July 2016

"Both experiences were fantastic, the hosts cared deeply about the experiences and checked regularly that we were OK and everything was in order. Åsa and Lasse were exceptional hosts, maintaining our privacy but also offering an amazing experience all round - culinary, stories, local history, Swedish culture. We can not recommend them highly enough!" Alex, who combined Discover Bushcraft for Families with our Back to Basics in Cosy Cabins experience

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"[The best part was} the food and the welcome the cultural exchange of views and the positive companionship of authentic hosts. [I chose Nature Travels because] top of Google and simple to look at photos and digest info nicely brief plus Bob and team uber responsive to booking, fabulous manner. Staying with Åsa and Lasse was great! We enjoyed our time and learned so much.I'll send you pictures when we get back home. Thank you so much." Michal and family

"[We really enjoyed] the standard of Åsa's cooking." Sam

"Myself and my 3 kids had a great time on the farm. They really looked after us very well and we ate so much delicious organic natural food. We especially liked foraging for bilberries and chanterelle mushrooms, plus the horse and cart ride was fun." Jane, August 2012

"We had a brilliant time! And even managed to escaped the mozzies, which was an added bonus. Our hosts could not have been kinder or more patient, we learnt a huge amount, relaxed and had so much fun. Thank you so much." Julia, August 2012

"It felt like a holiday with 'heart'. The Family Bushcraft experience exceeded our expectations in so many ways. Most importantly it didn't feel like a holiday package, but like stepping back in time when holidays weren't as polished as they are today but they had a heart. The accommodation was spacious and cozy and felt locally authentic so the whole family was at ease and at the same time you felt private enough from the owners and the other visiting family. The common living room proved nice for arts and crafts sessions with all the kids or a disco! We were also lucky that the other visiting family was very nice. Our younger child (coming up to 3 years) was completely immersed in the activities, collecting berries, bushwhacking, playing around whilst being completely safe while our older child (5y) even went camping out one night with a new-found friend from the other family.

I understand the owner would have taken us for a big walk out but unfortunately with our younger one that was not possible but otherwise he could come along to all activities including a rowing trip on the lake. From a food/cooking perspective I hadn't expected such a culinary experience. The food was amazing. Obviously it helps that Åsa used to be a cook but we felt really spoilt with her homebaked breads and homemade jams, cakes, ice creams, casseroles, mushroom dishes etc. I had to write down each recipe after a meal, and it all felt good and healthy and varied (rediscovered rye, barley and discovered chanterelle mushrooms and elk meat!) despite maybe not always falling into the healthy category per se. Of course it was fun to participate in a lot of the cooking. We had taken a bag with snacks for our children because they like snacks and can at times be a bit fussy - the bag stayed untouched.

We also enjoyed the animals (dog, horses, chickens, sheep) and the way they form part of the farm. In addition Åsa and Lasse also taught us a few useful skills around wood, apart from fire making also some whittling, carving, which tree to use for weather predictions, which ones to use for making an outdoor whisk etc, and even gave us a few carved butter knives, which was very sweet. We did mention to the owners that an optional fishing trip could be nice, at an extra cost on site if you feel like. I understand it's not easy to catch a fish but I would have liked to try out my luck for couple of hours with a rod on the beautiful lake and maybe grill a fish on a stick! I did mention that some backup cheese and crackers just in case would be good to take!

Overall, no question/request/wish was too big - Åsa and Lasse effortlessly jump at anything, producing an ancient but all-terrain pushchair, preparing our packed lunch for the animal park and treating us to aquavit the last evening. Their style of simple and good and not-wasteful living really reminded us how to be, and also Åsa created a little magic around it. The only minus are the hordes of mosquitoes, midges and horseflies that was a shock to me - repellent and thick covering up incl. hats are a mustWe'd love to come back one day, maybe even in winter." Anna and family, August 2012

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