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Wildlife (Sweden & Estonia)

Discover Sweden and Estonia's rich and varied wildlife focusing on moose, beaver and the possibility to howl with wild wolves!

Answer the Call of the Wild in the Forests of Sweden or the Wetlands of Estonia:

Sweden's vast forests and uninhabited mountain ranges are home to an exciting variety of species, many of which are extremely rare or extinct in other parts of Europe, from the elusive wolverine, lynx and bear to beavers, moose and an abundance of bird species.

Our dedicated wildlife experience in Sweden, Moose and Beaver Safari plus Wolf Howling Tours focuses on seeing moose and beaver, with the option to spend a night camping in the middle of wolf territory!

In Estonia, our Family Wildlife Adventure is a multi-centre itinerary dedicated to families, allowing children as well as adults to experience the joy and magic of nature and the excitement of wildlife watching.

Sofia from the Nature Travels team

"Sweden and Estonia are rich in wildlife, but it's very shy and not always easy to spot! An expert local guide can increase the chances enormously, and our Moose and Beaver Safari even has a "moose guarantee"!" Sofia from the Nature Travels team

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