Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge in Lapland

Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge in Lapland

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Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge in Lapland (Sweden)

Cosy cabins with sauna and reindeer on the doorstep and a range of winter activities

Cabin holidays in Sweden: Lapland



Bookings made now for Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge (+ associated activities) for remaining dates this winter will receive 10% off standard prices!


  • Required: General good health and fitness.
  • Duration: 1 or more nights.
  • Accommodation: Wilderness cabins at the Reindeer Lodge. Sauna included.
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A stay in the wilderness cabins at the Reindeer Lodge, just a few minutes from the small village of Jukkasjärvi, the location of the world-famous Ice Hotel, is an ideal option for a Lapland winter experience, either as a stand-alone break or in combination with one of our multi-day dog sledding experiences in the area.

Situated in the heart of the reindeer camp, with the reindeer enclosure just a few metres from your door, the cabins offer simple but comfortable and cosy accommodation for 2-3 persons per cabin. Each cabin has a wood-burning stove and also electric heater. Meals are taken together in the dining cabin and 2-course dinner and breakfast is included for each night's stay. Meals are prepared from local ingredients wherever possible and will typically feature traditional dishes from Lapland including moose, reindeer, arctic char and cloudberries (special dietary options are also available).

Also included each evening is wood-fired sauna at the camp - a wonderful winter experience, an ideal way to keep an eye out for a spectacular display of the Northern Lights and - who knows? - you may even feel brave enough for a roll in the snow after heating up in the sauna!

The camp is a working reindeer corral and offers a very special atmosphere. In connection with your stay it is also possible to arrange a number of winter activities, from reindeer and Sami-related experiences to snowmobiling and Northern Lights.

Optional Activities:

The activities below can also be booked separately if not staying at the reindeer lodge, for example as extra activities for the arrival/departure day of any of our dogsled tours in the area - see under "Combine With..."

Special dietary options (vegetarian, etc) are available for the activities below if pre-arranged. Please advise dietary requirements in advance.

Reindeer Sled Safari (08.30-13.00)

(If doing this activity without staying at the Reindeer Lodge, transfer is from/to accommodation in Kiruna or Tourist Information Office at 08.15 returning 13.30)

A unique morning experience driving your own reindeer sled through the winter forests. You will be shown how to handle your reindeer sled before setting out into a landscape of snow-clad forest and frozen lakes. Each participant drives their own sled in standing position (similar to dog sledding). Reindeer sledding is the traditional mode of transport used by the Sami, the indigenous people of Swedish Lapland, and your tour is led by Sami guides. You return to the Reindeer Lodge after approx. 1.5-2 hours, where you unharness your reindeer and release them into the corral. A traditional lunch, normally of smoked reindeer, is served in the Sami lavvu (tipi), with a chance to learn more about the Sami from your guide.

Minimum age 8. Minimum age to drive own sled 16. Children under 16 will ride as passenger.

Reindeer Encounter and Sami Experience (08.30-12.00 or 13.30-17.00)

(If doing this activity without staying at the Reindeer Lodge, transfer is from/to accommodation in Kiruna or Tourist Information Office at 08.15 returning 12.30 (morning tours) or 13.00 returning 17.30 (afternoon tours))

Taking place right at the Reindeer Lodge, this morning or afternoon activity (depending on dates) gives you the opportunity to get "up close and personal" with the reindeer at the corral, including feeding the calves, trying your hand at the traditional lassoing technique, and trying a short reindeer sled ride on the track at the camp. Your guide will introduce you to the culture of the Sami and the life of a working reindeer herder. After meeting the reindeer, lunch is served in the Sami lavvu (tipi) - sitting around the fire on a warm base of reindeer skins is a magical experience and the perfect setting to learn more about Sami culture from your guide, while a traditional lunch is served of coffee and suovas, the Sami national dish of smoked reindeer.

Suitable for families.

Northern Lights Snowmobile Evening Tour (19.00-23.00)

(If doing this activity without staying at the Reindeer Lodge, transfer is from/to accommodation in Kiruna or Tourist Information Office at 19.00 returning 23.00)

With its ability to cover relatively large distances in a short space of time, snowmobile can be a wonderful way to experience the Lapland winter landscape. This evening tour combines the excitement and adventure of snowmobiling with good chances to see the Northern Lights. After a short minibus transfer you will be instructed in how to handle your snowmobile. Snowmobiles are powerful machines, but straightforward to drive, and you will be given advice on safety procedures before beginning your tour. Participants can share one snowmobile per two persons or drive own snowmobile depending on preference. Far away from light pollution, the stars are at their brightest and it is a wonderful experience to travel through the winter darkness. The tour includes stop with hot drink and snack before returning.

See more information on Northern Lights below. Participants who wish to drive must hold full driving licence and be aged 18 or over. An excess of 8000 SEK (approx. £800) applies to the driver in the event of damage. Children ride behind driver or in sled.

Snowmobile Tour on the Tobacco Trail with Overnight (13.30 Day 1 to 13.30 Day 2)

(If doing this activity without staying at the Reindeer Lodge, transfer is from/to accommodation in Kiruna or Tourist Information Office at 13.00 Day 1 returning 14.00 Day 2)

An exciting expedition by snowmobile to experience the forested taiga and open tundra landscapes characteristic of Lapland. You will travel by snowmobile (driving own snowmobile or sharing one per two persons depending on preference) along the "Tobacco Trail", a traditional trading route, across frozen lakes and through ancient taiga forest of fir, pine and spruce. After instruction in snowmobile handling and safety procedures, you will head off for the first day of your tour, breaking for outdoor lunch at a suitable scenic spot. Moose, lynx and of course the reindeer herded by the indigenous Sami people are all found in this area. Your destination is the remote village of Övre Soppero, approx. 60km away. From Soppero, the stark beauty of the tundra is visible in the distance. The tundra is a wide, upland, treeless landscape, with a diverse fauna and flora despite its harsh conditions, and home to animals including grouse, arctic hare and the endangered Arctic Fox. On arrival you will be greeted by your hosts, a traditional Sami reindeer herding family, for dinner and a relaxing sauna, very probably with some Sami tales and anecdotes during the evening! Accommodation for the night is in simple wilderness cabin. After breakfast the next morning, you will head for home, back along the Tobacco Trail. After lunch on the trail you will arrive back at the Reindeer Lodge.

Minimum age 18. Participants who wish to drive must hold full driving licence and be aged 18 or over. An excess of 8000 SEK (approx. £800) applies to the driver in the event of damage. Typical duration snowmobiling each day 4-6 hours including lunch, variable depending on weather conditions.

Northern Lights at the Aurora Sky Station (19.30-01.00)

(If doing this activity without staying at the Reindeer Lodge, transfer is from/to accommodation in Kiruna or Tourist Information Office at 19.45 returning 00.45)

To the north of the Reindeer Lodge lies the Aurora Sky Station at Abisko, one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights due to its microclimate giving a high incidence of clear skies. The experience begins at the Reindeer Lodge with a short slideshow introducing the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. The Aurora plays an important part in Sami culture and mythology and your hosts will share with you some of the many stories and traditions connecting the Northern Lights with Sami life. You are then transferred by minibus north towards Abisko National Park (transfer time approx. 1.5 hours) - with luck there may already be a display of the Aurora visible along the way. The Aurora Sky Station is stunningly positioned at the top of Mount Njulla, which looks down onto the main Abisko Tourist Station below and is reached by chairlift. You will be provided with thermal outer suit, boots, hat and gloves to keep you warm on your nighttime journey to the top of the mountain! At the top you will make a stop for some traditional Sami snacks and watch for the Lights (time at Sky Station around 45-60 mins), before descending once more by chairlift and return to the Reindeer Lodge.

See more information on Northern Lights below. Suitable for families, though note that this experience will be of most interest to adults and older children.

The Northern Lights

The areas in which these activities take place offer very good chances to see the Northern Lights. The Aurora is of course a natural phenomenon, and possibilities to see the lights depend not only on factors such as solar activity but also on local weather conditions such as cloud cover. At the Abisko Aurora Sky Station, statistics from previous seasons indicate that the Aurora Borealis can be seen on at least 50-60% of nights. Sightings can of course not be guaranteed.

Combinations with Dog Sledding

Wilderness Cabin at the Reindeer Lodge makes an ideal combination with any of our dogsled tours in the area, which are located just 15 minutes away, duration 1-12 days.

Dates & Prices


Wilderness Cabin: Start any day 01.12.14 to 12.04.15.

Check-in 15.00-18.00 on arrival day, please check out by 11.00 on departure. Please see below regarding included transfer arrangements.

See price information below for dates for optional activities.

The Price

Prices are in British Pounds. If you wish, you are also welcome to make your payment by bank transfer in Euros or Swedish Kronor. If this would be of interest, please let us know and we will be happy to provide prices.

Wilderness Cabin:

  • Based on 2-3 persons per cabin*: £142/adult/night; child aged 3-12 years staying with 2 adults £71/child/night
  • Single occupancy: £224/person/night

*Families of four can also be accommodated in a single cabin with children sharing sofa bed.

Optional activities:

  • Reindeer Sled Safari: £262/adult, £186/child aged 8-15. Offered daily 07.01-12.04.15.
  • Reindeer Encounter and Sami Experience: £180/adult, £90/child aged 3-15 (under 3s free of charge). Afternoon tour offered daily 08.12.14-12.04.15 (except 24th December), also morning tour 08.12.14-06.01.15.
  • Northern Lights Evening Snowmobile Tour: £120/person (two persons sharing snowmobile), £175/person (drive own snowmobile). Offered daily 01.12.14-31.03.15.
  • Snowmobile Tour on the Tobacco Trail with Overnight: £458/person (two persons sharing snowmobile), £581/person (drive own snowmobile). Sleeping bag and towel are provided at the overnight cabin. Offered every Saturday 10.01-12.04.15. Groups of min. 4 persons can also book tours on other dates by arrangement.
  • Northern Lights at the Aurora Sky Station: £258/person. Offered every Tuesday and Friday between 09.12.14 and 27.03.15.

What The Price Includes


  • Wilderness cabins at the Reindeer Lodge. There are five cabins in total, each approx. 20 sq.metres with one double bed and one sofa bed (1.6 x 1.8m). Cabins are suitable for up to 3 adults or a family of 4 (children share sofa bed) and heated by wood-burning stove and electric heater. Meals are taken in communal log building at the camp.
  • No running water in cabins. Shower, WC and wood-fired sauna (included) available in separate communal buildings.
  • Warm thermal sleeping bags, linen and bathing towels are provided for the cabins.


Breakfast and 2-course dinner for each night's stay. Dinner is served at 18.30. For lunch (if not booking an activity which includes lunch), provisions can be purchased from the local store in Jukkasjärvi for self-catering at the camp, or can be taken at local restaurants in Jukkasjärvi. For example, the Ice Hotel restaurant serves a lunch buffet and lighter meals daily.

Equipment and Activities

Snowshoes and cross country skis are available to borrow for guests free of charge for self-guided activities in the surrounding forest - please ask your local hosts on arrival if you wish to borrow equipment. If booking one of the optional activities, warm clothing (snowmobile suit, warm hat, gloves and boots) are provided and you are also able to keep this clothing for the duration of your stay at the cabins. Note that warm clothing is not provided if booking cabin accommodation only.


Transfer is included to/from Kiruna on arrival/departure at fixed times. Transfer on arrival day leaves Kiruna Tourist Information in central Kiruna at 14.30 and 17.45. Guests arriving by train should take the free shuttle bus into Kiruna (if you wish to look around Kiruna before pick-up, luggage can be left at the Tourist Information Office). Guests arriving by flight should take local taxi-bus into central Kiruna for pick-up from the Tourist Information Office. Transfer on departure day leaves the camp at 08.00 or 11.00 for central Kiruna and Kiruna airport. Transfers at other times can be arranged at additional charge.

What The Price Does Not Include

  • Alcoholic drinks.

Practical Info

Health requirements/experience

General good health and fitness. See activity descriptions for minimum age requirements for optional activities.

Equipment/clothes needed

A detailed recommended equipment list will be sent with your booking confirmation.

NB: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your trip or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received confirmation of your booking from us in writing.


The log cabins are each suitable for 1-3 adults (a family of 4 can also be accommodated). There are five cabins in total, max. group size 10-15 persons.

Optional activities require total min. 2 participants (you are of course welcome to book as a solo traveller). With the exception of "Reindeer Encounter and Sami Experience", all optional activities listed have max. group size 8 participants.

Additional Notes

This host has received a prestigious Swedish Ecotourism award for commitment to high standards to cultural and environmental sensitivity.


Detailed information on travel options will be sent with your booking documentation. We are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey.

By Air

Fly to Stockholm then onward to Kiruna by night train or domestic flight connection. Transfer from central Kiruna on arrival and to Kiruna airport/train station on departure is included.

Without Flying

Ferry Dover-Dunkirk or Newcastle-Amsterdam for onward train connections to Kiruna.

Map of Sweden

Map of Sweden

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