Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago

Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago

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Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago (Sweden)

Discover the labrynthine island network of the Stockholm Archipelago at your own pace on a self-guided sea kayaking adventure

Kayaking holidays in Sweden: Stockholm Archipelago



  • Required: You should have some previous experience of sea kayaking and camping. General good health and swimming ability required. Minimum 2 adults (18+). Max. 4 persons.
  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights.
  • Accommodation: Wild camping.
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The islands around Nämdo, the area of the archipelago in which this self-guided sea kayak tour runs, are some of the wilder parts of the stunning Stockholm Archipelago network and are currently under consideration for National Park status. This section of the archipelago offers marvellous sea kayaking through a labryrinth of islands and narrow passages. As a self-guided kayak tour, Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago gives you the opportunity to explore this unique environment at your own pace, choosing your own island camping spot each night.

During your days on the water you can vary the degree of challenge depending on your preferences, perhaps covering greater distances in your exploration of the varying landscape of the archipelago, or alternatively take things at a more relaxed pace and enjoy the seductive beauty of the area, paddling quietly on the lookout for the majestic Ospreys and White-tailed Sea Eagles which make their homes among the islands.

Sea kayaking is the ideal way to discover the archipelago, allowing access to the narrowest of inlets and offering a low-impact and unobtrusive way to observe the nature and wildlife. You may even find a grey seal popping its head up to greet you as you cut through the water!

Self-guided Sea Kayaking in the Stockholm Archipelago is suitable for those with some previous experience of kayaking and camping (at least one member of your party should have previous experience and be familiar with rescue procedures). You should also be comfortable navigating using a map. You will be provided with all kayak equipment, tents, sleeping mats, mattresses, cooking stove and kitchen equipment for your tour as well as map, compass and information on suggested routes. Then it's time to take to the water limited only by your imagination and energy and let the adventure begin!


Day 1 (Sunday)

Travel by local bus from central Stockholm to Stavsnäs in the mid-afternoon (around 15.30), travel time about 50 mins (full details on local transport will be included in your booking confirmation documentation). You then transfer by taxi-boat (included in the price of your tour) to the kayak centre. Here you will collect your equipment and have a chance to discuss tour suggestions. You begin your self-guided sea kayak tour with an evening paddle to suitable camp spot for the night.

Days 2-4

Self-guided sea kayak tour in the archipelago with wild camping. Map and route suggestions will be provided. You will return to the kayak base on Wednesday afternoon to return your equipment and for taxi-boat transfer and bus to Stockholm. You will be back in Stockholm around 18.00-19.00.

Dates & Prices


4 days/3 nights, start day every Sunday end Wednesday between 28.06.15 and 02.09.15 (last start 30.08.15).

The Price

Prices are in British Pounds. If you wish, you are also welcome to make your payment by bank transfer in Euros or Swedish Kronor. If this would be of interest, please let us know and we will be happy to provide prices.

Price includes full camping and kitchen equipment as outlined below.

  • £235/person

What The Price Includes


  • Sea kayak and all necessary equipment including paddles, buoyancy aid and splash skirt, basic repair kit and sponge. Stable single kayaks are used as standard. Two-person kayaks (K2s) are also available (please let us know in advance if you would like to use K2s).
  • Cooking stove with fuel, including two pots, frying pan and multipurpose cutting board/lid.
  • Kitchen equipment (utensils, plates, cutlery/knife, mugs, washing up liquid, wash basin/sponge/brush).
  • Safety equipment.
  • Map and compass.
  • Self-supported 3-person dome tents (1 tent supplied per 2 persons).
  • Inflatable camping mattress (Exped 7.5cm). NB: Please bring own sleeping bag and bag liner.
  • Toilet spade/paper/alcogel.
  • Cool bag with ice packs (if required).
  • Container for storing fresh water. You should bring ample supplies of fresh water with you from the start. During your tour, you obtain additional water from the store on Nämndö or by asking local residents. The archipelago water (which is slightly brackish) is suitable for cooking, but you will require water for drinking.


  • Accommodation is wild camping and there are no "proper" toilet facilities during the tour. You will be given information on how to deal with your toilet waste, etc.


  • Return taxi boat transfer between Stavsnäs and the kayak centre.


  • Emergency telephone support during your tour.

What The Price Does Not Include

  • Food: You should purchase provisions for your tour in Stockholm. We recommend that you bring essential provisions for your tour with you from the start. There is a store on Nämndö to complement your supplies (though in general we do not recommend that you rely on this for essential provisions as you may arrive outside opening hours).
  • Public bus from Stockholm to Stavsnäs.

Practical Info

Health requirements/experience

At least one member of the group should have some previous experience of sea kayaking and camping and also be able to navigate using a map (navigating on water can be more difficult than on land). We also strongly recommend that participants bring GPS for the tour. At least one member of your party should know rescue procedure. Participants with limited experience may wish to request double kayaks, which are the most stable option.

Swimming ability required. You should be in good health, have a normal level of fitness and enjoy the outdoors. Minimum 2 adults (18+) required. Recommended minimum age to paddle own kayak 12-13 years.

While strong winds are rare, weather conditions can of course vary and you should be comfortable on the water in different conditions and bear in mind that this is self-guided tour in a marine environment. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions regarding your suitability for the tour.

There are generally few waves when you are paddling in the protected waters between the islands of the archipelago. There are no currents/tides in the archipelago.

Ticks and TBE

Note: Ticks occur in grassy areas, whereas during your kayak tour you will be mostly on rocky ground.

As in the UK, there are ticks in the forests in Sweden which can carry diseases such as Borrelia. You should check for ticks at the end of a day in the outdoors. If you find a tick, remove it as soon as possible by pulling the tick out straight, carefully and slowly, with the tweezers as close to the skin as possible. Ensure that you do not leave any of the insect's mouth parts attached to your skin. Wash the bite area with soap and water. In the unlikely event that you feel unwell or notice anything unusual around the area of the bite in the coming days/couple of weeks, consult your doctor.

In some small localised areas of Sweden (mostly in the Stockholm archipelago), the ticks are known to carry a disease called TBE, or Tick-borne encephalitis, and locals spending extended periods in affected areas do vaccinate themselves. For a map of TBE distribution in Europe and latest updates, please see Tick Alert.

For current advice on TBE and inoculations, please consult your doctor or see NaTHNaC.

Equipment/clothes needed

A detailed recommended equipment list will be sent with your booking confirmation.

NB: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your trip or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received confirmation of your booking from us in writing.


Minimum 2 adults required. Max. 4 persons.

The Nämdö Archipelago

Nämdö is one of the largest islands in this section of the Stockholm Archipelago. The Nämdö archipelago stretches out into a network of hundreds of islands, rocks and skerries.

The main island of Nämdö is 7km long by 2km wide and lies approximately 40km off the cost of Stockholm. Barely 100 people live year round in this section of the archipelago, of which 40 are based on the island of Nämdö itself. Nämdö is a car-free island ideal for exploring on foot or by bicycle.

Additional Notes

This provider has received a prestigious Swedish Ecotourism quality mark for its commitment to high standards to cultural and environmental sensitivity.


Detailed information on travel options will be sent with your booking documentation. We are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey.

By Air

Fly to Stockholm. Travel by public bus from central Stockholm to Stavsnäs (approx. 50 mins) from where boat transfer to the kayak centre is included.

Without Flying

Ferry Dover-Dunkirk or Newcastle-Amsterdam for onward train connections to Stockholm.

Map of Sweden

Map of Sweden

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