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Aurora Husky Adventure in Finnmark

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Aurora Husky Adventure in Finnmark (Norway)

Discover the Finnmark wilderness by dogsled beneath the Northern Lights

  • Guided
  • Medium
  • From £1165/person
  • Dec-May, 5 or 8 days
  • Adults, Families (min age 13), Groups, Solo

Book now for winter 2017-18

Dates and prices for Aurora Husky Adventure in Finnmark for the 2017-18 winter season are now published. Please see information below.

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The Finnmark region of northern Norway is ideal for husky sledding, with vast expanses of wilderness and a long winter season. Choose between the magical deep midwinter of December and January, the lengthening days and thick snows of February or the uplifting "spring winter" of March and April, with longer hours of daylight and typically milder temperatures.

Aurora Husky Adventure in Finnmark combines two nights' comfortable accommodation in hand-crafted cabins at the Husky Lodge, skilfully designed and lovingly built by the father of the head dogsled guide, with three days/two nights of adventure and challenge out in the wilderness, when accommodation will be in wilderness camp and/or mountain cabins along the route. The tour runs in a region used for reindeer grazing, giving you good chances to see reindeer and also moose during the tour. Being far from sources of light pollution also gives you excellent chances for a spectacular display of the Northern Lights during your tour.

You will be fully instructed in mushing skills before setting off. Each participant will drive their own sled with 4-6 huskies, typically sledding approx. 25-50km (participants who do not wish to drive their own sled can opt to drive a sled connected behind your guide's sled).

Aurora Husky Adventure in Finnmark is a moderately challenging but accessible husky tour suitable for adults with a love of the outdoors (and dogs of course!), with the added bonus of very good chances to see the Northern Lights during your tour and a unique accommodation experience at the start and end of your trip in the Husky Lodge.

Optional 3-day extension

An 8-day variation on this experience is also available (including special tours over Christmas and New Year), giving an additional 3 days/2 nights at the Husky Lodge before your multi-day dogsled tour begins - an ideal way to sharpen your dog sledding skills before your main tour and to relax into your stay in the far north. Spending these additional days in the area will also of course give greater chances to see the Northern Lights. In addition to the multi-day dogsled tour featured in the 5-day itinerary, the 8-day variation includes a day's dog sledding in the surrounding area and a day on which you are transported by snowmobile to spend a day with a local Sami reindeer herding family and learn something of Sami culture and the importance of the reindeer. A day is also included for relaxation or self-guided activities such as snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or winter walking.

Northern Lights

To see the Northern Lights requires darkness. Displays are therefore typically visible until around mid-April, after which hours of darkness quickly become shorter. This tour takes place in an excellent location for seeing the Northern Lights, offering very good chances of a display during your tour. It is important to bear in mind that the Aurora is a natural phenomenon, dependent on a number of factors such as solar activity and weather conditions, so sightings can of course never be guaranteed in any location - it is not possible to search for a display. We always recommend that the adventure and excitement of dog sledding and the very special atmosphere of the Arctic winter should be the main motivations for travelling.

5-day Tour - Itinerary

Day 1:

Local transfer from Karasjok in northern Norway to the kennnels. Here you will settle into a unique, traditionally-crafted cabin at the Husky Lodge, before meeting your dogsled guide and other participants for dinner to discuss the coming husky adventure.

Days 2-4:

You will be issued with your specialist winter clothing before beginning preparations for the start of your husky tour. You will be shown how to harness and organise your teams and how to handle the sled. When ready, your dog sledding tour departs directly from the kennels into the surrounding wilderness, taking you initially through a landscape of hilly terrain over frozen lakes and marshes.

Depending on temperatures/weather conditions and other logistical considerations during the time you are travelling, your overnight accommodation for Day 2 and Day 3 may be either in a cosy and welcoming wilderness camp or in mountain cabin on the Finnmark Plateau. Normally you will have the same accommodation for Day 2 and Day 3, doing a day's dogsled tour on Day 3 and giving the opportunity to run your dogsled team fast and light with less equipment. In some cases, you may change overnight accommodation and therefore do a point-to-point day's sledding on Day 3.

You will typically cover a distance of 25-50km in a day's sledding, driving your own team of 4-6 huskies and breaking to make lunch over open fire in the winter wilderness. On Day 4, you sled back to end your tour at the kennels.

Your dogsled experience ends in relaxation and rustic style, with an evening of wood-fired sauna beneath the stars (perhaps with a view of the Northern Lights!) back at the Husky Lodge. If you would like to stay longer at the Lodge before departure, additional nights can be added as an optional extra, giving you time explore the silent forests by snowshoes or simply relax and enjoy the winter beauty.

Day 5:

If you have not chosen to extend your stay with additional nights, it is time to bid farewell to your new friends (four-legged and two-legged!) before transfer back to Karasjok for departure.

8-day Tour (5-day tour + 3-day extension) - Itinerary

NB: On some dates, order of activities may change, beginning with 5-day itinerary followed by activities from Husky Lodge.

Day 1:

As Day 1 for 5-day tour above.

Day 2:

After outfitting with your specialist winter clothing and instruction in sled handling from your guide in the morning, you will drive your own dogsled team on a day's dogsled trip through varied terrain, stopping for lunch around the open fire. An ideal opportunity to experience the winter wilds up close and learn something of the region's natural heritage from your guide. Dinner and accommodation at the Husky Lodge.

Day 3:

The region in which you are staying is rich in Sami culture, the indigenous people of the far north. This day you will be transported by snowmobile to spend a day in the company of a local Sami reindeer-herding family, a rare opportunity to experience Sami life first-hand. Dinner and overnight accommodation at the Husky Lodge.

Day 4:

A day to enjoy the surroundings of the Husky Lodge and prepare for your multi-day dogsled trip. There is always plenty going on at the kennels (playing with the puppies is always a popular choice!), or alternatively explore the area on a self-guided activity by snowshoes, cross-country skis, kick-sled or winter walking. Dinner and overnight accommodation at the Husky Lodge.

Days 5-8:

As per 5-day itinerary Days 2-5.

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Dates 2016/17

5-day tours:

Weekly from mid-December to early May (normally Wednesday-Sunday):

  • 13.12-17.12.16, 18.12-22.12.16, 26.12-30.12.16, 02.01-06.01.17, 12.01-16.01.17, 19.01-23.01.17, 26.01-30.01.17, 30.01-03.02.17, 06.02-10.02.17, 13.02-17.02.17, 20.02-24.02.17, 27.02-03.03.17, 06.03-10.03.17, 13.03-17.03.17, 20.03-24.03.17, 27.03-31.03.17, 03.04-07.04.17*, 10.04-14.04.17*, 17.04-21.04.17*, 24.04-28.04.17*, 29.04-03.05.17*

Note that available travel connections can be very limited around the Christmas/New Year period and it may be necessary to spend extra nights in the area before/after your tour.

8-day tours (5-day tour + 3-day pre-tour extension):

Weekly from mid-December to late April (normally Monday-Monday):

  • 23.12-30.12.16 (Christmas tour), 30.12.16-06.01.17 (New Year tour), 09.01-16.01.17, 16.01-23.01.17, 23.01-30.01.17, 30.01-06.02.17, 06.02-13.02.17, 13.02-20.02.17, 20.02-27.02.17, 27.02-06.03.17, 20.03-27.03.17, 27.03-03.04.17, 03.04-10.04.17*, 10.04-17.04.17*

Dates 2017/18

5-day tours:

Weekly from mid-December to early May:

  • 11.12-15.12.17, 18.12-22.12.17, 02.01-06.01.18, 11.01-15.01.18, 18.01-22.01.18, 25.01-29.01.18, 01.01-05.02.18, 05.02-09.02.18, 12.02-116.02.18, 19.02-23.02.18, 26.02-02.03.18, 05.03-09.03.18, 19.03-23.03.18, 26.03-30.03.18, 02.04-06.04.18*, 09.04-13.04.18*, 16.04-29.04.18*, 26.04-30.04.18*, 03.05-07.05.18*

Note that available travel connections can be very limited around the Christmas/New Year period and it may be necessary to spend extra nights in the area before/after your tour.

8-day tours (5-day tour + 3-day pre-tour extension):

Weekly from mid-December to late April (normally Monday-Monday):

  • 02.01-08.01.18, 08.01-15.01.18, 15.01-22.01.18, 22.01-29.01.18, 29.01-05.02.18, 05.02-12.02.18, 12.02-19.02.18, 19.02-26.02.18, 26.02-05.03.18, 05.03-12.03.18, 19.03-26.03.18, 26.03-02.04.18, 02.04-09.04.18*, 09.04-16.04.16*, 16.03-23.04.18*

*The Northern Lights are visible from around September to early/mid April. The deep midwinter period of November-January offers the longest hours of darkness, which is of course required for the Northern Lights to be visible, while the "spring winter" of March and April offers longer hours of daylight and typically milder temperatures. The Northern Lights can be visible at any time during this period, including during March to mid-April. While March and April have shorter nights, on the other hand these months can also have a greater incidence of clear skies.

Private tours at standard prices for groups of min. 5 are also possible on other dates by arrangement. Private tours for smaller groups also possible for additional supplement.

Prices 2016/2017

Prices are in British Pounds and Euros. If you wish, you are also welcome to make your payment in Norwegian Kronor (NOK) - please contact us for details.

Standard Prices  
5-day tour/personGBP 1,165EUR 1,362
8-day tour/person (standard dates)GBP 1,990EUR 2,326
8-day tour/person (Christmas and New Year)GBP 2,202EUR 2,573

Prices 2017/2018

Standard Prices  
5-day tour/personGBP 1,274EUR 1,488
8-day tour/personGBP 2,129EUR 2,488

Dog sledding for families

Aurora Husky Adventure is suitable both for adults and children aged 13 and over. Depending on size and strength, children will either drive their own sled with own dogsled team or drive a sled connected to the guide's sled. Safety is of the highest priority and your guide will decide on the most appropriate option when you begin your tour.

Optional Extras

  • Extra nights: You are welcome to extend your stay at the kennels with additional nights in cabins before and/or after your main tour. Price for extra nights includes: Full board (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner), bedding and towels, free use of snowshoes, bicycle, kicksled and other day tour equipment. Depending on availability, there are options for single or double room in shared or private cabins with shared or private WC/bathroom. Please contact us for details and prices for your chosen dates.

Guests staying additional nights and travelling together are always accommodated in private cabin. Solo travellers or couples should therefore choose the private cabin options. Guests travelling, for example, as two friends or as a group of three or four persons can opt either for private cabin or private room in 2-person cabin.



  • Accommodation in traditional, hand-built cabins at the Husky Lodge (2 nights for 5-day tour, 5 nights for 8-day tour). Cabins sleep up to 4 persons in 2 x 2-person rooms. Shared WC/shower facilities are located close to the cabins.*
  • Two nights' accommodation in wilderness camp and/or in mountain cabin (depending on time of year, weather conditions and logistical considerations). Sleeping accommodation in the camp (using folding camp beds) and cabins (using bunk beds) is shared*. Accommodation is simple standard with no electricity or running water, outside toilet. For cabins along the route, exactly which cabins are used on a particular tour will vary depending on weather conditions and will not be set until the start of the tour. Many have no electricity or running water, though some do have electricity.
  • There is no obligation to take part in activities such as feeding the dogs and tasks around the camp/cabins such as chopping wood, fetching water, etc, though your guide will very much appreciate the assistance and many guests see these activities as a central part of the experience.
  • Sauna: One use of sauna (normally on Day 4 for 5-day tours or Day 7 for 8-day tours) is included.
Accommodation at the Husky Lodge

Accommodation at the Husky Lodge

*Where possible (subject to available space), solo travellers will be accommodated in single rooms and couples in own cabins during nights at the Husky Lodge at no additional charge. However, if you would like to guarantee single occupancy/private cabin for these nights in advance, an advance supplement applies - please contact us for details. Note that sleeping accommodation on Day 2 and Day 3 of the tour is normally shared. However, when accommodation during the tour is in cabins and where space permits, a supplement can be paid locally if desired for those who would like private accommodation for Day 2 and Day 3.


All meals from dinner on arrival day to breakfast on departure day (breakfast, lunch, dinner + coffee/snacks, etc). Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Equipment and Clothing:

  • Husky sledding equipment including sled dog team of 4-6 dogs and services of local guide.
  • Warm winter outer clothing: thermal traditional-style outer layer (jacket and trousers), winter boots, windproof Arctic cap, mittens.
  • Warm winter sleeping bag, liner and sleeping mat/reindeer skin.
Winter clothing for dog sledding in Finnmark

Traditional winter clothing provided as standard


  • Instruction in harnessing and sled handling.
  • Services of local guide.


  • Return transfer between Karasjok and the kennels.

Not Included

  • Travel: We do not arrange flights or domestic travel, but are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey. See under "Good to Know > Getting There" for general travel information.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Hot tub: There is a hot tub at the Husky Lodge available for booking locally on request for groups.
  • Required
  • Getting There
  • Groups
  • Eco Info


Health requirements/experience:

General good level of fitness and sense of balance. You should enjoy the outdoors in wintertime and be comfortable living in close proximity with others. Minimum age 13.

No previous dog sledding experience is required. Dog sledding can be physically demanding.

Dog sledding for children:

Depending on the weight/strength of the child, children aged 13 and over will either drive their own dogsled with own husky team, drive their own sled fastened behind the guide's sled, or travel as a passenger on the guide's sled. Your local guide will advise on the most suitable option on arrival. Note that safety considerations are of the upmost importance and your guide is responsible for deciding what is most appropriate.

Families with children under 13 may arrange private tours on other dates, on which the needs of younger children can be accommodated. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Equipment/clothes needed:

For information on any equipment and/or clothing included as standard for this experience, please see under "Dates and Prices > Included".

A detailed recommended packing list for personal items to bring will be sent with your booking documentation.

NB: We advise you not to buy equipment or clothes for your trip or to incur other non-refundable expenses such as flights until you have received confirmation of your booking from us in writing. Note of course that the most appropriate clothing to use as well as the level of challenge experienced during any outdoor activity may vary significantly depending on factors such as the time of year and the particular weather/temperature conditions during your trip.

Getting There

Detailed information on travel options to this experience will be provided in response to your enquiry. We are happy to advise on suitable connections and assist you with any aspect of planning your journey.

Please ensure that you make a booking with us first and wait for confirmation that your spaces are reserved before making any travel arrangements.

By Air:

Fly to Oslo for domestic flight to Lakselv (from where it is around 1 hour by local bus to Karasjok) or Alta (approx. 4 hours by bus to Karasjok). Local transfer to/from Karasjok is included.

Map of Norway »

Map of Norway


Maximum group size 8 persons.

There may also be other persons staying at mountain cabins used during the tour.

This experience is also available as a private experience for groups or families with younger children. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Eco Info

This provider has a detailed environmental policy.

The cabins and interior furnishings at the kennels, from the beds to the lampshades, are all lovingly hand-crafted by your local host using local materials, making a stay not only a sound environmental choice but also a unique design experience!

Even the clothing provided for the tour is made from local animal products such as wool and reindeer fur - see under "Dates and Prices > Included" for more information.

Will I see the Northern Lights?

This experience is located in the far north of Norway, one of the world's best locations for seeing the Northern Lights, and offers good chances to see a display during your tour. Wonderful displays are regularly seen on the tours. However, it is important to bear in mind that the Aurora is a natural phenomenon and sightings can never be guaranteed in any location - it is not possible to search for a display. The skies may be cloudy, there may be no activity, or you may be fast asleep after a day of adventure on the trail!

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